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  1. West Brom v Chelsea

    I hope you post this on every game thread. It always gives me a chuckle.
  2. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Maybe we will tear it up playing Mount all the time on one line or the other. But to me he looks like a box to box midfielder who can run all day, disrupt opponents and take free kicks. He does not look up to the task of being part of top tier attacking front 3 or 4. Nor does he have the vision to feed those in front of him the way Haavertz or Kova do. But he is indestructible and could be a super sub type. I don’t see the attacking wing in him that Frank does.
  3. Chelsea - Barnsley

    You forgot little hearts next to each one
  4. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Didn’t read the full thread so apologies if this has already been said. Things that frustrated me wat hung this: 1. Why Christensen over Rudiger or Tomori? At least his tackle saved a touchdown. 2. Werner will become acclimated. But with Liverpool‘s very high line, he was ready to receive balls over the top that never came and should have. Is that Frank’s preference of building out of the back, or just a lack of vision? Unfortunately, he seem to get discouraged and start making the runs consistently. 3. It seems as though all the people here who have argued that more of the spending should’ve been on the back line have a point. 4. Does Frank rate Tammy over Giroud? If so, I do t really get it. Giroud seems better equipped to blend into the rapid fire attack we can expect to see when all the new players are healthy, along with Pulisic. I suspect that that group will be playing the game at an entirely different speed than what we saw today. 5. Can we make some money selling the players who seem to be way down the depth chart, and spend it on a solid centerback? 6. I don’t see Jorginho or Mount being able to keep up with the kind of buildup/attack that a front 4 of Ziyech, Pulisic, Werner, and Havertz will be running. 7. James looks good. 8. Havertz needs to play on the bottom of a wide diamond up top. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do from that position.
  5. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    If the reporting is correct that both Werner and Pulisic are going to be available on Sunday (and when is The Mirror ever wrong?), I really, really, really hope that Frank has them on the pitch together for some decent amount of minutes. The sooner the new front 4 can figure each other out at match speed, the sooner the Chelsea attack becomes much more lethal.
  6. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

  7. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    I have a feeling that isn't true. I do think he needs a better flexibility regimen than he has last season. I suspect it's no coincidence that the hamstring happened on his first big sprint right after half time. On sidelines in other high-priced sports there are always a few players who seem to be on a stationary bike when they are not playing. Less than a couple of decades ago in the EPL halftime was a cigarette break. Presumably someone who is on the cutting edge of flexibility training is working with CP on his regimen.
  8. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Give it to me straight Doc. In medical terms, you've had a setback. A "setback." Yes, a setback. What does that mean? It means your recovery has been delayed -- set back, if you will. Set back how? In medical terms, it's a setback. What caused this setback? The setback was caused by instead of progressing forward, you were set back. Ah, I see.
  9. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Can someone explain to me what Frank sees that puts CHO so far down the winger list? At the end of the restart he looked good to me, certainly far better in attacking wing position overall than several of the people that have been playing ahead of him.
  10. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    I too am surprised by RLC > CHO, why Havertz on the wing and not the middle, and continuing to play Mount in attacking positions. I don’t see whatever Frank sees. But even with all that, Pulisic will change everything.
  11. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I just hope is ahead of Mount on the winger depth chart
  12. 10. Christian Pulisic

    well deserved.
  13. 19. Mason Mount

    I agree that an eventual front 4 of Puli-Werner-Ziyech-Havertz makes sense. And I’d put CHO at either wing as a sub before Mount. Mount excelled box to box and on direct kicks. But he while he can shoot, he didn’t seem to contribute to attacks in ways you expect of an attacking winger. However, that front 4 jeopardizes his playing time, because both Kova and Kante seem better suited to sit between that front 4 and the back 4. Should be interesting, since obviously FL really likes Mount on the pitch.
  14. 29. Kai Havertz

    I don’t know if the eventual default front four will be Pulisic, Werner, Ziyech, and Havertz. But the prospect of those 4 getting used to one another, and gelling together, has me anticipating a really exciting and beautiful attack. Hopefully the other six can defend a little, because I don’t think those four are going to be lock down defenders.
  15. Kai Havertz

    I am very excited to imagine how beautiful the Chelsea attack could become with a front 3 of Pulisic-Werner-Ziyech, with Havertz right behind. The speed and technical skill in tight spaces in that group could look downright Argentinian (in a good way). And a rotation that includes CHO (he finished strong) and Giroud in that attacking front 4 would be powerful. It only leaves 2 other starting spots for three excellent midfielders--Mount, Kante, Kova. But with the compressed schedule and injuries, all these people will get to play. Barring serious injury problems, the minutes for RLC and Barkley might not be sufficient to keep them happy, but such is life at a top club. I do worry about the pressure on the CBs and box to box midfielders if both our outside backs play like attacking wings. But time will tell.