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  1. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    Jesus...Jorginho is a weak CM.
  2. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    Jorginho is a waste when the team dont have the ball.
  3. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    Kepa reddemed himself with 2 great saves. O hate both Kane and Ali. 2 cunts.
  4. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    From Courtois to Kepa...geez.
  5. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    Kepa is such a weak GK...
  6. 8. Ross Barkley

    Mate, Kovacic came in with Hazard. Its easier to look world beater when you playing alongside Hazard instead William...
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Its refreshing to watch a game with no sideline histrionics after every goal is scored.
  8. 5. Jorginho

    I'm still think right now he creates more problems than anything. When Arsenal was creating chances for fun in the end of 1st half, Jorginho was completely lost, marking no one, he can't win any 1vs1 battle, he can't harass the opponents. In the second half he have an assist to Abumayang, and he was lucky that was a soft off-side. I'm not really concerned about the number of touches, to be honest.
  9. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    What a player Hazard is.
  10. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    The difference between Hazard and William is brutal.
  11. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Geez, Jorginho almost gave an asssit to Abumayang (lucky that was off-side), and he cant win a single 1x1 situation.
  12. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Kante is a destroyer. I think its pretty weird to see Kante playing that close to the opponents goal.
  13. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Jorginho cant recover a single ball.
  14. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Jorginho is putting a horror show there. Sarri soon will find out PL is a different animal compared to Série A. I mean, when Arsenal got the ball the team is playing with 10 men. Jorginho is bad at positioning and he is not marking pra covering anything. Kante must play as DM.
  15. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Haha. Some people here dont have a clue about the game. Its pretty clear the problem here is the team got no midfield att all. Arsenal players are free in the edge of the box. Kante, Barkley and Jorginho are complety clueless when Arsenal os creating chances from the sides, leaving the oponents free to shoot.