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Everything posted by NikkiCFC

  1. 16. Edouard Mendy

    Finally 💙
  2. Man United - Chelsea

    3 clean sheets with Mendy, Silva, Zouma, Chilwell. I think that problem is solved. But offensively we are shit now.
  3. Man United - Chelsea

    Mendy another motm performance!
  4. Man United - Chelsea

    Go forward ffs!
  5. Man United - Chelsea

    Mount lost the ball again in dangerous area.
  6. Man United - Chelsea

    Exactly my thoughts. I give up.
  7. Man United - Chelsea

    Like Mourinho in that league opener with KDB.
  8. Man United - Chelsea

    What is interesting. Rudiger on the bench ahead of Chris and Tomori.
  9. Man United - Chelsea

    Fucking Timo selfish! Pulisic was alone.
  10. Man United - Chelsea

    Kante is such a disappointment.
  11. Man United - Chelsea

    Pulisic also still not on his last season level.
  12. Man United - Chelsea

    Silva knows Cavani anyway.
  13. Man United - Chelsea

    I wonder when Atkinson see this penalty on TV does he get angry to people in VAR room for not telling him?
  14. Man United - Chelsea

    And when you think for how much less Real Madrid got penalty today.
  15. Man United - Chelsea

    You want to play this formation and tactics? You play Giroud, otherwise it's pointless.
  16. Man United - Chelsea

  17. Man United - Chelsea

    That's a penalty
  18. Man United - Chelsea

  19. Ian Maatsen

    Didn't expect him to play this season but now I think we'll see him a couple more times. Looks promising. Still very young.
  20. Man United - Chelsea

    Mount is good in pressing and not good in defense. That is a myth. Do you remember what Lamptey did to him in first game? He was also responsible for Brighton goal. Against Sevilla Mount also lost the ball in dangerous area and had to make a yellow card. Hazard did not bother with defending but now all our attackers are pretty good in this. Also Chelsea coach when deciding which winger to play should NEVER think about defense for this position. That is losers mentality. And btw on Rash side is Pulisic anyway based on last couple of games.
  21. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Well we dont have position for him anymore because we play 4-2-3-1. This season he started 7 games and 6 as a winger. Just once he was AM against Spurs and that was very bad game for him. Even as a winger he did not do anything. His only good game was against WBA and in that game he started on RW but in second half he moved to his best position when we changed formation. So ironically his biggest fan Frank is kind of his enemy here. And btw last season when Mount played winger everyone said that it was emergency but it was not. He played ahead of CHO and Pedro and now he plays ahead of CHO again and even Puli has to change his best side.
  22. Man United - Chelsea

    Ziyech does not seem ready to start so I would go with Havertz, Pulisic, Werner and CHO or Havertz, Werner, Pulisic, Giroud. But we all know what is going to happen...
  23. Politics & Stuff

    Would love Trump to do interview with Colbert again. That would be more interesting.