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  1. Bertrand Traoré

    It's a weird one. He's been here for ages (since 14/15 yo iirc) as a trialist but not sure that's qualified him as one.
  2. Juan Mata

    Jose is actually a clown. Confirmed.
  3. Thorgan Hazard

    Yes, because he's developing much better as a player.
  4. Michael Keane

    He has to. He's under contract here.
  5. Hull v Chelsea

    Courtois Azpi Luiz JT Aina Chalobah Willian Cesc Kante Hazard Costa Our most balanced team imo.
  6. Hull v Chelsea

    Eduardo. Brilliant.
  7. Michael Keane

    Cahill and Lampard were also representing their country at full international level before they signed for us.
  8. The Conte Thread

    You haven't watched all of our games this season have you?
  9. Michael Keane

    We can fill those with someone like Christensen. And elsewhere over the pitch, we have some good HG talent on loan like Musonda and Boga. Let's say we buy either of the two (x) we've been linked with and ship out JT and Cahill... That leaves us with (next season) Zouma, Christensen, Luiz and x for CB talent. I'd rather have that 4th CB spot filled in with either someone more talented or a talented young CB in our ranks like Tomori or Clarke-Salter. Gibson or Keane shouldn't be the sort of players we aspire to sign.
  10. Michael Keane

    Ah, fair. But, surely if we buy Keane or Gibson we'd have to take a long term view on it past the January transfer window? Doesn't make sense to me, when neither substantially improve our back line. Don't think they're much better than what we have at all. Hence why I mentioned about promoting our own HG talent. Why can't we wait half a season for Andreas to arrive? Or, as you assumed, get one of the academy boys in? They might not be better now but I'd rather give them game time than someone who isn't even going to improve the back line.
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I'm talking about the attributes he has as a player more than anything. I've watched Chalobah for years and what he is, which is one thing we severely lack in the team at the moment, is a leader. Just a natural leader. He's defensively very adept having played as a CB for most of his youth career before moving up into midfield. He's got more than enough football IQ when it comes to positioning himself in front of the defence and has more than enough ability on the ball when it comes to distributing it from the back or base of the midfield. He's comfortable at that. My point is that he has the attributes to play the role well, it's a role that's quite natural to him and he could blossom. The most important thing is that it can free up Kante to become a destroyer all over the pitch. I'm not saying he'll come in and perform miracles but he can definitely do a job. The dude hasn't reached his full potential yet either, so could, as you said, blossom. I don't think him coming in and doing ok is against the odds though. I believe in his talent and just think he needs to be given a chance.
  12. Michael Keane

    Someone like Christensen surely is. He qualifies as home grown talent.
  13. The Board

    We built a good young team with very interesting talents until Jose came. Jose sold our future for a PL title. Didn't manage the squad well at all hence why the likes of KDB, Mata, Lukaku and Schurrle left. Now we have squad players like Pedro and Moses.
  14. Michael Keane

    Why not promote some of our own HG CB talent...
  15. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    That's what she said.