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  1. Chelsea - Spurs

    Sub Kovacic, we need him fresh for Bayern.
  2. Chelsea - Spurs

    And he didnt even get a yellow card! I could hardly watch that tackle, Azpi is lucky he is still playing.
  3. Chelsea - Spurs

    Barkley is also very close to scoring.
  4. Chelsea - Spurs

    I hope Azpi will be okay. Thats a clear red card.
  5. Chelsea - Spurs

    I think 3-4-2-1 is the best formation for us at the moment. With Alonso and James on the wings we should be able to cause a lot of problems for Spurs. And they usually dont have the answer for three at the back. Im only suprised Lampard still prefers Willy over Kepa.
  6. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Pedro has suprised me today, he is very good.
  7. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    Stupid ref, that was a foul on Willian.
  8. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    We will lose because we have no one that can score goals.
  9. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Yes Rudiger has done it again!
  10. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Alonso and Willian must come on, that left side is dead.
  11. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Again we are wasting chances...
  12. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    So far we are playing really good, as we always do, against a team that plays offensive. Tammy looks still injured.
  13. Hull City 1-2 Chelsea

    Why Willian? Cant he just let him rest, the match is already decited.
  14. Hull City 1-2 Chelsea

    Hull City is horrible, if we could only knew how to attack, im tired of all backpasses.
  15. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    Will Pulisic be fit for that game? He is our only hope.