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  1. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    Chelsea instagram account is celebrating Ivanovic birthday lmao
  2. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    Worst part about this is we didn't benefit from any of these young players. If we have summer window after appeal then we are fine I think. But pre season starts early July so we have four, five months to buy players for the next 2 years. Club knew about this and this explains new contracts for a lot of players.
  3. Mauro Icardi

    I think it's happening. Clearly he's leaving. I don't think Real wants him they have different targets. Barca is out of course because Mauro and Messi don't get along. Inter will try to avoid selling to Italy and no club there will pay that much money. Manchester is not good enough city for Vanda. Maybe Paris but they have FFP issues. Morata and Michy will get us 90m euros that should cover most of the transfer. My only concern is is he better option then Jovic? We don't know now. Transfer window this summer ends on 8 of August even earlier than last year. We need all new players here for pre season in early July. Club must work on targets right now because they have 4 more months to buy us 4,5 top players. Who the manager is, is not important because they never ask them for names.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I didn't understand his comment that club has to sell one winger if they want him to play CHO more next season. What? Pedro will be 32 and Willian 31 in the summer . I must ask for how much longer he's planning to rate them over him? Unbelievable. He is the one who should tell the club to sell them both! Actually Sarri and our board are perfect for each other. No ambition what so ever. They are happy with Willian and Pedro. Ffs i want even with Hazard staying another top winger like Pepe, Chiesa or Lozano and would still expect CHO to play regularly. Plus Pulisic. City has Mahrez, Sterling, Sane, Silva and I don't see any issues there.
  5. Chelsea - Malmo

    Bring Zenit! Would love to see Ivanovic ass one more time at the Bridge.
  6. Chelsea - Malmo

    Bayer and Betis out I guess good news for us.
  7. Chelsea - Malmo

    We look good against 9 men. Should do it more often.
  8. Chelsea - Malmo

    Well done Ross.
  9. Chelsea - Malmo

    Or Slavia Prague
  10. Chelsea - Malmo

    RLC for Barkley please.
  11. Chelsea - Malmo

    I want Dinamo Zagreb in the next round so we can have another easy fixture.
  12. Chelsea - Malmo

    But gets some defensive power tho 😂
  13. Chelsea - Malmo

    Sarri said we played well against Utd.
  14. Chelsea - Malmo

    We should not show up for that game! Official result just 3 nil
  15. Chelsea - Malmo

    Poor Green is now our fifth goalkeeper. Why did we sign him?