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  1. Summer Transfer Window - Likely Ins and Outs

    Don't understand why people are so adamant to sell off Fabregas. He can be a very useful player if in the right system. You need top options. Fabregas provides that.
  2. Radja Nainggolan

    Sell Oscar and get in Nainggolan with Pjanic and we'll have our midfield set. A midfield set of Fabregas, Pjanic, Matic, Nainggolan & RLC is pretty good and versatile actually.
  3. 8. Oscar

    Yeah, I'm well aware that we'd get steamrolled by certain teams hence why I highlighted that it's a must to bring in a great B2B midfielder like Nainggolan, who we can then alternate with someone like Fabregas or Pjanic in games where we can somewhat get outmuscled in midfield. What I was trying to get at is that it would be good to have the option of all three, not only for the sake of playing them together - if either Fabregas or Pjanic get off form, we'll have a great option in replacing either. Competition is good, it could bringthe best out of both. My main point really is that getting in Pjanic for Oscar would improve the options in the squad significantly (as long as we also go out to purchase a good energetic, physical midfielder like Radja).
  4. 8. Oscar

    I do think Fabregas and Pjanic could work, depending on the style of football we want to play. Of course, we'd need a great DM behindthem. Something like what Barcelona used to do. Xavi = Fabregas, Pjanic = Iniesta. Again, that does mean that we require a different style of football but it could possibly work. Modern game does require some sort of engine in midfield though. It's necessary to have that sort of option in the squad. Against teams where we'll have lots of possession though, I wouldn't be against fielding the two together. Selling Oscar for Pjanic is wise because at the very least it gives us a proper creative midfielder. We can then build around Fabregas, Pjanic etc. to compliment both/either with a strong B2B midfielder, a very goodDM (could be Matic but I don't know), and maybe someone like RLC to fill in as a squad player. That'd be a great midfield core. Fabregas, Pjanic, x, x, RLC...With the x's being the aforementioned sort of players. Something like Nainggolan and Rubén Neves?
  5. 36. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He's stationed at CAM more than CM from what I saw. We need to ensure that we play the right system for him to blossom properly.
  6. 20. Matt Miazga

    I think he should go out on loan next year tbh. We need to have something like x, Zouma, Christensen and ideally Terry (but probably Cahill), with x being a really good experienced defender.
  7. Nathan Aké

    Baffles me how he doesn't start ahead of Jetro Willems in the Dutch XI. He's so much better.
  8. Charlie Colkett

    He's only recently come back from injury. Season's been pretty much of a write off.
  9. Juan Cuadrado

    Even if you think that's the case (not sure what Pedro has done so wrong btw), getting in Cuadrado on both is not an upgrade in any sense.
  10. Juan Cuadrado

    We're so stacked at AM. We don't need him. Pedro provides what Cuadrado would perfectly. We have some great talents like Musonda, Kenedy and someone like Traore and Boga who could easily fill in there. No need for Cuadrado at all. At the moment we have Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Oscar, Kenedy, Traore and have Musonda and Boga out on loan. You think adding Cuadrado is wise?
  11. Papy Djilobodji

    You guys are weak lol.
  12. Nathan Aké

    Ake, Baba and Kenedy are solid options. Jay Dasilva from the youth could be a startoo.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    Yup. I don't play my sport professionally but I play through pain almost every day.
  14. 16. Kenedy

    He wasn't. He was the one that was trying to close Di Maria down: who was his opposite number anyway(who made the pass to Zlatan). He should've been covered by our centre backs, and it wouldn't have been a problem if Cahill didn't pretend to go with Zlatan and confuse Ivanovic and Kenedy in the process, this given Zlatan a free cross of the ball.
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    I certainly hope so, if he stays. His talent is undeniable, which is why its frustrating.