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  1. Chelsea - Burnley

    Fuck top4. If we get it we wouldn't be motivated for EL final. Put all in one game, make it more interesting!
  2. Chelsea - Burnley

    That doesn't answer why we didn't score in second half.
  3. Chelsea - Burnley

    Well we are at least on the same level as Spurs and they will most likely play CL final this season. CL is weird competition.
  4. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    4-6 months injury according to Google. At worst case he'll be back in November so he won't miss much. Hazard/Pepe - Pulisic starters next season.
  5. Chelsea - Burnley

    Why is Willian not on the bench?
  6. The Conte Thread

    I think Milano clubs are after him.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley

    Lol he was marked, no goalkeeper will save that. After Hazard player of the year for me.
  8. Chelsea - Burnley

    We started very well! Even after the goal I never doubt we will turn this around by half time.
  9. Chelsea - Burnley

    Can't see Arsenal and United winning more than two games left. Spurs will lose points for sure. I don't think we have to win all games to finish top4.
  10. Chelsea - Burnley

    I agree. But let's wait and see our fans find a reason to criticize him again.
  11. The English Football Thread

    For some reason I think who finish outside top4 between us and Arsenal will win EL.
  12. The English Football Thread

    I also had those three relegated. Cardiff will play for life and death against Palace. And Palace for nothing so Cardiff can take two wins. Tho they can get relegated by one point and everyone will speak about Azpi offside goal again.
  13. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    This season in PL: Errors leading to goals Kepa: 0 De Gea: 2 Pass success Kepa: 87% De Gea: 58% Clean sheets Kepa: 12 De Gea: 7 Conceded Kepa: 34 De Gea: 43 High claims Kepa: 12 De Gea: 9 Sweeper clearances Kepa: 7 De Gea: 1
  14. The English Football Thread

    Fulham two wins in the row lol. And now Cardiff has great chance to stay in the league over Brighton. Much easier schedule.