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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    It is time to move the poison out of this club before it is too late, it's been around now since Andre Villas Boas was here, he tried implementing his ideas and all of a sudden our players were rubbish! AVB gets the sack, Di Matteo takes over and all of a sudden they were all like new signings! Mourinho comes back, everything is rosy and we win the league, the next season he doesn't get his transfer targets - which the idea of him wanting to get new players in probably offended the players we already had here and again all of a sudden the players in a title winning squad are rubbish and Mourinho is sacked, followed by a steady improvement from the players again. Next it was Antonio Conte, those poor players who seemed so rubbish - again turned into brilliant players and won the league! then Conte doesn't get the players in he wants and then the players turn into bang average ones again. This season we have shown spells of brilliance so we know they can do it but they don't seem to want to play for Sarri, maybe his methods are more intense than the little darlings would like. Lets get rid of the spoilt players and build a team who will put 100% effort in every time they take to the pitch, Roman should say to them "if you want the manager sacked - you guys can pay his compensation package" watch how fast we start winning and go unbeaten till the end of the season. I'm getting sick of the way our players seem to be able to just down tools, this job is turning into a poisoned chalice. P.S - it's not every player! IMO clearly just a core who have a big influence on the rest.