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  1. Next Manager?

    Genuinely question the sanity of some people. As if our 2015/2016 season and Mourinho's capitulation with United, never happened. Scary
  2. Next Manager?

    2nd straight June we are managerless.
  3. 22. Willian

    Willian threw his daughter under the bus for that. Slimy fuck.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    120 Million for both Rodri + Cancelo. City strengthening again after a title win, this time the domestic treble. When was the last time we've strengthen after a title win? 2005?
  5. 22. Willian

    Reports are that Barca are in advanced talks to bring Neymar back. Willian to Barca will be the cherry on top of the fuckery our board have done these past few years.
  6. 22. Willian

    He won't. Conte and Sarri benched him for superior players. No doubt Lampard will too. Honestly just a 'body' for this team atm. Should of been sold in 2017.
  7. Michy Batshuayi

    That's good to see him taking the initiative. Knowing we have a transfer ban and it is the perfect time for him to step up. Sadly, he has everything he needs to be a top striker. Except a brain.
  8. Kurt Zouma

    Heard his pass completion against Andorra was above 90%. Can anyone confirm if his distribution has improved?
  9. 5. Jorginho

    You've implied, on multiple occasions, that Jorginho relies on Sarri's system. I've showed you, that he's been one of the national team's most consistent performers these past couple years, playing in a double pivot under Mancini's philosophy. Don't take my word for it, actually watch Italy or hear what actual Italians have to say about him. 1st name on the team sheet for some. To completely disregard it as evidence as you did, just furthur shows your confirmation bias.
  10. 5. Jorginho

    You were curious to know how Jorginho fairs as a player when he isn't 'Constricted to Sarri's football'. I showed you an example how he works well for the national side playing in a double pivot. Being one of Italy's more consistent performers. We get it. You don't like him. But save it with the confirmation bias.
  11. 22. Willian

    "Integral player" when defenders such as Sol Bamba, Lucas Digne, and Nathan Ake had more league goals than Willian last season.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    What's Simeone's record in developing young talent? Pretty good I'd imagine?
  13. 5. Jorginho

    Plays well alongside Verratti for the national team.
  14. Reece James

    Will Lampard be blamed for "not wanting him"?
  15. Next Manager?

    We don't need to worry about Arsenal. Spurs and United however. To an extent even Leicester