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  1. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Quick question. Who actually thinks Emerson is a better player than Alonso? Emerwon has got to be the most dire outfield player for us. As for Kepa drop him for Willy now.
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Well it is probably because he is realising that with this board toeing the line is only going to result in dire players or none at all.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    In other news, Haaland scores a hat trick on debut in 20 minutes for Dortmund. That kid is an absolute beast.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    This. We are the model of inconsistency. To actually find ourselves in our position is like drawing an 11 against a 6 is blackjack. At that point you have to double down. However, as we have seen through the years when ever we are in a strong position the club does nothing as our board just think, 'oh, we are in a good position here, lets sit on our hands and hope the dealer busts'.
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Our awful run is inconsistency pure and simple and games like today will keep happening. Our chances of finishing in the top four are up in the air and we need someone else that can score desperatly. If the board cannot see that, they are even worse than I thought.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I would say pragmatic rather than negative. The inital comment stated that we should only be concerned with Utd but it is quite clear that they are not the only team that can catch us. Our biggest problem at the moment is consistency which is due to the inexperience of the squad. Thinking that this is not a big issue is naive.
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Yes, next five games are key. If we are still 6 points+ clear by that point we should be ok, however it will be a big ask.
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I do not disagree that the teams below us have their own issues. My concerns are more that if any of those teams put together a run and we continue to be inconsistent then we will be in trouble, so I would not only be worried about Utd like you initally indicated.
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    The problem is not just Utd putting a run together and being able to overtake us. At the moment, we are incredibly inconsistent which should be expected from such as young team, this means we do not know what we are getting from one day to the next as we saw over Xmas. Additionally, we also do not know how they will react when things get real in the last quater of the season when the pressure ramps up. Maybe they will be ok but our form over Xmas and experience of watching other young teams tells us that we should be wary. Lastly it is not just Utd. There is also Sheff Utd who are defying odds, Wolves who are a good team, Le Arse and Spuds. I am not saying those teams are perfect but more that they can still generate enough points if we continue to be very inconsistent.
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Doesn't surprise me. Inter are trying to plug holes to help them out for the rest of the season as they're out of money. Signings like Young/Giroud for low fees and short term contracts makes sense, especially as they play in Serie A. These signings should not be seen as Conte thinking these are the best players possible but rather these are players that can fill squad places for the next 6-18 months; sorry to burst the ballon of those that think that this is him thinking that he is getting the best players possible.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    To be fair, he came in and got a team from 10th to 1st in his first season. I think he thought that brought him credit that he could use, whilst I also think he was thinking now I can move on to winning the PL again and push for the CL. The thing with Summer 2018 is not that he didn't get one or two players he asked for but rather he didn't get any of them. Further, the players that were brought also did not fit his style. For me, Drinky, Baka, Morata and Zappa have the boards fingers all over them. Further, he was also banging on about how VvD should not be allowed to go to City (who look favourites after the Dippers p*ssed Soton off) because if they did it would prove impossible to beat them i.e. go and sign VvD, Granny. The club passed on that and now look at Liverpool since he has been there. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5192119/amp/Conte-urges-rivals-fight-Man-City-sign-Van-Dijk.html
  12. General Transfer Talk

    No worries. I initially thought the same thing and then read some article I came across.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    The thing with Conte is that he is a tactical genius. As a result, the signings that he wants may not be the best in regards to a club that churns managers but he wants them as they fit his profile. Ergo, signing him players that he doesn't want is going to quickly get his nose out of joint and they are unlikely to be able to fit his style. Therefore, it depends what you want as a club, a manager who can win you things doing things his way or a board that is in charge and replace managers every other season. Both methods can prove successful but it depends on what is your preference.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Radja's wife has cancer and wanted to move back closer to family.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Gaya would not require €100m to get him. I reckon a serious €70m would get him. However, the thing that is annoying is that he should have been brought 3-4 years ago as it was clear he was a top tier talent. For me, our LB targets should be Gaya, Grimaldo or possibly Gosens. Telles for me should also be looked at as a LB option for now who if he does not excel can be shifted to LB2 as I am not sold on Emerson at all and whilst I am a big Alonso fan in a 343, I appriciate he struggles in a back 4.