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  1. Norwich 2-3 Chelsea

    Next two matches are must wins as far as I'm concerned. Think it would be a huge boost to see a net of 5 goals and no more than 1 conceded over the two. Norwich have looked dangerous to be fair, they play a pretty effective style. Still think we should be taking maximum points over the next two fixtures. Maybe a good opportunity for Tammy to put a couple in the back of the net.
  2. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester

    Easy mate.
  3. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Good point. However, Morata came from spells at two of the biggest clubs in the world, RM and Juve. For a hefty price I might add. Tammy has come through the youth ranks for pennies. He can't be compared to someone who was supposed to light the prem on fire (if you base this on his price tag). I get that we want to win games also, but theres also a business to run. If we let the youngsters play and they do well, we benefit. If we play them and they don't do well. We sell them and make SOME money. Still a benefit. This year should be about changing the culture of the club and finding ways to adapt so we can get closer to Pool, City, and Spurs. Sometimes 1 step back to take 2 forward is okay.
  4. 9. Tammy Abraham

    He just needs to find a way to be more clinical. He COULD have 3 goals already this season and a penalty. Hit the post at UTD and had a clear cut chance in that game. Missed a sitter against Liverpool. Penalty was not well taken. But hes getting into the areas we want him to get into. He's 21 if I remember rightly. This is what we are doing this year, giving youth a chance to grow. At the very worst we can audition Tammy to the masses and get 20-25 million out of him. I honestly think he will come good. Like I said hes a slice of luck and a little more clinical finishing away from us singing his praises. Lets continue to support the young fella.
  5. Wilfried Zaha

    Dont like the price tag. Do like the player. Do like the fact that he helps with the HG quota. Do like the fact that he is versatile. Can play CF, LW, maybe some CAM if we need it.
  6. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    Salty? Have you not watched Jose over the past few years? Its easy to perceive him as salty because he doesn't smile and says some questionable things at times. But I thought his punditry was refreshing. I appreciated the break down of the principles and tactics as far as working in blocks. Thought that was quality. The Uncle Rafa comment was hilarious. These types of shows need a little humor in them. To me, him calling out Rafa that way is sign of respect for the manager. I don't think youll ever hear Jose explicitly praising another manager, but he clearly respected Rafa's touchline communication. Pundits have become more opinionated than ever because thats what they are trained to do at times. "Have an opinion and get people talking, get the fans discussing your comments". Creates more viewers and more interest in the game.
  7. TalkChelsea EPL Fantasy 2016/17

    I have a league I was trying to get up and running. So far just me in it lol. Would love for others to join for a bit of free fun. Here is the link and passcode etc.... Hi I'm playing Fantasy Premier League in a league called Super Frankie Fantasy. Why not join me? The code to join this league is: 5gu23x Enjoy the game! Hope to find a few more entries for some fun.
  8. Kenedy

    Can see this deal as more of an investment. Probably doesnt have huge wages. But could be worth 10-15 million in a year or two. I wonder if the loan deal has an early termination clause if we get unfortunate with injuries etc. Hope to see him gain some confidence and kick on at Reading.
  9. David Luiz

    David Luiz- the good time guy. I appreciate the time youve spent at the club. I really appreciate the work he has down and the enthusiasm he shows when working in the community. Hes a top guy for the way he interacts with the kids in the CFC foundation for example. Great community presence. But, this is a football decision and Lamps appears to be operating from the stand point that reduces player power, regardless of reputation. Lets drop his large contract, give some of the young guys some regular playing time. See what happens over the course of the year and when we need to, dip into the transfer market and make a big splash on a world class CB. I love the decision to let him leave. Even if it is to Arsenal.
  10. David Luiz

    We have no leaders when times get tough. One thing we've been sorely lacking since the core left/retired. I respectfully disagree. We have LAMPS. He is a leader and he is okay with moving away from those who arent interested in working for the team. David Luiz has always been a good time guy. To me this sounds like Lamps is finally putting a stamp on player power at CFC.

    Hi all, I thought it might be fun to start a fantasy league on www.premierleague.com I have created a private league for those on this forum should you be interested. Here are the steps to join: - Create an account on premierleague.com - Search for league name "Super Frankie Fantasy" - Use this code: 5gu23x to join the league. Hope to a see a few entires for a bit of friendly fun. Best, Big Mabz
  12. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    I wonder if Bakayoko could be a temporary stop-gap while RLC is recovering. Probably a really useful player early on in the season if the next manager can tap into his athleticism and physical attributes. Could he be a poor mans RLC? Bursting runs and using his strength to be a presence in the midfield? Maybe.... Maybe not....But I do think he could be a useful squad player next season.
  13. Next Manager?

    Whats wrong with that mate? This is as good a time as any to throw a publicity stunt. Transfer ban, academy as good as its ever been, results have been okay. Why not spend a year or two raising money and excitement around Chelsea with a publicity stunt? I think this is a better option than sitting on our arses for a year waiting for a transfer ban. Great to build excitement around a season which would otherwise be dull. Steve Holland is great but he wouldnt create the same type of buzz that Lamps will. What you probably should do is take off your pessimism glasses and hold on to your hat and get ready for a wacky season.
  14. Next Manager?

    Just want an answer. Is it Frank or isn't it? Who is it going to be.... Bored of all the speculation. Want someone to get excited about. I know Frank has low levels of experience and a transfer ban to contend with. But, there are some opportunities for his hiring to be a success. Youth will get a chance, most specifically English youth. Also, don't underestimate his drive and work ethic. He was never the most athletic or gifted footballer but he worked his socks off, day in, day out to become the club legend that he is. I have no doubts that he will do this as a manager. It won't be stubborn Sarri, who wants to mould his players to his system. It will be adaptable and grow as Frank grows. And yes, there may be some growing pains because his green managerial status. But Frank is a worker, and he will expect that from his players, backroom staff, and the fans. Of course there are some risks involved. But lets get behind the guy. This is different for Chelsea. Maybe we are finally breaking the cycle that has lead to no consistency with our managerial position. Come on Frank Come on Chelsea.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Question..... and it may seem silly. But even though we have an impending transfer ban, could we sign players and just not register them by sending them back on loan? I am wandering if there is a loop hole. Im thinking young players who maybe need 2 years to develop before being first team ready. Neres for example. (buy him and send him back to Ajax for 18 months while we go through three transfer windows). Obviously a long shot because most players might not be interested in this type of deal. Just doing my best Ed Sheeran impersonality by thinking out loud.