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  • Memory John Terry with the spirit of a cossack.
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  1. This article is just speculation. Roman will do what is necessary when needed and once again will be the correct desicion Nothing to panic about , as the summer will see any changes .
  2. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    we did comrade in 45 .
  3. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    some of us see things deeper , another disappointing result is not going to be just explained by a gut reaction tatical change . While we are unfairly attacked by UEFA (2 transfer ban ) and the media this destroys cohesion. As an ex Soviet satellite l see you have bitterness , very unbalanced , to our owners homeland . NATO has turned you.
  4. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    we have to look deeper at why we are not as prolific as other seasons . There is a conspiracy to undermine our strategy by the West. What other team has a righteous, democratic, charitable , owner banned from entering a Brexit toxic , class ridden , incompetent privileged democracy, knife crime central mess of a place , when he would only do good , such as grand investment. This has a bearing on our form , it's a cloud of uncertainty. We must rise together and show support for Mother Russia , its peaceful Syrian adventures , liberation of Crimea , and of course Roman whos unlawful treatment is criminal.
  5. Roman Abramovich

    Well do you think we would have dominated English football, European Champions, endless silverware WITHOUT him ? l am amazed how ungrateful, unrealistic and self entitled many are and I'm sure so is Roman. He has put over a billion in with no return and traitors talk deserves examination of loyalty.
  6. Roman Abramovich

    Roman is the most admired owner in world football .
  7. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    scandalous, a club like ours that has a ethical approach, outstanding charitable owner ( supports many Russian and Israeli foundations) and is a beacon of fair play. The Spanish clubs control UEFA and till we destroy their puppet control there will be no justice.
  8. Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

    My grandfather developed / researched air to air missile systems under Brezhnez . His pinnacle was a series that made the Mig the most advanced interceptor of its time. Huge sales resulted with China , Warsaw pact states buying the system. The charletan Kennedy even copied as your MI6 stole the plans and passed them on to the corrupt Pentagon. My point is that he lived in semi poverty in Soviet controlled apartment blocks . Poor by decadent western standards but proud to serve the Soviet. Money l agree has no relevance but pride to the greater good of achievement. That is honor, this is what the scum of North London do not have. Their horde do not come from this area but bland suburbs of greater London , home counties , they have no bonds to this shit hole . My point is they are based in a dump unlike ourselves. l think your people say you can polish a turd only somewhat.
  9. Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

    brother comrade l see this bastards when lm in Williamsburg and London , believe me it will be a shit hole. Our stadium is glorious . Full of history and situated in a beautiful, wonderful area. There area is a piss hole full of the unwashed , benefit central, full of housing projects. There is no comparison. Never will it be better than the Bridge .
  10. Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

    Time to stick these fuckers a memory they will never forget. There always so righteous, think they have the high moral ground . They are super shit, a club that worships a chicken, sells its soul for any form of income . There history is in black and white. Their owner is a disinterested tax capitalist dodger. We have Roman that supports his country and his club. There new stadium looks a douchbag, full of plastics, tourists new age glory hunters. if we play like Sunday they will die. Lions 4 chickens 0
  11. Chelsea 0-0 Man City

    If your Commander can not command his troops then there is something seriously wrong. Kepa should be shot for insubordination. Nobody is above the manager and the team. This was a great performance that deserved victory .
  12. Chelsea 0-0 Man City

    we will surprise people today. We were unlucky in the first 20 mins last week not to score . l think Sarri will deliver a masterclass. Britains premier club 2 , Dirty money oil club 1
  13. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    once again we are targeted by these corrupt charlatans. Obviously our investment in youth which provides much needed income to many impoverished families does not concern these bent lawgivers . Money in fines is their aim . We will survive and grow stronger. We can be proud that our club is ethically secure , a benchmark of purity and success. Unfortunately their hate for us overides any reason, as we have rocked the status Quo . We dared to take on Real Madrid , Barcelona beacons of greed . Know City who buy their glory are a stain on the English game. They should be hounded out , not us but there dirty oil wealth buys UEFA. They will try to knock us but Roman has the spirit of Kursk .
  14. Poch is a winless wonder . He would never come to us no matter what money was thrown at him. The Spunks are huge in terms of UK support ( even bigger than us) , not internationally, but have owners whose love is business not trophies. He seems loyal to them and we would not want to dirty our hands with this Argentinean nearly man. Our managers have to deliver from the start . Occasionally it goes wrong but most of the time has proved ultra successful. We are lucky that Roman sets such high standards which has been our benchmark of trophies. We still spend hugely and we must except that this is a hit and miss policy but more times pays off long term. Look at Arse with their repulsive wig wearing disinterested American owner , God would strike us down if that happened to our glorious club. They are in state of permanent hell with this capitalist buffon. As ladies football l have no knowledge, as only 25 people watch a game live it has no relevance . The western media seem to over exposure, promote for political reasons but largely the world has no interest. Greco Roman wrestling draws larger crowds but has no exposure as the West is driven by liberal effete diversity fantatism.
  15. Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd

    we should battle through against this bunch of tourist / glory seeking cunts . A victory will set us up for a top 4 place and next season to prosper. 3 , 0,