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  1. 15. Kurt Zouma

    I mean 33 years old Cahill. Prime Cahill is twice the player Zouma could be. Zouma pretty much the same player 3, 4 years ago. Still very awkward on the ball, poor positioning. And he seemingly incapable of timing the jump, which led him to jump very high to compensate for it, that's the reason lead to his injury. Cahill right now might lost the pace but at least he would rather back down instead of giving away such a cheap penalty like yesterday. Even his ball playing is not as bad as Zouma, although its still average
  2. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Crap player . So damn clumsy that i'll even take Cahill instead of him
  3. The targets for next summer

    For the CB : Varane is way too expensive and he doesnt seem the type of CB that can lead a defense for me. Many guys here love to shit on Ramos, the guy might be a red card magnet in La Liga. but for me in Real CL hat trick, he's the guy that always step up when its matter. I dont think its a coincidence that Real conceded three goal against Juventus with him suspended (The match with Buffon get a controversial red card) and only a last minute penalty save them from going into extra time. Last season same story, With Ramos in the first leg, Real beat Ajax 2-1 comfortably. Second leg without him ? Real conceded 4 and out of the CL. He's good in the air, and pretty fast, but his reading of the game doesnt impress me that much. And add to that Real likely to ask for 100m+. We still need a good striker, in case our 3 current strikers doesnt cut it for the job. Even the LB might be a priority but Leicester might ask for lot of money for Chilwell. I think alternative option for LB could be Ludwig Augustinsson from Bremen. Timo Werner from the last WC doesnt seem very impressive when facing defensive team (Both Korea and Sweden) . Granted entire German national team last year underperformed, but i still highly skeptical about him since most PL teams wont give him much space to operate freely
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Pretty good technical ability for a defender, i think he used to play attacking midfielder. Wouldnt mind him here if Everton put in a good offer for Zouma. Zouma ball playing is quite below average and his defending from what i saw in the pre season look dodgy as hell
  5. General Transfer Talk

    You watched Celtic games ? How about Kristoffer Ajer ? Is he any good ? Saw some rumours that Roger consider him to be Maguire replacement but Celtic likely asked for 30m+