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  1. The Conte Thread

    I'm too excited. I think Conte is going to take the league by storm. You know, if he manages to fend off all these great managers (Klopp, Mourinho, Pep, Wenger) and win some titles over the next few seasons, people will finally put the due respect on his name.
  2. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Because of the Higuain money too... They'll be reluctant.
  3. Kalidou Koulibaly

    You know their owner doesn't care about this...
  4. Kalidou Koulibaly

    If it was a simple case of bidding just a bit more then why haven't we seen a bid from Everton, who supposedly bid higher than us, accepted then? Napoli don't need money. They just got 94m euros from Higuain, do you really think they need to sell Koulibaly for a cut rate price?
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    There's plenty of locals here tbh. You won't ever find a purely local CFC forum however, club's too big for that.
  6. Summer Transfer Window - Likely Ins and Outs

    He's not good enough to become a top winger, I agree with that. He misses certain intangibles for that to happen. If he can work on his defensive game though he can be a valuable squad player. If he remolds his game to maybe becoming a wing back he has a brighter future IMO. Irregardless, Moses would block game time for Musonda and Boga who are definitely more talented.
  7. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    He's looking a lot leaner than when he came back next season. Good stuff.
  8. Juan Cuadrado

    Wishful thinking mate!
  9. 21. Nemanja Matic

    By dynamic I don't mean faster per se. Kante has a much bigger engine than Matic and I don't think Matic is as good as a tackler as Kante is. Kante is a technical tackler, he tackles the ball in a smart way without real use of brawn - he's shown last season that he can get the ball off bigger players without using power. Even so, for how short he is he has incredible balance so if you think you can boulder him over you're in for a surprise. He's strong for his size and more of an athlete than Matic. Kante might be short but he is not a light weight. Think of how Makelele used to boss the area in front of the defence with some great tackles via great anticipation. Now think that and add someone buzzing all over the pitch doing it - winning the ball in the final third, winning it in midfield, winning it in the first third... That's Kante. I can guarantee you that Kante will be more important for us in bigger games than Matic as well. I don't really view Matic as a powerful midfielder tbh. He's big, but not powerful. Like I said, Matic reminds me a bit of Schweinsteiger in his prime (if you put him in the B2B role that is), and I wouldn't call Bastian a powerful midfielder either.
  10. Juan Cuadrado

    Please. 30m euros would be fantastic. Come on Juve, stump up the cash! (Or swap him for Bonucci :))
  11. Andreas Christensen

    Oh, I do agree. I do feel like he needs to put on about 5kg of muscle at least, it'll transform him into a great defender, as long as he keeps his finesse with it.
  12. Victor Lindelof

    I'm not disputing that. What I am disputing is that we shouldn't spend money on an up and coming CB when we already have one in the ranks, albeit on loan.
  13. Andreas Christensen

    Hey, he doesn't need exquisite pace when he has Zouma next to him. I love the fact that he's very classy on the ball, it complements Zouma so well. They are the future.
  14. Victor Lindelof

    I really doubt it. You must be living in the past if you think that's still the same. I don't think there's pressure on Conte to win a trophy this year, just to finish well in the league and build his image of the team up.
  15. Victor Lindelof

    I agree. If you look at other threads I've consistently said we need a new CB and a new fullback (LB preferably). Just don't want to see us spending too much on a CB who isn't top class when we have a similar player returning next year. IMO anyway for this season we need a good full back more than a pretty good CB. A good LB - X - Zouma - Azpi can get us into the CL I think.