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  1. Chelsea - Burnley

    Not knowing the outcome of the transfer ban makes everything seem pointless almost. Stuck in limbo.
  2. Chelsea - Burnley

    I disagree completely. He was taking players on and offered a direct style of play. It may have been ineffective, but it kept Burnley on their feet. It's no wonder Dave looks better with CHO vs Pedro and Willian. Pedro comes on, we lose all that direct attacking play. Instead, Pedro recycles it back to the midfield every time. This in turn makes our right side so utterly predictable and all Burnley have to focus on is marking Giroud and Hazard.
  3. Chelsea - Burnley

    Losing Kante and CHO killed us. It really did.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    You realise that's the wrong game?
  5. Chelsea - Burnley

    We deserved everything we got. Burnley's 2nd was a result of Christensen ball watching and losing his runner. No doubt his dad next week will tell him he's good enough to be a Chelsea starter.
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    You're missing my point. I'm saying that it has been a common theme this season where we are on the front foot, but one individual error leads to the team completely being demoralised.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley

    CHO took players on and offered directness. Pedro recycled the ball to the midfield every time. Simple to analyse why our right side looked toothless that second half.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Chelsea vs Leicester 0-1 (Pedro error) Bournemouth vs Chelsea 4-0 (Kovacic error) Man City vs Chelsea 6-0 (Alonso error) Chelsea vs Man Utd 0 - 2 (Alonso error) Chelsea vs Wolves 1-1 (Luiz error) Everton vs Chelsea 2-0 (Alonso error) Chelsea vs Burnley 2-2 (Christensen error) These games I've highlighted are games where we started off on the front foot, yet one individual error ruins our entire momentum. Notice who the culprits are and how we'd rate their overall performances this season. There is a concerning issue why our system continuously leads our players making individual mistakes. Mistakes that are so fucking school boy
  9. Chelsea - Burnley

    The 1st goal I can accept. A worldie. 2nd? No way. Christensen ball watching is unforgivable. CHO's directness and ability to take players on made our RIGHT SIDE A THREAT. Pedro comes on, starts recycling the ball back to the midfield over and over and over again. Predictable and easy to defend. Add Dave's shitty crossing and you have one piss take of an attacking side. Fuming. Honestly fuming.
  10. Chelsea - Burnley

    Two words. FUCK ALL. That Henrique bloke can criticise CHO all he wants, but it's no fucking coincidence that as soon as Pedro comes on, we become so fucking predicitable in the final third. Does the same bollocks over and over and over again with the combination of Dave's shitty crossing. Had it with these twats.
  11. Chelsea - Burnley

    If Christensen and his dad complain to the media yet again about no playing time, sell him. I've had enough of this utter liability. A fucking butterfly against men. SCHOOL BOY DEFENDING! Not one playing in our back line tonight is good enough to start. Kepa has a laughing stock in front of him. Such a damn shame. Yet again certain individual errors costs the entire performance.
  12. Chelsea - Burnley

    That seals it lads I'm afraid. It's done. Europa league the only route now. Cheers Christensen.
  13. Chelsea - Burnley

    Whole defence is. Not one of them is good enough. Not one.
  14. Chelsea - Burnley

    We better get like 5+ added time with the amount of time wasting on display
  15. Chelsea - Burnley

    The moment Pedro stepped onto the pitch, our whole attack changed. So predictable.