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  1. Kai Havertz

    Probably more like €60m + €20m, Romano said we going to offer €80m to Leverkusen.
  2. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

  3. Kai Havertz

  4. Chelsea Transfer Pub

  5. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    No Jorginho to Juve then.........
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Sure we could demand that money, whether someone want to pay or not is another question.
  7. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Brighton has the right to demand that kind of money considering Dunk is their best defender and Captain.
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    English tax.
  9. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    This could mean Bakayoko won't go to Milan.
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Either Arsenal or United.
  11. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Seriously doubt Madrid want to sell Reguilon for that price.
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Doubt Madrid would sell him for that price, i think €30m - €40m is more likely.
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    It was widely reported we would only sell one of Zouma, Rudiger, or Christensen not all of them.