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  1. Coronaviral

    Your heart is in the right place! Sadly, you are wasting your time trying to spread peace and love in a forum dominated by fanatical hate mongers always looking at the negatives. Peace and love to you and take care now!
  2. Coronaviral

    There are YouTube videos highlighting just laughably ill informed and hypocritical Americans can be. A guy asks Dems what they think of Trumps politics and things he's said over the years. Predictably, they were against everything they were told he'd said and done. Not one had anything to say when they were told they were in fact what Obama had said and done. Another video has the opposite with people liking things what they thought were from Obama but were Trump. For record, the only President I had any real time for was Clinton and as we know, even he was a deeply flawed character.
  3. Coronaviral

    You can always rely on the unbeatable British sense of humour at a time when we need it most
  4. Coronaviral

    I'd like to know why far more males are dying. I saw one stat with something like 65%.
  5. Coronaviral

    All those who'll be quite happy to see Boris die (they have crawled out from under a stone) need locking up! Many millions of Brits from all backgrounds fully support him, so if Boris deserves to die then so too do those millions who support him.
  6. Coronaviral

    No chance! More and more people are seeing the EU for what it is and want out. Go back to countries having complete control of their own country. By doing that we'll make our politicians fully accountable for what they do in office, so no more blaming foreigners or stupid laws and regulaions imposed on us.
  7. Coronaviral

    Ffs. We have some of the best medical scientists in the whole wold and you know full well Boris and the govenment have been following their advice from day one, and that it was our scientists who first talked about how important herd immunity is longterm. So sad to see yet more desperrate, hateful, sick political point scoring..
  8. Coronaviral

    A massive NO to Commies and corrupt, incompetent 3rd world dictators ever having any say in how we do anything in this country!
  9. Coronaviral

    I have not made issue Left vs Right. I have clearly said ALL govenmnents have made some mistakes but they're all working their asses off and doing their very best for the people of their countries. What i have done is condemn those who have tried to use this virus as a stick to beat their political enemies or promote their ideology and all I'm seeing is left leaning people doing this. David Lammy using an interview to promote his book Others saying Brexit should be stopped. Even today some commie bitch in the Guardian using non white health workers in the UK as a reason why the insane levels of immigration should continue.
  10. Coronaviral

    Blimey Vesper, for someone so clearly bright, you do read things the wrong way sometimes. I did not condemn Germany for actually banning the export of equipment. I condemn then for double standards they've shown towards America taking the masks. Both actions are as bad as eachother, but under these horrendous circumstances I support the actions of both America and Germany doing what they did. I care about everybody, but I care about my family and those close to me, more than I do complete strangers. I care about the health and safety of the British people more than I do about the people of other countries.That's just basic human nature!
  11. Coronaviral

    Oh dear!!!
  12. Coronaviral

    Jolyon Maugham, the campaigning lawyer who backed legal action against Brexit, described the criticism as "silly." "No fan of Rees -Mogg, and of course super profits must be properly taxed, but this is a bit silly. SCM wants to invest in bombed out share prices. This is actually a good thing as higher share prices will make it easier for those businesses to attract fresh capital and survive," Maugham said on Twitter.
  13. Coronaviral

    It will only be for the virus emergency, not permanent free treatment.
  14. Coronaviral

    Can't think of a worse idea!
  15. Coronaviral

    Furthermore. The same Germany who banned exports of protective equipment. Shows this is not about morals, just very sad political point scoring at a time when none of us should be stooping so low. All Governments should be putting the lives of their people first! Looking after others when and where we can is always very important, but a clear second to looking after your own first!