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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If we spend £110m on Ake and Chilwell then I will officially give up on the club. Ake is an average PL CB and Chilwell has to be one of the most overrated players in world football.
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    No way does Sancho go for €180m/£150m. The kid only has two years on his contract. If they want that sort of money teams will just tell Sancho to wait 6/12 months as playing week in, week out for Dortmund at 20 is hardly detrimental to his career. In fact, I am slightly surprised he wants to move at all. If I were him, I would play my next two seasons at Dortmund to continue my development and then get an insane amount of money in two years time at 21.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Haha, I was being tongue in cheek. However, thanks for the info. I thought it activated next Summer.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    No in 2021 that is when we want Haaland!
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Indeed. Sancho will either go to us or Utd. Liverpool will not spend that type of money as it does not fit their Moneyball set up, City have bigger fish to fry, the Spanish clubs want Neymar and Mbappe, Dortmund will not sell to Munich when they can easily sell aboard. PSG may come into things but I cannot see Sancho wanting that. As for Utd they can do £120m but they are also in a desperate state and need players all over the pitch. With our £174m gain and the fact that Sancho has said he wants to return to London, is/was a Chelsea fan and is close to a number of our young boys I think we can do it and that his fee can be done for £95-£110m (remember the £ is gaining on the € atm and looks like it will continue to do so.) The problem as ever however, is if Granny will sanction it.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Fairs. If he could be had for a decent fee then he would be great. As for Sancho, I do not really get how signing him does means that we cannot sign the other players we need. By all accounts we made £174m last year plus we have CL money from this season. Further to this we also have a number of players that can raise us decent money when combined: Pasalic - £12m, Zouma - £30m, Alonso/Emerson - £20m, Bats - £25m, Barkley - £20m, Baka - £25m. That is also before we even get to players like Jorgi and Kante who have question marks over them and the Pedros/Girouds/Willians who will save us serious dollar on wages when they leave. For me Sancho is possible unless we do something insane like buy Chilwell for £65m+. I say this as I think it is safe to assume we have about £150m to play with plus a further potential £80-100m from sales of the deadwood. At this moment in time, only £34m of that £250m has been used. That leaves us with £220m to play with at least. The club just need to be smart in regards to who they buy. I think most agree that atm, the most vital positions are: LB, CF, AM, CB, CM and GK. However, GK could be covered next season by a cheaper older keeper such as Handanovic in order to try and see if Kepa can do something, LB has options such as Telles, Gosens and, apprantly, Alaba who would not cost more than £40m and in Telles' case probably under £30m. That would then leave us with something like £180m for; CB, AM, CF, CM. However, any CM can be covered by the sale of a Kante or Jorgi so that is really £180m for a CB, AM, CF. That for me, means that Sancho is possible, without us thinking that we cannot build the squad if we do buy him.
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Isn't he almost 28 by the Summer? Also, he would still cost north of £50m. I cannot see the club dropping that plus £150k+ a week wages on a RB who relies on pace. Obviously, I would rather him to Chilwell but when trying to look at how the club operates, I just do not see him a viable. My money on LB's the club are following are: Chilwell - Young and English so the club will pay the tax this inccurs. Telles - One year left this Summer. Cheap. Gosens - Although having a great season, is not a fashionable type of player so probably can still be had for £35m'ish. Pasalic can also be used as a makeweight.
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I really do not see why people are not so hot on Werner here. Of course he is a 2nd CF/No.11 and yes he is not Haaland when it comes to finishing. However, he conversion rate is still decent, he is a very hard working player, he is still only 23 and has shown he has the desire to improve season by season and he has a decent buyout for the market. I really do not see how he would not be a great signing for any of the top teams in England unless he does not adapt which is an issue that can cause problems for any signing from aboard.
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Really be annoyed if the Dippers get Werner. He would be perfect for them. We need to pull all the stops out to stop that from happening.
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Anyone else got the feeling that we buy Boga back and then use him as a make weight for Sancho?
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    History tells us otherwise. Good at securing players with low buyout/gentlemen agreements, bad at everything else. She is also good at getting top dollar for our players as well tbf.
  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I meant if he has an offer from us, I think he comes to us regardless of CL football or offers elsewhere. Personally, I know what this board are like. Great at getting players with buyouts/gentleman agreements - Costa, Kante, Cesc, Ziyech etc - and selling players. Pony at signing players without buy outs as Granny will not stump up. For that reason, I do not think Sancho will come here but that is because of that reason, not because he will choose a club over us.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Pretty sure Sancho wants London. He has said on a number of occasions that whilst he left London at 15 he still sees it as home. The problem for him however is his cost. I personally cannot see him in Spain or France. Real want Mbappe and Barca have already spunked insane money on Courtinho, Griezmann and Dembele.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Ziyech is a good signing and for the price, I cannot see this one going too wrong. The only real question over him is his ability to adapt to the PL which is valid. As a transfer no one should be anything but happy. However, as a squad we're still in seriously bad shape. At this moment in time, I have the following players as dead wood: Kepa, Willy, Zouma, Emerson/Alonso, Barkley, Pedro, Giroud, Batsh*t. Whereas, I also expect Willian to leave and I reckon a £80m+ bid takes Kante. That leaves us needing about 8-10 signings over the next few windows. Lets see how this all plays out before we start making out that the board are some sort of transfer masters.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    A lot of this would not work in football. Most of the examples come from niche sports or sports where there is only one or two elite leagues. Salary caps and luxury taxes are impossible to impliment as they would come up against all sorts of legal issues in various countries. The only two that are maybe possible are the capping of agent fees and adjusting the transfer window (s.)
  16. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If we had a decent Summer then I would have agreed. However, we're on our knees in a number of positions so if the right player was not avaiable we should've got a stop gap.
  17. General Transfer Talk

