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  1. General Transfer Talk

    To honest at this point I don't expect any new players until the "deadline day".
  2. Lionel Messi

    OMG. When I saw many Fulham Broadways signs in this topic for a moment I thought it could be news about Messi having a medical...its just a stupid article from Express.
  3. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Wow. Real Madrid is looking like Burnley. Impressive.
  4. Virgil Van Dijk

    Its not like being spotted in Manchester. Being in London doesn't mean anything to be honest.
  5. Danny Drinkwater

    So it seems his health and fitness are pretty good. Right after the medical he took yesterday his price increased to 40m.
  6. Danny Drinkwater

    You completely missed the point, mate. Im just laughing that his inside source seems to be really unpredictable. Sometimes he can produce "world exclusive" news, like Yokohama as the new main sponsor, but can also produce a rumor about a player having medical.
  7. Danny Drinkwater

  8. The Conte Thread

    With the tough first games of the PL season, and considering the club's record, at this point it will be a miracle if Conte survives untill november.
  9. 28. César Azpilicueta

    1- We have a manager that stupid enough to be praising a player who is sold to United. 2- We have a captain that is stupid enough to be saying Diego Costa will be missed. 3- Now we a fucking vice captain that is stupid enough to feed the press with this kind of headline "Azpilicueta hints at divisions in Chelsea dressing room". http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4788576/Cesar-Azpilicueta-hints-Chelsea-dressing-room-divisions.html We are really fucked with this kind of wise people around.
  10. 19. Diego Costa

    The whole thing became a circus. 100% mess. I mean, I see only 2 scenarios: 1- When Conte told Costa he was surplus to requirements he did so by himself without warning the club hierarchy. In this case, Conte was supposed to get axed in the same day he sent the message. 2- When Conte sent Costa that message the club was aware of the situation, in this case they were supposed to solve situation BEFORE the start of the season and sell him for Atletico even for a low price. Now we have this unusual situation that one of the best players in PL in past 3 seasons became an outcast, he is not playing and is creating unnecessary bad vibes around the club that just won the league months ago. Crazy, and in this case the blame in on the board.
  11. Alex Sandro

    I just realized there is a Sandro in Everton. He wont be expensive. Board should buy him asap. Many folks here will be happy with Sandro.
  12. Davinson Sanchez

    Contes priorities is use at least 3CB in the line up. No doubt the board is looking for another one.
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    Weird. I've seen a lot of Costas interview in Brazilian press and I've never seen he complaints about life in England. This talk just doesnt make any sense specially when there was a rumor saying he wanted go to China...
  14. The Conte Thread

    Indeed. In my books the collapsing after the team was down to 10 men is all about the manager. Results like that are not coming from lack of quality, but lack of command. Its like the 7-1 result.
  15. 19. Diego Costa

    No. This interview makes it sound that a lot players likes Costa, and there is nothing more than that. There is no Costa vs Conte thing there. You are being silly.