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  1. Name Changes thread

    Could I change my name to Bovril
  2. Chelsea supporter since 1963

    Thanks--i joined because I've been so frustrated with Sarriball. So glad to see many fans also don't like what's happening. 1970 was a grand year for us.
  3. Chelsea supporter since 1963

    thanks for the welcome-wouldn't have thought i was the oldest--i didn't go regularly until 64-65 season --used to stand behind the Bovril sign in order to see cos I was just a kid
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Yeah, I thought a while ago we were not going to make top 4 with our erratic away form. The Europa League will be the priority, but it won't save Sarri. His inflexibility is infuriating. Many goals can come from Route 1, especially with a good header of the ball like Giroud. I wonder how many goals we have conceded with our fannying around at the back current style of play. Great to see our lads getting goals at the International level. That's telling!
  5. Chelsea supporter since 1963

    Thank you: I'm in Minneapolis. Chelsea played AC Milan here in 2016 (Aug) and I had a good view behind the goal where we scored twice. There is a pub that shows games. I saw Chelsea beat Man U there in the FA CUP Final 2007, but I may have been the only Chelsea supporter--it may have changed now. I went to games all through the 60s and early 70s until I moved from London. My highlight was the Chelsea v Leeds 1970 FA Cup Final Replay in Manchester. I was behind the goal where Osgood scored. Leeds played dirty of course but seeing us lift the trophy meant a lot to me as I's seen us through many ups and downs: brilliant one week and lousy the next. I thought those days were long gone until this season. I joined this forum because I have become so frustrated with the way we are playing this season. I'm glad to read that many fans share my view of our current style and the lack of flexibility in the manager's tactics. I'm not sure this manager will be able to turn it around. We can hope for winning the Europa League and a fresh start next year.
  6. Chelsea supporter since 1963

    Hello, i am new to this forum. I started watching Chelsea when they were in the 2nd division when i was a kid in London. My favorite players have been Osgood, Drogba, Zola, and Lampard. I live in the US now and look forward to some chat.
  7. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    I am a new member driven to join a fan post because it has become so hard to watch my beloved Chelsea on the telly in the US. I do not like the style of play this year. I have been a fan since 1963, but this season has been really difficult because of the lackluster way of playing this year. All this fannying around at the back and very little dynamic team play. I feel frustrated with our current style of play. Does anyone else feel this?