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  1. Sevilla v Chelsea

    If we win while resting players, it is a huge game for me. Makes our last a friendly. If Chelsea fans are dismissing it, I don't know what to say about that. If it is rival fans, I take that as a compliment. I think it is important to recognize that reporters have their favorite teams also. Often I see that they are very jealous of the money Roman is will to put on the front end of player deals to get them done, and get players sold after. Many team owners would never do that. I love the way our club does business, rival fans hate it.
  2. Sevilla v Chelsea

    We are coming fast to weeks of really close fixtures, some only separated by two days. You must rotate and get people minutes and rest. We are really positioned well to do this and get wins because of our depth. Something we did not have last year.
  3. Sevilla v Chelsea

    This would be a rest game for Silva and Werner for me. Tbf, Mount could use rest even though that machine never seems like he needs it.
  4. Chelsea - Spurs

    Watched the Fulham game and was very happy with the result. It is like the top part of the table just treaded water this week. That does bring the chasers below closer though. I was also very pleased to see how confident and how good RLC's movement is. It is great he is getting a lot of minutes to get back after his injury. We didn't move past the teams ahead of us, but we didn't lose ground either.
  5. Super Frank Thread

    We had plenty of opportunities to score yesterday without giving up many chances for their counter. As much as I didn't like the result, Lampard had the squad prepared for the game. I am a pretty big fan of Giroud, but I also see the need to keep Tammy getting minutes so he develops. Tammy could become a pretty big player for us for many years.
  6. The English Football Thread

    I'm not sure how representative Arsenal Mania is of the fan base as a whole, but they have the pitchforks out there about Arteta.
  7. Chelsea - Spurs

    Before today I was skeptical about how much noise a couple thousand people make in a stadium. Jaguars stadium (TIAA field) holds 67,100 and with only a few thousand today, it makes a significant sound. From our seats today you can see how few fans are here. I think even a small amount of fans at EPL games will give the home team a boost.
  8. Chelsea - Spurs

    That was a first. Watched the game while in the stands on my phone at a Jaguars vs Browns game. I forgot how much I enjoy being in a stadium. I hope that you people that attend games get back to the Bridge soon.
  9. Chelsea - Spurs

    Southampton is bullying ManU
  10. Chelsea - Spurs

    After 60 either way. He can be a real spark coming in. I see Werner - Abraham/Giroud- Ziyech starting and after 60 Pulisic coming in for Abraham/Giroud and moving Werner to the middle.
  11. Chelsea - Spurs

    That Liverpool game was not easy on the eyes, but a draw is much appreciated. Now our boys need to finish the deal tomorrow.
  12. Chelsea - Spurs

  13. 11. Timo Werner

  14. Chelsea - Spurs

    They do make the twitter feed entertaining. My favorites are the ones that truly are offended by everything.
  15. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Timo is fine. This will only light a fire under his ass to rip the back of the net. If you are going to have a player go through a few missed shots, let it be while you are winning games.