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  1. 8. Ross Barkley

    This is slight semantics. My point was that a 150 IQ, if done on a test that went that high, is a score that means that SFL would be of exceptional intellect. My point was that I do not doubt he is intelligent but I doubt he is as high as that as such a figure would give him an exceptional level of intelligence. If he is that high then it is a shame for humanity that he decided to focus on football.
  2. Nathan

    €3m apparently.
  3. Eden Hazard

    Yeah, I would imagine that additional amount was broken down into 5 categories: La Liga CL Ballon d'Or Goals Appearances What the actual break down of each was is anybody's guess. However, I suspect we will hit at least two of those La Liga + appearances (unless it was something crazy like 200+).
  4. Nemanja Matic

    Matic is one of those players who is limited but effective if given the correct role. We got decent money for him and sold him at his peak value so I am not that upset we lost him. However, at times this season i.e. against all the smaller teams who have beat us up, we really could've done with him. Further, as his fee essentially went on Baka, the sale wasn't as great as it should've been.
  5. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Probably explains why he looks 28 already.
  6. 8. Ross Barkley

    I do not doubt SFL has a high intelligence level. However, an IQ of 130 is regarded as genius. In fact a lot of IQ tests do not go beyond 130 - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_classification - for those that do when you start getting to 150 you're talking astronaut level. I very much doubt SFL is at that level.
  7. Conor Gallagher

    He won't be sold. For me, I wouldn't send him aboard. I would look at getting him a loan to a Brighton/Southampton/Bournemouth (if they stay up)/Brentford (if they come up) i.e. a ball playing lower PL side.
  8. 8. Ross Barkley

    In an ideal world we would transplant RLC's brain into Barkley's body.
  9. Kai Havertz

    Mount sets the tempo to a lot of our play and gets involved in the build up. Whilst he doesn't have the raw stats in goals and assists I am pretty sure he would rank pretty highly in '2nd' assists i.e. the assist played to the person who got the assist. For instance, our first goal against Watford was primarily down to Mount's work prior to giving the ball to Barkley, so whilst Barkley got the assist, it wouldn't have been possible without Mount's work prior. This also applies for the 2nd against Villa, where it is his give and go, breaking the lines and taking the defender that opens up space of Giroud. As for his actual stats in goals and assists the ones you've outlined are slightly selective as you could also say 6 goals and four assists in 46 games. For me, Mount will be needed in the midfield as also presses really well. You take him out of that line up and Puli will be the only one that will be doing enough.
  10. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    Palace are exactly the type of team I hate us playing against. They will stick 10 men behind the ball in a low block in a well drilled manner at try and hit us on a counter with Benteke up front and Zaha and Ayew springing from the block. Further, they have a very good set piece taker in Milivojević and absolute tanks in Cahill (who knows everyone in the squad) Dann, Ward, Benteke and Zaha to aim at. For me, Palace will not even have to play well to get a win so long as the do not concede too early to us.
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Yeah, and not only that but we really needed him in the second half's against WHU and Watford. Whilst SFL does a few tactical/selection things that really piss me off (Zonal at set pieces, leaving us wide open on the counter and selecting Batsh*t over Giroud for half of the season) I can slightly see the idea behind those (ok maybe not the counter.) However, the thing with Jorgi is just plain crazy.
  12. Kai Havertz

    No way is Mount getting dropped. That would be beyond harsh. Replace Sancho with Ziyech and put Mount in Ziyech's position and I reckon that is what SFL ideal is, with Giroud playing the bench role when we need more physical presence. Not too sure where it will leave Tammy as Harvetz could play the CF3 role with Kova/RLC coming in for him if Werner/Giroud are out.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Personally I cannot see it. However, if there is some sort of £45m+ deal (or decent swap) on the table it would explain why SFL is wrapping him in cotton wool.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I was a big TC fan too and said the exact same thing when people used to cry about his shot stopping ability; for me whilst not the greatest stop stopper he was one of the most effective GK's as he cut so much off at source. However, people these days love their Youtube clips too much. As for the player himself, I am also of the unpopular opinion that whilst he is clearly arrogant I do actually believe he was told by the club he could leave in March 18 and when they missed out on Alisson they tried to hold him to his last year. I have slightly mixed feelings about him not being loyal but I am also someone that keeps my promises. So, to an extent if he did get promised he could leave that Summer, he was well within his rights to make the club follow through on that promise as it wasn't his fault they hadn't scouted/negotiated properly.
  15. Chelsea - Watford

    All in all the kind of performance we needed after the shit show midweek. For me, Zouma needs to start against Palace as I expect them to play Benteke upfront and he will just bully AC and Rudi. Mount was MotM as he run things from midfield very well, Giroud has take the starting CF role, Puli is great and hopefully will only get better, whilst I think Willian is doing enough to keep his place (not something I have always said.) As for Barkley, he is currently reminding me of Batsh*t in his purple patches. Anyone that knows football can his he has no football brain but he is getting fairly good stats; isn't it 3 goals/3 assists in 7 games now? For me, this will hopefully mean we get a decent bid for him which we should take. Kante is also a worry as that looked like a hamstring. Not a fan of him in the No.4 position but he is definitely a starter for us so hopefully it was just tightness. Jorgi also looks done at this moment, not entirely sure why - unless there is some deal to sell him.