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  1. 4 hours ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Dont praise Sarri. People on here will slag you off for that.... yes those points are true. Kepa didn't look horrendous. Neither did Rudiger and neither did Luiz at times. But everything was so much more rigid and structured which can help players look better. But people wanted him gone, the fans didn't appreciate what he was trying to do or understand him. There was so much complaining (on here especially but its not as if its any better now in terms of the style of play or that is it? Or if the gap from City and Liverpool is any/getting any closer but we do need time to get these new guys in the team but as we seen with Conte first season, certain managers are able to innovate and make that difference) because of these games where we were predictable in attack (again any surprises bar Eden its not as if he has the likes of Havertz, Werner, Pulisic, Ziyech to work with now like FL has and even then without those players and Eden, our attacking play has suffered since 2020 aftera a promising start with FL) and the fact he didn't play RLC and CHO, which many people think stopped getting him sacked when they started playing them.... as if haha, the results improved, if they got worse with them playing it would of been exactly the same, we seen it with Frank last season also playing young players and not getting good results doesn't grant you any sort of immunity.

    I wonder what he's going to do now. That's 2 clubs that have really given him a chance and then turned around an effectively got rid of him after a year. We didn't sack him but we may as well have because we all know that the backing of him in terms of as a manager and what he wanted to do clearly wasn't there based on his comments at the end of May where he was going to have a meeting with Marina and by the sounds of it he was basically making out he wanted to stay, the fan unrest didn't help and then Juventus, huge club was basically an escape for him.

    Juventus was always going to be a huge job for anyone, had been saying for ages after Conte and Allegri were the squad had the same backbone for so long, it needed fresh ideas. The Sarri/Tuchel/Pochetino's of the world were the sort of guys they need to go for while refreshing an aging squad and Pirlo looks like he's gonna be in that mould, while trying to play attacking football. 

    I think he will get another job at some point this season but I don't know where. He will have plenty Marlboro Reds with that Juventus pay off anyway, meant to be costing them between 20-30m after sacking him because of his contract. 

    He is linked with Fiorentina now.

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  2. 3 hours ago, DANILA said:

    Did anyone watch that can give an opinion on how he was tonight?

    Sarr played LCB in 3 at the back system. Was solid. He and Guehi are same height 182cm and Guehi also plays same position for Swansea. Maybe too short for CB? If one comes good great for us, otherwise we will get some money because they did not cost us at all.

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Hutcho said:

    Liverpool lost 7-2 does that make them an easy game?
    We drew at home vs Southampton does that make us an easy game for them?
    West Brom drew with us 3 3 does that make them a difficult game all of a sudden.

    Its a 2 game sample size which means very little. come kick off.

    I did not say it is a easy game but if they lost first two games at home I cannot see why we cant win there as well.

    I will not be happy with draw we should go for a win, this is all I am saying.

  4. When you think about it this guy did wonders with our defense. We had 3rd best defense in the league with Kepa, Alonso, Rudiger and Luiz!

    City and Bournemouth games aside where we where shambolic and conceded 10 goals in other 36 games with Sarri we conceded just 29 goals. When we won title with Mourinho 32 and with Conte 33 goals full season.



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  5. 57 minutes ago, Jason said:

    I suppose Krasnodar away next week will be the best game in this stupid schedule for us to rotate but I am slightly concerned that Lampard might run Havertz and Werner to the ground here. They have been playing a lot of games for us and Germany and will continue to do so in the coming weeks and months. 

    From possible 270 minutes for Germany this month Werner played just 100 and Kai less than 170 so they are fine.

    For Chelsea Timo missed just Barnsley while Kai did not play against Spurs and played 66 minutes in other cup game, 45 against Pool and 80 mins in Brighton.

    Timo like you said should get some rest in Russia and Olie deserves a chance. I mean he is the reason why we play CL in the first place.


  6. You just need two GKs to go down due to Covid or one to Covid, one injured to need 4th choice.

    Mendy already had injury and he also has int. games just like Kepa. So Petr is definitely 4th choice.

    And tbh he has been hockey goalie this past year so that helps. And since he is on the training ground all the time why not? No problem here for me.