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  • Bio just a genuine down to earth guy,i can ruffle feathers but who can’t?.Yes i do work and can’t wait to retire
  • Gender Male
  • Location London
  • Favourite Chelsea Player Tammy Abraham
  • Fan Since 1980
  • Memory Glen Hoddle signing Ruud Gullitt.It heralded the start of the revolution
  • Interests Cricket,Football(obviously),films,music,eating out.The things normal people enjoy
  1. Facebook & Twitter

    got suspended from twitter last night for labelling fans who were slagging off Lampard’s starting XI(Ajax) as “boring c***s” .Twitter has really had it now.Full of grasses who get edgy quite easily.But such is life(i guess)
  2. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    What a bloody bizarre insane match last night,1-4 down we looked proper doomed but a great comeback,maybe born of Ajax’s ‘arguably’ deserved sendings off.Our defending especially in the first half was poor but naming names is not how i roll as many people can vouch for.I still trust Lampard and what he’s doing here.This champions league campaign might be a step too far for us,but let’s embrace it until we are eliminated onwards and upwards
  3. New Member(sort of)

    Hello everyone.I am back here after a very long hiatus.I was banned/suspended from twitter last night @carefreecfc1971 and after a myriad of appeals it’s unlikely my account will ever be restored.I first joined here in the forums infancy back in the early 2000’s but i have to start again as a new member and behave myself.If you did follow me on twitter please make yourself known.I look forward to chatting with you all on here.Many thanks PS:is Cara,Fulham Broadway,Esk Weston and hanuma still around? lol