    In regard to the period we had with a lot of decent signings, that was when we had De Visser doing the scouting. Once he went signings went to pot again like 2007-2010. Only time we buy decent players is when there is a reasonable buy out - Costa, Kante, Cesc etc.
  18. Hull City 1-2 Chelsea

    Whoever thinks that should not be allowed an opinion on transfers.
  19. Hull City 1-2 Chelsea

    Really poor game. After tonight, I really hope to never see Barkley, Pedro, Zouma or Batsh*t in a Chelsea shirt again. All four of those players are at best bottom quartile PL players. I execuse Pedro as he has been a good servant and it is a case of age and lack of playing time. The others though have no excuse.
  20. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    An industry such a PL/top level football is not going to be effected by Brexit full stop. The Tories have always been a low regulation party and they are not going to start messing about with immigration law that is going to affect blue chip industries. If a club in the PL or Championship want a player they are not going to start impacting that because the industries are too big to be messed around with. As for offshore accounts, yes income from sponsorship etc is probably going to continue to be funnelled offshore but income from wages will continue to be taxed as PAYE as they are employees. UK immigration law is going to change due to Brexit but this, like elsewhere, will effect poorer people rather than rich people. Anyone that looks into countries that have strict rules will quickly see that any individual that is worth millions can get a visa regardless as they can self finance themselves or bring in money to the respective exchequer. This will be the same with the UK.
  21. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Imo Brexit is very unlikely to affect transfers because the UK government appears to want to move to a points based immigration policy. This esstentially means poor immigrants get locked out (unless they are in industries with dire needs) and rich immigrants get in and it is easy £££££ for the government. No way, do the UK make it difficult for a PL player to come and play here as they make too much money off of them. Argue all you want about Brexit and immigration but rest assured, the UK will allow in as many multi-millionaires that pay tax as they can get.
  22. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    Quick question. Who actually thinks Emerson is a better player than Alonso? Emerwon has got to be the most dire outfield player for us. As for Kepa drop him for Willy now.
  23. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Well it is probably because he is realising that with this board toeing the line is only going to result in dire players or none at all.
  24. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    In other news, Haaland scores a hat trick on debut in 20 minutes for Dortmund. That kid is an absolute beast.
  25. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    This. We are the model of inconsistency. To actually find ourselves in our position is like drawing an 11 against a 6 is blackjack. At that point you have to double down. However, as we have seen through the years when ever we are in a strong position the club does nothing as our board just think, 'oh, we are in a good position here, lets sit on our hands and hope the dealer busts'.