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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    So if the Corvid 19 situation has wrecked everyone's finances who do you expect to be moving? As for Alaba have a fantasy wank all you want over it, it is not going to happen.
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    As Mo says, Alaba is nigh on impossible. Of course he is a great player but the chances of getting him are virtually nil, so there is not much point in trying because if he does not get a move to Spain he will likely stay in Germany. Anyway, this aside. What does everyone think will happen with Sancho this Summer? I am personally not sure that anyone is going to want to blow £120m after this Covid 19 business. Personally, I can see a situation where it may be better for Sancho to stay in Dortmund another season (he is only 19/20) and move next Summer as by that point he will only have one year left and get more money. If we are interested, we could then focus elsewhere on the squad for this Summer and maybe try and pick up a Courtinho on loan.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I am a big Alaba fan but we need to be serious about who we can sign, if we do go out and sign another top end AM and CF, whilst also needing a CB, I am not so sure we can blow a fortune on LB if there is another who would still be a very good upgrade . That said.... I never realised that Alaba only had one year left. What is his presumed value? As for Alonso, I am a huge fan and he is probably in my top three current favourite players. However, I am not sure SFL fancies him or that he is using 343 other than a last resort because of the state of the squad.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If we sign Chilwell for anything over £35m I would be fuming. Average player. Only reason I would even go to £35m is due to his passport which should protect his value somewhat. However, I do not put much stock into this link as Goal are just rehashing former links as it is obvious we are going for a LB. However, with his cost Telles, Alaba should be far higher up the list. Further, I am pretty sure Maatsen has been given some assurances about pathways as I do not see him signing a 5 year contract unless that was the case. Buying a Telles or a Alaba does not really cause issues like a Chilwell does, as they are both 27/28ish, so he could easily do 2-3 years of LB2 or loans before expecting to be LB1. Personally, I am of the opinion that next seasons our four FB's will be: James, Dave, Telles, Maatsen, as that gives another academy player a chance, while also providing Dave with a utility role that means he will still get a decent amount of minutes (RB2/LB2/CB4/5.) Agree, I am not a huge fan either. When it comes to CM/DM, I'd rather any of Nditi, SMS, Partey or even giving a chance to Ampadu. That said, I have always had a feeling that we could end up making a move for Rice. The reason I say this is due to him being a former academy player and I can see the club seeing him in a similar way that Barca saw Cesc for years before they signed him.
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Great player, however I think it depends on what we want to do in other positions. If we do go for a Sancho type signing, then could we afford him or would we go for someone like Telles at £25m instead? Wages with Alaba would also be super high. Over a 4 year contract Alaba would likely cost something like 2.5× what Telles would. Obviously, he is the better player but I just do not see us spending so much more on him when Telles is available on the cheap and we have serious issues with goals and need to address that. Alaba would be something like £50-60m plus £190-220k a week, whilst Telles would be £25m plus £90-110k a week.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I agree. I have been saying since last Summer (elsewhere to be fair) that this should be Kante's last season. He is both our highest earner and this Summer is the last one we can cash in seriously on him. Further, our midfield is seriously unbalanced with too many small players and we need to address this. When looking at CM, I think whilst we have a good collection of individual players, the balance is not right. Next season, I would really want to see something like: No 4: Two of Jorgi, Gilmour, Amapdu No 6: Kova, SMS No 8: Mount, RLC To be fair to Kova he can play No 6 and No 4, so we could potentially go for just one of the No.4's listed. However, No.4 is a bit tricky. From one perspective losing Jorgi as well as Kante could be very dangerous as it would leave us with a very young collection of CM's, however like Kante, Summer 2020 is a prime time to sell him (especially if Sarri is still at Juve) which could open up serious funds. That said, both Amapdu and Gilmour need serious game time, so it may be best for both of them to get loans that assure them of minutes (personally I never understood why we did not send Amapdu to Villa this year.) Personally, I think of the three No.4's Jorgi will stay as we need his experience and I am not certain Juve will pay a serious fee for him considering their wage bill and current crop of midfielders. That then leaves Billy and Ampadu, with my inclination being that Billy will be told to play his way in/keep his place. Ampadu, whilst bigger and stronger (what we need, imo) will be loaned as he is nearly 20 and is now at a stage where he cannot afford to try and play his way in and fail. At No.8, I think Dross Barkley will be sold no matter what this Summer unless the season re-starts and he gets something like 6+goals and a number of assists. The bloke is going to be 27 in Dec and has been consistently inconsistent throughout his career. If somehow he does pull everything together then I can see RLC being in a bit of trouble. I say this as for me Mount has been good this season, is still very young and has been played out of his best position (No.8) a lot. RLC on the other hand has never really had more than a 8 game run and is always injured and I have no faith he can play 90 mins more than once a week.
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Telles makes a lot of sense. £25m in this market is low and he can get up and down, cross and defend a bit. Not expecting him to become Roberto Carlos or anything but a solid first XI player who can play in a back four without stinking the place out. That then has us on £61m'ish for him and Ziyech. That should still give us some serious dollar to play with (unless our finances get wreck by Corona.) After that, we need a: CF, CB, GK, AM and CM. With £61m spent I would say we have around £80m left to play with before we sell anyone but expect the following to bring in decent fees (£20m+): Jorgi/Kante, Barkley, Emerson, Bakayoko, Zouma and Bats. Squad Gk; Kepa, GK, Cummings/Willy(?) CB: CB, Rudi, AC, Tomori/Amapdu (one to be loaned) FB: James, Dave, Telles, Alonso/Maatsen CM: Jorgi/Kante, CM, Kova, Mount, RLC, Gilmour AM: Ziyech, CHO, Puli, AM CF: CF, Tammy, Giroud(?) (?) = possible extension.
  8. The English Football Thread

    Looks like the league title may have just been decided. Covid-19 Liverpool 18
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Not if the Coronavirus shuts down the league before it can be finished!
  10. Premier League thread

    Serie A has been suspended and it looks like the PL may have to follow suit shortly. How brilliant would it be if Liverpool couldn't claim the title because the season couldn't be finished?
  11. Chelsea - Everton

    I wouldn't say we looked that comfortable defensively, especially Zouma. There were at least three times he got caught out high up the pitch in no mans land. The first time he did this Rudi also did not cover him properly and Calvert Lewin should really have scored. That would've made it 2-1. The real difference in this game is that midfield actually had a pair of balls and didn't allow Everton to bully/overrun us.
  12. Chelsea - Everton

    I think we can also add Alonso to the list of players that should've been playing more frequently. Obviously, he does have his flaws but he is much better than Emerson. When I think about missed opportunities this season, I keep having flash backs of Emerson heading straight at the Bournemouth keeper from six yards out with a free header and then them scoring five minutes later.
  13. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    After reading this, I have no expectations of him starting a match until the end of the month of early April.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I have always been a big supporter of Alonso. Yes, I get that due to him being slow he is a real issue in a back 4 but when we play 343 or 351 (which for me is also our best fit formation with the current squad) he is normally very good and more dangerous than most of our AM's. As for things moving forward, I rather see him playing than Emerson or Dave in the lb/lwb role. As for the Summer we obviously need a LB and Telles is looking primed, however Emerson has surely got to be the first guy to go as he has been awful. After that, I would keep Alonso to be LB2 as he would provide depth and give us flexibility to play the 343. However, if a good offer does come in and we can get Telles, I can see the club thinking we'll promote one of the young boys and have Dave cover both LB/RB behind James and Telles.
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Not if they do not get CL. If they miss out this year there Adidas deal drops by £25m and I believe their shirt sponsorship also drops significantly.