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  1. Chelsea v Spurs

    Ideally target both.
  2. Leicester - Chelsea

    Shipped sailed for it now for sure. Would’ve had to learn the CM role then but way too set in his role/ways atm.
  3. Chelsea v Spurs

    We need this win if we want any chance of top four.
  4. Leicester - Chelsea

    It’s why I wanted him converted into a CM a few seasons ago.
  5. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    He has regressed so much since Monaco... doesn’t even look like a pro footballer atm.
  6. Leicester - Chelsea

    Didn’t answer the question, Jase .
  7. Leicester - Chelsea

    What would you rather: 1. Lose to Soton in the semis, 2. Lose to Spurs in the final where they end their trophy drought of 10 years, 3. Lose against Mourinho’s United?
  8. Leicester - Chelsea

    Bakayoko off. Well done Conte...
  9. Leicester - Chelsea

    Maybe stupid to suggest but maybe he’s just gotten more confident after his good performances vs. Barcelona. He probably thinks to himself - if I can break the lines vs. Barcelona, who are Leicester?
  10. Leicester - Chelsea

  11. Leicester - Chelsea

    Also, must be said, beautiful finish from Morata.
  12. Leicester - Chelsea

    Willian oh my days. What an assist. Crazy form he’s in atm. Decent half, but Bakayoko has been terrible which has held us back. Doesn’t even look a professional footballer atm. Kanté is ridiculous btw. Looks like he’s finally added that driving the ball from the back ability to his arsenal. Looks extremely comfortable dribbling through the lines.
  13. Aaron Ramsey

    I like Doucoure tbh but yes, I don’t really need a reminder of the sort of calibre we go for these days Jase. Just trying to point out the ambition we should be having.
  14. Aaron Ramsey

    It was just an example Jason . It’s the sort of ambition we should be having imo.
  15. Aaron Ramsey

    Ramsey is Arsenal’s best player after Ozil. Would be a good signing imo. We need to sell Drinkwater though. Possibly Bakayoko too. Then imagine if we bring in someone like Ramsey and I don’t know, Thiago? That’s a huge upgrade on the midfield.