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  1. Sevilla v Chelsea

    Calculated risks and all
  2. The English Football Thread

    That would be quite risky. Big fish small pond written all over him. Would like to see him abroad.
  3. Chelsea - Spurs

    They will be out of the Top 4 come January
  4. Super Frank Thread

    Need to remember we are sitting at a good spot come the hectic period. What separates us is the substantial amount of depth we have, and the good form most of our players and bench are in.
  5. Sevilla v Chelsea

    More confident about this game than the Spurs one. Think we can win here. Werner Pulisic---------Ziyech Havertz--Kovacic Kante Chilwell---Silva--Zouma---James Mendy
  6. Chelsea - Spurs

    You're making it out like Spurs are some mugs that didn't just hold the best attacking team in the league to 0 goals the week before. Werner inches offsides Ziyech missing that chance in the box. 2-3 crosses Tammy should of made contact with. Those are 4-5 chances off the top of my head where on another day we could of scored.
  7. 9. Tammy Abraham

    He's improved everything else except the one thing you'd think he'd be excellent at just by looking at his stature.
  8. 19. Mason Mount

    Very selective stats that highlight the fact Kovacic and Kante have more to their defensive game. Felt Mount was the only midfielder looking to make things happen.
  9. Chelsea - Spurs

    Good news is Pulisic/Werner/Ziyech is back and our defense is still sound. Let the media rim Spurs. Long season ahead.
  10. 19. Mason Mount

    I thought Mount was one of our better players actually
  11. Chelsea - Spurs

    Not at all. We have their number away too
  12. Chelsea - Spurs

    The game needs Pulisic. Need a player to dribble at them.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Saints look knackered. When we played them, they played us off the park for the entire 90. Wish we played them this late on.

    He probably will. Maradona is immortalized at the Bombonera. Just as Messi is at the Nou Camp. Fairly certain his farewell to Barcelona would produce a similar atmosphere considering the turn out Xavi got for his. Argentine passion for football is something else however. I prefer analyzing a player's overall ability and don't rely on team accomplishments as a barometer. Because it brings forth so many fallacies and inconsistencies. There are a select few players in history who's ability transcends goal scoring, so to say Messi is far behind and won't ever get there genuinely confuses me. How has Messi not revolutionized the game? There's a bloody movie made by Jorge Valdano with your beloved Johan Cruyff saying Messi revolutionized the game. Just off the top of my head: 1. Messi revolutionized the 'false 9'. 2. Messi was the key clog in Guardiola's system that revolutionized modern football with it's expansion on Michel/Cruyff's system. (Where Michel's was more about freedom, Guardiola's wanted an absolute respect of his tactic.) 3. Messi beat Gerd Muller's record of goals in a calendar year. 91 goals. In a year... 4. Messi has averaged 55 goals a season for 10 years and has maintained this elite level of consistency for 10 years. 5. Messi has won the most Ballon d'Ors' in history. This talk about not revolutionizing the game I will just laugh off personally. I mentioned there are a select few players in history who's ability transcends goal scoring. Messi isn't just in contention for being one of the best goal scorers in history, he's in contention for being one of the best dribblers, one of the best passers, one of the best visionaries, one of the best free kick takers, and one of the best technical players. But yeah, he's far off according to you. The shitty defences argument always gets me. Other than Aguero and Vardy, Messi has more goals against the Premier League Top 6 than any player in the actual Premier League for the past 10 years.

    Interesting post. Few things I take issue here. 1. The Argentina 1986 team was quite possibly the best footballing example of tactics formed by its composition. It honestly makes me cringe when I see comments of Maradona single handedly carrying that team. They were an efficient unit that knew their roles and supported Diego as the main creative outlook. 2. You mentioned Messi had a better supporting cast compared to Maradona. This is a fallacy itself. The issue with Argentina for the past decade were players and managers failing to cope with the immense pressure they had. When you have household names in Aguero, Higuain, Icardi, Di Maria, Lavezzi, Papu Gomez, Pastore, Dybala, etc being absolutely shunned by Argentina fans for their inability to produce for the national team, you can see the issue lies far deeper than one man to fix. They are night and day incompatible compared to the 1985-1990 Argentina team. And yet, Messi is still the country's highest ever goal scorer. 3. I have a big gripe when people base their opinions on hypothesis contrary to fact. Because it reeks of bias and it can't be realistically proven. You're also faulting a player based on circumstances. I could very much say the likelihood of Messi winning silverware with Napoli is higher than Maradona playing for Barcelona and replicating Messi's 60 goals a season for 10 years. Also, for all we know, the only difference between Maradona and Messi regarding WC glory could be as simple Burruchaga/Higuain. Reverse the two and who knows what would happen. Pretty sure had Burruchaga been through on goal against Neuer, he wouldn't of fluffed his chance like bottle job Higuain. Can it be proven? No. That's the issue with this fallacy.

    Messi > anyone, personally. Mental the similarities between he and Maradona.
  17. Chelsea - Spurs

    In terms of intensity, a lot depends on who plays Thursday for Spurs. I'm still fully expecting Spurs/Mourinho to not press us given the 48 hours they've had inbetween games. I'd start Kai for the sole purpose of having more match winners on the pitch against the inevitable brick wall we will see Sunday. Toss up for me. Tammy's in form but we can't ignore how Giroud performed last season against the same Spurs defence. Good thing is there's enough games to rotate both. Something you embarrassingly discredited in the Giroud thread.
  18. The General Football Thread

    Diego Maradona has passed away. Fuck 2020
  19. Chelsea - Spurs

    Right. After watching last season's highlights at the Bridge, Giroud had a field day against Spurs' back line. Also looks like Pulisic will be available off the bench. Mendy James--Zouma--Silva--Chilwell Kante Havertz---Mount Ziyech----------------------Werner Giroud
  20. Chelsea - Spurs

    Really am stuck on Giroud or Tammy here.
  21. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Alderwiereld is out for Spurs. Mourinho will be hard pressed to not play 3 at the back
  22. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    I’d keep Werner. Even when he’s not scoring his overall game is vital. Loves playing Spurs too
  23. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Is Pulisic fit?
  24. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Rennes will also give Sevilla a game considering Europa still on the line
  25. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Always the case with Jorginho in the team unfortunately.