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  1. Barcelona v Chelsea

    Players traveling for Barcelona
  2. Reece James

  3. Mason Mount

    Frank is starting to put the pieces together. "Mason's part of the first-team squad this year and it's time for him. His qualities will improve even more with the qualities around him." "Everyone knows the hopes I have for Mason and he showed today a glimmer early in pre-season of what we might see this year and going forward." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelseas-plans-mason-mount-confirmed-18366345.amp
  4. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    I am new to this team, so correct me if I am wrong. It seems teams are approaching preseason in two ways. ManU and Arsenal seem to be using it to condition many starters and evaluating more of their young players in practice. Chelsea is using the early game to evaluate as many young players and players that once showed potential to find the core of the team. I think it is pretty smart for a new manager to go this route and know that there will be lesser results than if he had more starters out there. It probably helps Lampard that he is not changing the offense much from Sarri, but just tweaking what he feels is necessary. It seems some managers have already made up their minds on young players before the preseason started. If he has mostly starters out there for the second half of preseason and they continue to struggle, I would be concerned. I will be patient while Lampard uses games to find who he is going to trust in the regular season with his career on the line.
  5. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    It may have been Saturday Japan time....I can never remember the time difference with Japan in the US. It is weird. ETA it is 10:40pm Friday in Japan right now, so it could not have been Saturday.
  6. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    My impressions; Still very impressed with Mount, more impressed this game that he plays bigger than his body should afford. He positioned himself well for contact and came away from it in control. The midfield looked strong in the first half and went to crap with all the subs in the second half. In the second half there was a lot of jogging in the middle but not improving your position to receive the ball and once it was received it seemed like only then were some players thinking about where it should go. The second half for the midfield should decide a few loans or selling of players. It is difficult to get much from Pulisic as he wasn't in much. He looked quick and decisive, he also worked well when he didn't have the ball to be in position for a pass and knew where he was going. If that was a real game there would have been a penalty when the Kawasaki player just threw his leg out to attempt to trip him. There was good play from the attacking positions, just not good finishes. I thought for sure Kennedy would score. There were some really good passes to players going forward to attack the goal. It is a game that Chelsea had control of and could not finish good passes. In that sense it was frustrating to watch all the way through. From a preseason aspect, I think it really did show who needs to be on the squad and who needs to play somewhere else.
  7. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    Lol, Forbes currently has an article about the user agreement that people do not read but hit accept for FaceApp. By using the app you are agreeing to give your personal picture and name to the company for whatever use they want for as long as the company exists. That includes selling both.
  8. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    I am sure this is just a reporter's guess. Predicted Lineups Chelsea Kepa; Azpilicueta, Zouma, Luiz, Emerson; Jorginho, Mount, Kovacic; Pulisic, Batshuayi, Giroud. https://www.90min.com/posts/6413163-kawasaki-frontale-vs-chelsea-preview-where-to-watch-live-stream-kick-off-time-team-news
  9. Christian Pulisic

    He trains with his dad in the off season, plus he got a bit of rest at Dortmund. It is not like he came off a grinding season where he played most of the matches.
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I want the club to have a great season. My son says this kid healthy is rather special on the pitch and will only get better. I am new to the EPL, I have watched several Chelsea matches with my son, but haven't really paid attention to the league as a whole. Can anyone think of a player that had 30 matches and demanded to be given the 10 jersey? It seems odd to me, but maybe it happens?
  11. Christian Pulisic

    Lampard seems to know how to say the right things about his players. “I appreciate that. It’s how I would have been. It’s a big move for him to a huge club. He’s a top young player. He’s only going to go one way in terms of his career – he’s going to go up and be a big signing for Chelsea. I hope so. I look forward to working with him. “It’s important we start the season as well as we can. I know we have injuries – people back at Cobham now that are influential players for us at similar positions, so we’ll need him.” -Frank Lampard; source: Goal
  12. Kawasaki Frontale - Chelsea

    I am hopeful to see Pulisic on the pitch for the first time for Chelsea.
  13. Mason Mount

    This kid showed today he not only wants it, but he has the skills to get there. I was most impressed with him and Giroud today.
  14. St. Patrick's Athletic 0-4 Chelsea

    Giroud was impressive to me. Not that it was great defence that he was going against, but he is embracing the style of play Lampard wants. Mount was impressive. He is really grabbing the opportunity to make this squad and running with it. Too many players in the second half that are showing they might be in over their heads. It was about as fun a preseason match as I have watched in a long time. Mostly due to knowing these guys have a realistic chance of making the squad, now can you deliver on that opportunity.
  15. Christian Pulisic

    Reading that he will be joining the team for the Japan preseason. Eventhough the US played him in the center for Gold Cup, he seemed like he made his best moves out wide. I think he is very comfortable there on either side.