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Everything posted by NikkiCFC

  1. Malang Sarr

    Zero rumors about him going on loan in the last couple of weeks. Based on what I have seen he could be solid LB backup option for Ben.
  2. Spurs v Chelsea

    So we desperately need DM. Why not try Bakayoko?
  3. Spurs v Chelsea

    Spurs bench today: Hart, Reguilon, Toby, Lamela, Ndombele, Sissoko, Bergwijn. They should play against us. It wont be easy.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Bamford new KDB situation?
  5. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Lets see how Dias does in PL. KK, Gimenez, Kounde... They got their 4th choice CB.
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    City getting Ake and Dias. Spurs Skriniar. Arse Gabriel. There were CBs available this summer but Frank did not think we should spend cash there.
  7. Declan Rice

    Yeah WH interested in many of our players I can totally see this happening. And from their pov lets say Emerson and RLC would help them in relegation battle more than Declan. But still not sure he is the real deal for us.
  8. Declan Rice

    Looks like the interest is real. Not sure how much I rate him especially as CB but reports saying we want him to play there. He spent 8 years in our academy. New John Terry?
  9. I knew you were a Bruce's groupie
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Conte must be happy to have Vidal, Nainggolan finally. Not to mention Sanchez, Lukaku... He now has all the players he wanted here.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    And people complain about English refs. Help Real Madrid gets is on different level.
  12. West Brom - Chelsea

    But this is not a game off. Barnsley could have easily scored 3 in the 1st half the other day. And apart from Silva we played 3 different players.
  13. Super Frank Thread

    We scored 6 goals in the league in 3 games and 4 best attackers scored zero. So this is positive. Kai and Timo can only become much better and Puli and Ziyech are still not fit. Basically we can expect to win games 4-3
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Hakimi on the bench for Young. How typical from Conte?
  15. Super Frank Thread

    I bet in the next 3 games it will be 3 new lineups that never played before.
  16. West Brom - Chelsea

    Mount was motm today. Looking at how pointless Kova and Kante were today we actually may end up playing with two number 8. But we need to buy DM in the next 10 days.
  17. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Tammy was great in Cup, today not so much. That was just a tap in. Olie also scored a goal and Timo won 2 penalties.
  18. 29. Kai Havertz

    Maybe he should dropped a bit in the second half. It looked like he was waiting in the box with Tammy, Olie...
  19. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He is much better as LW. By playing RW he would never score a goal like this or the one he scored against Bayern (disallowed). Ziyech cannot come soon enough.
  20. Super Frank Thread

    And who selected them? Again, Zouma-Rudiger pairing last season 4 games 4 clean sheets. Liverpool 2:0, Everton 4:0, Leicester 0:1, Watford 3:0. Why they never played again? I am 100% sure if they started today we would not conceded 3 early goals like that. He could play Emerson, Chilwell or Azpi LB. Many options. This team has tremendous potential and we can maybe become what we want with Frank in the future but I feel he is slowing down the process.