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  1. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Guess who scored a penalty 🙄
  2. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    I usually don't drink during week but bottle of wine is opened...
  3. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Jorginho has been great this season. At least wait for him having bad games before criticising.
  4. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Breath deeply...
  5. The English Football Thread

    As a football fan I would support European Super League of 16 teams playing league system. 30 games. We would also play, more money and for us fans it would be great, every other week we would have top games with best teams. What is the point of group system in CL? Who wants to watch Krasnodar, Kiev, Ferencvaros, Brugge, Istanbul? Plus knockout system, luck is big part and stupid away goal rule. Ofc I do not want any team to have privilege and all teams should be equal so cannot see Utd and Pool having monopoly. Imagine league with: Real, Barca, Atletico, UTD, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juve, Inter, Milan, Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, Spurs and two more teams maybe Lazio, Napoli, Arse, Sevilla... What is there not to like? CL is really getting boring, every year is the same. I cannot see any negative arguments about this new league.
  6. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    If that is the case PLAY REAL WINGER! CHO! Also about midfield for tonight I would bench Kante.
  7. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    I think this week is going to be the first time since Frank and Mason are here that he will not start two games in a row.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    I think this season it will be similar in terms of points needed for title.
  9. Conor Gallagher

  10. Conor Gallagher

    Our young boy scored today for Charlton so I made a thread for him.
  11. Jack Grealish

    Did you watched Villa:Liverpool game? He had 3 assists and made two sitters for Ross who missed them. This is 5 clear chances in just one game against best team in the country. Not sure about before but he maybe improved in this area. It was world class. Why we have to compare him to James? Maybe two best players in the league so far. One is playing RW other LW but both are more AM for me.
  12. Ross Barkley

    Barkley in Lamps era played just once back to back 90mins games. Liverpool 2:0 and Everton 4:0. Probably our best games last season. We Chelsea fans dont know what would happened if he played regularly. We will see this season and it may look bad on Lamps.
  13. The English Football Thread

    It is weird that they signed him only on 3 years contract. If he has amazing this season and next one big boys can get him for bargain.
  14. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I think he also had bad seasons in 17/18 with Conte and first season in Real.
  15. Jack Grealish

    First of all, I thought people not rating Mount is small group but in the last couple of days I saw it was trending on Twitter and such a mainstream thing now. After England games. If Jack is clearly better now why are you not as a England fan upset that Mount starts over him? l do not really care but I want to believe that Southgate is trying options in League of Nations but imagine outrage if Mount plays on EURO? I dont think people hate Mount but have problem with him starting here and for England because there are way superior players around. Havertz here and Grealish/Maddison for England. And since he is for some unknown reason playing as a winger you can add Pulisic, Ziyech, Sancho and Sterling. He cannot be compered to any of these players. It is senior ENG team not u21. I do not see problem with people not liking this because really is mind boggling. If I support a team that has just Mount and RLC for one position I would be happy to start Mason. All the hate he gets is because of his two managers who pick him over superior players. Look at last 3 games we played. Spurs he was horrid (RLC against Brighton level), CP did not play at all we won 4:0 and last game again invisible as always when he plays winger. Over CHO and Pulisic had to change his best side?! Now when Ziyech is back I finally expect to see Mount getting treatment he deserves. Next 6 games before another int. break I can see him starting in Russia and a couple of cameos from the bench and that is it. If he starts just 3 games of these 6 I would have to question who gave that pro license to Frank. And can you see Mason doing in 3 or 4 years what Grealish is doing now? I cannot because he does not have that dribbling, leadership skills etc... If I am England fan I would want to see this: Grealish Rice Henderson Or: Grealish Maddison Rice Wingers Sancho and Sterling ofc. Not the same at all. KDB did not play because of Oscar. And btw people compare Oscar to Mount but Oscar at the same age as Mount scored 5 CL goals, two of them against Juventus with Buffon and nutmeg Pirlo. Had 12 goals and 12 assists overall. Now Mount playing for Chelsea means one of Puli, Hakim or Havertz not playing so it is similar to KDB situation because he is blocking better players.
  16. The English Football Thread

    Imagine Bane-Silva CB pairing
  17. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Does he even know the rules?
  18. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    My mistake for trusting Lampard lol One to two weeks is 7 to 14 days yet he is fit 2 days later.
  19. Ross Barkley

    Best part about his loan is that he will take points from opponents but cannot play against us. In fact, he already did against Liverpool and Leicester.
  20. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    I dont think we want Kai to play that role.
  21. The English Football Thread

    Gallagher and Ivanovic starting for WBA.
  22. Jack Grealish

    Amazing player. Should play for much bigger team. Mount father retweeting this tweet was embarrassing. They are team mates, and Jack never got the chance because he played just 90mins in his career for England. In fact, he is worth Mount, Barkley and 30m at the moment. Also UTD was stupid not to spend Sancho money on him.