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  1. Super Frank Thread

    You guys should also adjust your expectations. We signed Havertz, instead of Thiago Alcântara. I find really amusing that people were acting as we became PL contenders because of Havertz. Quality player, but not a world beater as many of you are trying to picture.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    Caballero is worse. Alonso is better than both Emerson and Azpi playing as LB.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    Christensen fucked the game. Zyech, Pulisic and Silva out. His only mistake is his love for Mount. Other than that I dont know why you guys are mad.
  4. 24. Reece James

    James is a beast going forward. His goal was great in so many aspects, not only the shooting, but the way he went to the mid to receive the ball, instead of staying wide waiting for the ball. Going forward he has so much more to offer compared to Azpi. To other side he really needs to improve his defensive game. During part of the games our right side was an open avenue for Brighton going forward.
  5. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    What a goal from James.
  6. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    LOL Typical Kepa.
  7. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    Why Twitter is going nuts because CHO is not playing?
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Stop it.
  9. Willian

    Willian is the the most frustrating player of past 10 years. Never lived up to expectation. He lacked that killer instinct from players like Hazard. I think he only have one really great match, that home game against Barcelona in 2018. He never emulated that performance. During his 7 seasons as a Chelsea player, he was just an okay player. Pedro was a better player.
  10. 5. Jorginho

    Damm, Gore is really handsome.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    I'm pretty sure the old anti-Chelsea bias in the press will come back this season. Unless one of new signings flops, there is no place in the starting eleven for Mount, James, Abraham or Tomori. Lampard giving those guys playing time was the biggest reason why in last season Chelsea was covered in a positive never seen during Abramovich era.
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    This kit is great.
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We don't have Bayern, Liverpool or Juventus squad. Barcelona doesn't have shit midfielders and fullbacks, their squad is actually really good. Not sure you can describe a midfield with Vidal, Busquets, de Jong and Rakitic as shit, or describing Alba and Semedo as shit. Barcelona's problem was thinking that any manager could do the job because of the quality of the players. Valverde did a poor job and he was the one behind those two comebacks they suffered against Roman, then Liverpool. They replaced him with a even worse manager.
  14. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    You both are probably saying this because we know he is not coming anyway, because its not like we have Liverpool or Bayern squad. I'm also sure if somehow he becomes a Chelsea player, you are probably buying 3 or 4 kits with his name. If you guys really mean it, then you are crazy, because right now there is now "project" that is "going places" as Juan suggested. Not sure what "project" he was talking about. In this window the club went shopping again, and next season there is a fair chance we won't be seeing Mount, James or Abraham playing many games as they did this season. Tomori is probably even going on loan to another club as 35 years old Silva will be the leading the defense next season.
  15. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    But its cool to say you don't want the greatest footballer ever in your team.