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  1. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    To put things clear, I don't think the ref was bribed. I only responded to Manpe, who suggested that the ref was bribed because he only added 4 minutes extra time. Don't worry, i'm not bitter. Ofcourse i never expected that Ajax would lose after scoring the fourth goal in the 55th minute. I'm only bitter from the fact that normally I would have been at Stamford Bridge to witness this spectacular game, if UEFA didn't ruled against it. I'm really proud on my team, even with 9 we were still trying to win the match. It is maybe naive and unprofessional. (this where Ajax stands for). Also i admired Chelsea's resilience, its great to see a team that doesn't throw the towel but still fights against all odds. Afterall it was a match I'll remember for a long time, And hopefully both Chelsea and Ajax qualify for the second round. And this year Chelsea is definitely my favorable team in the EPL.
  2. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    Count your blessings, mate. In Amsterdam VAR disallowed an Ajax goal which was absolutely onside. Yesterday Chelsea's second goal was offside Then two red cards and a penalty against Ajax within 10 seconds. (and our defence centre is suspended in the next game). Budgets in 2019. Chelsea 500 million euro. Ajax 100 million euro., And still you ask, Who bribed the ref ?.
  3. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    Blind was fouled first, ref should have known he had no advantage from that duel and whistled there and then. But he didn’t. Subsequently should never have been a penalty. Veltman even tries to pull his arm away. Never worth a second yellow. The 2-4 seemed off-side, at least as if not worse off-side than Promes in the homematch.
  4. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    objectively speaking,, i agree with you, "dominated and blown away" isn't a correct description of the match. But the fun part of being a supporter is, being a bit biased and subjective. Probably a draw would be the fair result in both matches.
  5. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    I am gutted , In one play 2 red cards and a penalty against us. We dominated the game and completely silenced Stamford Bridge. (Chelsea never conceded 3 goals at home in one half in a european match) But I'm fecking proud of my team. with 9 left on the pitch, we still managed to keep a draw. I read a lot of comments that Chelsea have to splash the cash after the transferban. Some never learn, Tonight you have been blown away by a team which costed less than your goalkeeper. Chelsea has some extreme talented young players, and a coach who has tons of credit from the supporters. Have patience and let this group mature and learn. With a specific philosophy and a steady course, you can create a force to reckon with. Probably you won't win trophies immediately, but after some time you"ll end up with great team.(its the Ajax approach).
  6. Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

    I think Ajax has more chances to win this in comparison to the Amsterdam match. Away we play in a different fieldformation, Ziyech central as 10, van der Beek right-half, Tadic center fw, and Neres & Promes as wingers.. My guess !-3 offtopic. What an incredible assist from Jorginho last weekend. Pass of the season, i.m.o
  7. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    For a team from a small country there is no choice, Matches against RKC or VVV are miles away levelwise compared to the games Chelsea plays weekly. The dutch league is called the Micky Mouse competition. We dont start every year with at least 200 million from tv revenues.. Therefore for club like Ajax its impossible to compete structurally with the big EPL clubs. But we have our own identity and philosophy and Cruijff DNA It will happen occasionally that we'can compete on the main stage or even win trophy's and afterwards we dissappear in anonymity for a while But we always come back. In two weeks at Stamford Bridge for example
  8. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    But are you as Chelsea supporters not very happy with the freshness and joy sparkling from this Chealsea team. And change in Philosophy This so much better than horrible Parking the bus football"". No more splashing enormous amounts of money on buying foreign players.. But a core of homegrown talents guided by a few experienced players. Attacking tacticks. And a coach who knows the DNA of the club.. So i hope that after the transferban Chelsea wont fall back to their previous manners.
  9. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    Poor Quality match. Ajax worst european performance in last two years. Also chelsea didn't reached to their full potential.but it was a well deserved victory.( Alltough the disallowed ajax goal was not offside) We miss Frenkie de Jong deerly. Congrats to Chelsea and hopefully a better match at Stamford Bridge. BTW I really like this years Chelsea. Probably , You won't win trophies this year but its enjoyable to watch and the future is bright for the blues