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  1. Hull City - Chelsea

    Neither should start but since we have no one else outside of them I'd take Barkley any day of that Mason dude.
  2. Hull City - Chelsea

    We've conceded some of the most dumbest goals ever this season.
  3. Hull City - Chelsea

    Doesn't even matter just don't concede again, don't wanna play a rematch.
  4. Hull City - Chelsea

    I'm happy were winning and Tomori is having a great game, just pointing the obvious that will happen with him next match.
  5. Hull City - Chelsea

    Great goal from Tomori, of course he will be benched next match.
  6. Hull City - Chelsea

    Looks like Lampard did his motivational speech at the break again.
  7. The English Football Thread

    United as well hopefully.
  8. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Look we got a "new" player in training, Marina *wink*
  9. General Chelsea Stuff

    Deal worth? As far as I'm concerned it could be a banana instead of that three and I'd still not care, it's all about the money to help us close the gap with City and United.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    Funny comment considering Sarri was threated way worse last season and you didn't seem to mind his thread bashing.
  11. The English Football Thread

    Hopefully Liverpool win or at least don't lose, last thing we want is Wolves breathing down our throats.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    We aren't in the Top 4 because of Lampard, lets make that clear because some like to twist it like Lampard is doing good because of his league position, any other season and we would be outside the Top 6 easily, there is a big reason there are 10 points between us and the 14th place. Lampard is incredibly lucky our other rivals are just as much of a mess as us, definitely one of the worst PL season I've ever seen in terms of quality, entertaining maybe in terms of closeness and how tight it is. I'm pretty sure most here watch every rival game in hopes they lose points instead of thinking Lampard can get us Top 4 because that's the sad reality.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Adding Ballon d'or and winning the Premier league clause is beyond embarrassing, they are really taking the piss, glad Sporting aren't budging.
  14. Super Frank Thread

    Do I need a source to watch our matches every week and see it's the same crap for months now? Except the odd match like Tottenham where they probably motivated themselves based on our rivalry the rest has been the same meal, just rise and repeat. I don't even need to watch the matches anymore you can literally predict the outcome that's how predictable and sad we've been lately. Just because I moan about 2-3 players doesn't mean the entire team is crap. What happened to Lamptey after his good debut, where is Tomori after doing a decent job, how did James mysteriously get injured, why the fuck did Mason Mount start against Newcastle after Barkley's good game in the cup, why the fuck isn't he playing Giroud instead of useless Batshuay, list can go on and on. Kante looks like a pub player, no manager ever achieved this feat but Lampard did.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    Some of you are so deep into his bullshit you genuinely don't even admit anymore the referee gifted us a win against Ajax and a draw, it's like you look at the result and pretend the context doesn't even matter anymore, but when we had more possession at City and Liverpool you suddenly talk about context, as I said some of the Lampard defence squad are literally clutching at straws lately. His entire CL campaign was a joke we played like shit in all matches except Lille first match, the only one we deserved more was the first match against Valencia but I'm not sure we would've qualified if decisions didn't went our way. I will never defend this guy until I actually see something positive in our play except the routine he is playing youth!