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  1. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    once again we are targeted by these corrupt charlatans. Obviously our investment in youth which provides much needed income to many impoverished families does not concern these bent lawgivers . Money in fines is their aim . We will survive and grow stronger. We can be proud that our club is ethically secure , a benchmark of purity and success. Unfortunately their hate for us overides any reason, as we have rocked the status Quo . We dared to take on Real Madrid , Barcelona beacons of greed . Know City who buy their glory are a stain on the English game. They should be hounded out , not us but there dirty oil wealth buys UEFA. They will try to knock us but Roman has the spirit of Kursk .
  2. Poch is a winless wonder . He would never come to us no matter what money was thrown at him. The Spunks are huge in terms of UK support ( even bigger than us) , not internationally, but have owners whose love is business not trophies. He seems loyal to them and we would not want to dirty our hands with this Argentinean nearly man. Our managers have to deliver from the start . Occasionally it goes wrong but most of the time has proved ultra successful. We are lucky that Roman sets such high standards which has been our benchmark of trophies. We still spend hugely and we must except that this is a hit and miss policy but more times pays off long term. Look at Arse with their repulsive wig wearing disinterested American owner , God would strike us down if that happened to our glorious club. They are in state of permanent hell with this capitalist buffon. As ladies football l have no knowledge, as only 25 people watch a game live it has no relevance . The western media seem to over exposure, promote for political reasons but largely the world has no interest. Greco Roman wrestling draws larger crowds but has no exposure as the West is driven by liberal effete diversity fantatism.
  3. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    we should battle through against this bunch of tourist / glory seeking cunts . A victory will set us up for a top 4 place and next season to prosper. 3 , 0,
  4. Malmo 1-2 Chelsea

    Solid result considering the despair of confidence recently. Never enjoyed eurotrash Abba , IKEA meatballs , pacifist cowardice, liberal idealism, Volvo and jumping in ice water , talking to trees , Eating berries, wearing large pants , beer only for the rich , small heads, backwater blues. everyone to their own.
  5. Jay Dasilva

    Ridiculous and weak to think that we need to change a whole team. It would probably impossible, just childish talk . To introduce youngsters will backfire if things don't go right . This is a club that is built on success, we are not the Spunks who have time as they are not under pressure to win anything. To build organically, my god we have one of the best youngsters in the world joining in the summer. To hear this weakness can only be the mentality of the western effete .My grandfather was at Stalingrad and would turn in his grave .
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    game plan will come with time dude just stick with it .
  7. 28. César Azpilicueta

    still one if the best .
  8. Premier League thread

    Brother, we have to be strong . Football is morphing to the world league . A super league is a distant reality . International businessman have no romantic bonding to a pacific place , unfortunately this is globalisation. You must feel wanted appreciated and excepted. The West is doing everything to destabilise us . A new stadium in Tel Aviv would be for the Super league and league games in the old stadium in London. l will follow where ever Chelsea as it's is my blood . The soul remains , at least Tel Aviv would be warm to attract global tourism. The Israeli government will give countless tax breaks .I don't understand why there is no campaign in the UK by our loyal followers, to bring Roman back as lm sure he is hurting. Apathy will not reward us my friend. Unity and we must stand bravely .
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    l think crisis is an exaggeration. The Brit media had always been disreputable towards us . A bad result but we move on . We can always hold our heads high as we are Chelsea and destiny is with us .
  10. Premier League thread

    Dude, the main man is overlooking and will make a correct decision when the time is right . Short termism has a place and many times has worked for us . Whatever Roman decides is right with me as we always get their in the end . You need to stick with it , we still spend more than 95% of most others . We are a club that does it the right way. We don't cheat like City , their title wins are worthless as they have been bought , FFP corrupted and they have UEFA in their pockets . Politics plays a part and the hounding of the main man has held us back . I've heard if the conditions were right he would consider moving the club abroad if the Brits don't stop fucking him around and a super league with Tel Aviv as a base. This would destroy the Brit economy as the stadium investment would go to a City that adores and respects him. Sarri time will be decided by the main man and we should all back the great man. Unity
  11. Next Manager?

    Dudes we look so shallow , false and greedy . The man has only been here half a season , give him time , we want to see attacking football but that doesn't come easy. In the summer we will invest wisely on players that suit his style . We will back , remember we get knocked down but rise up. Roman won't let us be mediocre as his love of the club is unconditional. it could be worse we could be those fuckwits Spurs , owner who doesn't care, never buys players, wins dig shit and a stupid large fan base that expect failure .
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Look dude it's a West conspiracy over Russia's liberation of the Crimea. Us/UK have it in for Putin as like us he stands proud and resists the bull shit . Also the British establishment have never liked Chelsea as they see us as upstarts . Romans a great businessman and a realist. His love of Mother Russia caused him to break the communist regime and prosper by securing assets is something we should be proud of . Your praise of City who are totally corrupt , pay off UEFA , and buy glory at all costs is not to behold . We are run ethically . We must not drive the great man from the club by being disrespectful .
  13. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    beaten but still proud . On reflection bros, we had a host of chances in that first half . Hugian could have had 3 easily another day . If he connected that first chance the day would have been different . Sarri's plan went out the window and by the second it was over . Step back and realise margins change everything.
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    bro , Roman has had to support the main man , get with it as that helps us to be the greatest Brit team this century. lm grateful and will never turn my back . We get results by taking the initiative and remember those dudes were sightseeing. It's western propaganda because they fucked up Brexit. Don't believe the shit that Mays government spouts as it a cover up for the all her fuck ups .
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Cool it man . Those Sheikhs are bent as a camel in a whorehouse . They dodge FFP, backhand every two cent mercenary, ultra hype their buds sponsorship. Corruption dudes , not for a great club like us . We rise above that and lm proud that we are doing it ethically bros .