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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    Thanks so much this was very helpful ☺️ In fact, the photo you found is the shirt I purchased. It was my first time purchasing from Classic11. I have a Desailly premier league shirt from the same year and it has a lot of curious differences from the Zola shirt. If anyone is interested I will take some pictures of the differences. I don’t think the Zola shirt is a fake but it’s possible someone added the UEFA Cup badge later (though it has the correct European lettering on the back as well). What got me wondering was when I watched a Classic Football Shirts video in which they review Tore Andre Flo’s match worn shirt from the 3-1 Barcelona leg. The CFS employee said that the CL ball sleeve badges weren’t available on replica kits in 99-01. Made me wonder why my 99-01 shirt has a UEFA Cup badge 🧐 thnaks again ☺️
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    New here ☺️ Does anybody know anything about the 99-01 kits that we wore in the UEFA Cup and Champions League? I purchased a Zola shirt with the UEFA Cup sleeve badge and I’m wondering just how rare it is. It’s the only UEFA Cup Chelsea shirt I have seen on CFS, eBay, etc and have been browsing for 18-24 months. Thanks ☺️