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  1. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    Pretty sure people where not happy after 1:3 win in Brighton. I remember a lot of negativities.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    He said it. Individual quality up front. Also our defense seems fixed because of 3 new players in this department too... So not sure for what exactly Frank deserves praise?
  3. The English Football Thread

    Spurs also have shot for title. Liverpool without VVD is completely different team and we have no excuses to finish behind them. Unless they bring big name in January. Dias is out of his depth in the PL so City is not better either. Last season they won 81 points and I can't see them doing better this season. I'm certain 80-85 will get you title this season. We need winning run now.
  4. Branislav Ivanovic

    WBA conceded 13 goals in first 4 games, now just one with Bane in two. He improved them massively. Thiago Silva effect.
  5. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    Is he number 5? He was on the bench ahead of Chris and Tomori on Saturday. But yeah, Zouma and Silva 3 games this season 3 clean sheets that is all I want from my CBs. We also still did not conceded a goal when just 2 of 3 new players are on the pitch (Silva, Mendy, Chilwell).
  6. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Funny how Lamps-Youth fanboys are quiet here...
  7. Man United - Chelsea

    I think mistakes happen due to some refs refereeing favorite teams and due to incompetence. If we had challenge like they do it in tennis, NBA, Atkinson would have to go to the monitor and he would 100% give the penalty.
  8. The English Football Thread

    Exactly. Our team is so much better on paper and we have the same amount of points. Plus they are still in Carabao cup unlike us. And they won their two finals in the last couple of months unlike us who lost both last season (yes, I count CS and SC).
  9. 29. Kai Havertz

    I know different type of player and different position but he gives me Ronaldo vibes. I will explain... Ronaldo in early days for Sporting and United was very attractive player with all the dribbling and skills but later he kind of dropped all of that to become more of a finisher and executor. And his numbers increased drastically! Neymar is better passer and has better dribbling than CR but no one would rather take him. Kai still needs to find himself. Ronaldo in his first 3 PL seasons scored 4,5 and 9 goals. Look at the goals Kai scored, not really midfielder type of goals he is often most attacking player on the pitch. For me he is more of a executor than creator. And this is where I see him in the future. I am not saying he should play striker or winger he can play AM and still be this player. So he needs to focus on this like Ronaldo in 2007 and see how can he improves his game that his numbers go crazy. I think he has this ability.
  10. The English Football Thread

    2 assists in the first game and after that he did nothing. Typical Willian who has one rare good game in ten. Was so funny when Arse fans were happy they signed him
  11. 19. Mason Mount

    What a weird stat you found to use. Last season only Azpi played more minutes of all Chelsea players. And if we had just a solid LB, Azpi would played less because he needed to cover that position so that would put Mount to number one. This season from 9 games we played, him, Kai and Timo are only players who participated in 8. And Kai overall played just 20 minutes more.
  12. 24. Reece James

    Way too early to say something like that. Was good yesterday but we played with 5 at the back and he faced Daniel James Championship level player. But overall no issues with James, very patient with him and CHO because they are the two players I have huge hope for the future.
  13. 29. Kai Havertz

    Well if I remember right you were not happy your favorite NBA team signing one of the best if not best basketball player in world so idk what to say.
  14. Danny Drinkwater

    Danny and Baba did not help us losing 3:1 against Pool kids.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    I am aware we did play more defensively I just said that them playing should be enough for our defense to be fixed so I am questioning was that approach needed? Mendy over Kepa, Silva over Chris and Chilwell over Alonso I think our defense is so much better even if we play most attacking football possible I would still expect us to keep a clean sheet.
  16. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    Krasnodar won just 18 from possible 36 points this season in Russian PL. Mid table. They have some Swedish players. Today they lost 1:3 to Spartak and Moses scored against them. Should be easy. Also this one will have crowd.
  17. Super Frank Thread

    Are not Mendy, Silva and Chilwell starting enough to fix our defense without changing our approach to games? I think we look better in defense because they played not because Frank needed to change something. We kept clean sheet with them against Palace unlike WBA and Southampton because they played and we had the same approach in those games.
  18. Man United - Chelsea

    Felix Brych was sent home from World Cup in Russia after this... It costed us elimination and today was even worse foul.
  19. Man United - Chelsea

    Frank is mad because Kova won POTY and not Mount
  20. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    He played for PSG last season regularly in the league and in the CL midweek. Why is now different? Plus in this two games we will have like 70% possession so it will be like training to him. He had his rest against Southampton. CB position is not demanding in these type of games at all. When we are up 0:2 or 0:3 early in the second half we can make a change.
  21. Victor Moses

    https://streamable.com/yafuo1 Scored on a debut. I heard if they get CL this season they will sign him for 10m.
  22. 29. Kai Havertz

    Are we that impatient? He is midfielder who gives you 20 goals per season. This is so rare. He is been played out of position today and in first two games against Brighton and Pool. In other games he had 4 goals, one assist and one penalty won. But yes he is a slow starter, not on 50% yet. Last season with Bayer he had 3 goals and 1 assist from August to January but from late January till end of the season he added 15 goals and 8 assists in just 24 games. None of our front 4 has been great this season but I expect them to step up in the coming weeks.
  23. Krasnodar v Chelsea

    4-2-3-1. Mendy, James, Chris, Silva, Chilwell, Kovacic, Jorginho, Havertz, CHO, Ziyech, Giroud. I hope we put to bad this game early so Silva, Chilwell, Kai get some rest in the second half. Werner needs rest, CHO deserves a chance, just like Olie and Hakim should have his first start. Kante not needed. I expect us to have +70% possession so this is why I put Chris over better defenders like Zouma. Time for a first win after int. break.
  24. Man United - Chelsea

    Sevilla another loss.