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  1. Atomiswave liked a post in a topic by Vesper in 22. Willian   
    one of the BoP's (Board of Puppets) biggest cockups ever.
    In no order (and only post 2013, so no Shevchenko or Torres, etc)
    Paying fucking almost fucking £16m for a SIX MONTH LOAN of Higs (salary plus fees) when we could have bought Piatek OUTRIGHT for only £31m
    Drinkwater SIXTY-NINE MILLION QUID (salary plus fees) for this absolute rotter
    Selling De Bruyne (FOREVER EARNED MY HATE)<<<< number one rage of entire Roman period
    Selling Salah (less of fuckup than De Bruyne, due to not as clear he would become a huge top 10 player in the world at the time, but still a HUGE bawbag in the mouth)
    Morata, as weak as an Essex anorexic 16yo after a purge into her mums loo
    Baba/Emerson/Zappcosta  aka 'How to shit away 60 million quid on 3 dodgy fullbacks in three easy steps'
    Losing £40 or £50m by waiting to sell Cuntois
    Buying back Luiz when we could have a far younger, better CB
    Not selling that cunt Alonso to Madrid for £45 or £50m last year
    Jury still out on Bakayoko, and Bats, but it looks like DOOM
    plus most ALL of the botched potential buys (do NOT get me started I will go full stop RADGE,   grrrrrrrr)
    I will give them a pass on the Hazard non-sale as we should only end up with £60 or £70m less than what we could have had if we had sold him last year, ad it is doubtful we would have won the EL, and gotten 3rd place (and thus CL) without him, even with a 'replacement' (unless we went full billy big bollocks and bought Mbappe, which I personally would have done, IF we had wrenched out £190 or £200m for Eden and thus only had to drop around £75m or so more for Kylian). Those extra revenues make up for the loss on Eden sale..
  2. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The International Football Thread   
    Yet more evidence as to why I hate the Brasilian national team and their cuntish fans. It is always a joy when they crash out of any major tournament.
    Brazilian fans chant homophobic slur at Copa America opener
    SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazilian fans have sung homophobic chants during Copa America’s opening match at the Morumbi stadium.
    Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe heard the slurs several times Friday, chanted by thousands of Brazil fans behind his goal in Brazil’s 3-0 victory.
    Homophobic chants were overlooked in South America until recently. They usually take place when the visiting goalkeeper runs to take a goal kick.
    Brazilian stadia started seeing a wave of homophobic chants after the 2014 World Cup the South American country hosted.
    Governing body FIFA has repeatedly fined the Brazilian soccer confederation for homophobic chants.

  3. xPetrCechx liked a post in a topic by Vesper in 22. Willian   
    unfortunately BOTH will happen
  4. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Michy Batshuayi   
  5. manpe liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Michy Batshuayi   
    one one position he could be
  6. MoroccanBlue liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Michy Batshuayi   
    Batshuayi spending his holiday hard at work for the upcoming Premier League season
    While the majority of the footballing world is enjoying their long overdue holiday, Michy Batshuayi is hard at work in order to return to Chelsea as fit as possible.
    His loan spell at Crystal Palace is now coming to an end and if nothing changes in the meantime, Batshuayi will once again don the blue shirt come August. This 25-year-old shared an Instagram snap showing him knee-deep in training as opposed to many of his teammates relaxing and enjoying their holidays.
    Last season was a bit rocky for this forward – he managed only 11 appearances for Palace, scoring five goals and ending up with no assists to his name.
    But still, he split his tenure between the Premier League and La Liga throughout his previous campaigns, spending time at Valencia before joining Crystal Palace, both on loan spells, with mixed results.
    For the Bats, he played 23 games and scored three goals so a return to England was probably the best move for this young forward. His willingness to work hard even though he could be on a holiday is definitely a step in the right direction.
  7. Vesper liked a post in a topic by BlueLyon in Tanguy Ndombele   
    Dont go to fucking spuds man
  8. Vesper liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in 22. Willian   
    Should have sold him last summer for 60+
  9. xPetrCechx liked a post in a topic by Vesper in 22. Willian   
    unfortunately BOTH will happen
  10. Vesper liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in 22. Willian   
    "Integral player" when defenders such as Sol Bamba, Lucas Digne, and Nathan Ake had more league goals than Willian last season.
  11. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Mana in 22. Willian   
    Because of this idiocy of the transfer ban, we are stuck with him. We will actually be weaker without Willian as we can't get a replacement. Want him gone but, FFS.
  12. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Atomiswave in 22. Willian   
    Should have sold him when we could, now with the ban we are stuck with average players, on top of that we give them extensions. Man this rebuild of ours will take a long time this way.
  13. Vesper liked a post in a topic by lucio in 22. Willian   
    i'd rather lose him for free than have him play an extra 2 years
  14. Vesper liked a post in a topic by the wes in 22. Willian   
    Chelsea have turned down attempts by Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to sign Willian – despite the possibility of losing him for free next summer.
    The two La Liga clubs are understood to have offered around £35m for the Brazil international.
    However, Chelsea view Willian as an integral player next season in light of Eden Hazard’s departure to Real Madrid and the first period of a two-window transfer ban imposed by FIFA.
    It’s been reported that Chelsea may be able to avoid losing the 30-year old for free next July, if they can reach an agreement over a new two-year deal at Stamford Bridge.
  15. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Clockwork in Federico Chiesa   
    He is a super talent, unlike most Italians i think he fits the PL very well due to his pace and directness.
  16. Clockwork liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Federico Chiesa   
    great goal!! I have rated hi for ages (as my myriad past posts will attest to this, lolol)
    Superb young (still only 21) winger. He is one of those rare players who is great on either side.
  17. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Clockwork in Federico Chiesa   
  18. Atomiswave liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   

  19. Atomiswave liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Derby County manager Frank Lampard - Tactical Analysis
    Tactical set-up & style of play
    Frank Lampard’s Derby predominantly set up in a 4-3-3 formation with the wingers moving inside playing like number 10s to make it a 4-3-2-1 formation. This provides a lot of combination play through central areas, where the centre-forwards, wingers, and central midfielders play close to one another, setting up most of their attacks.
    The main change seen from last season’s Derby is the energy in their play, with and without the ball. The high pressure off the ball is matched by forward runs made to support and run beyond the players in possession.
     Offensive structure
    Frank Lampard’s Derby look to build up their play from the back, positioning their players in the optimum positions to receive the ball in good spaces, where they can be dangerous for the opposition. Their team is set up to play quickly through the middle with a lot of runners off the ball always giving forward options; a big part of their identity. It allows them to play directly into their attacking players, trying to threaten the goal as many times as possible throughout the game.
    During the build-up, their central defenders are close to each other, very uncommon for teams who play from the back. This allows them to offer simple passing options to one another with the defensive midfielder coming close and giving an option for the first forward pass. Their positioning also allows one central defender to advance with the ball, as well as build a structure to prevent a counter attack.

    As seen above, in their third of the pitch, Derby create triangles all over. Each player involved in building up will have at least two passing options to advance the ball further up the pitch.

    During the first phase of the build-up, Derby’s full-backs occupy low and wide positions. This set-up allows simple passes at the back and prevents congestion in midfield, stretching the play vertically while inviting the opposition onto them.
    Vertical lanes are created for one of the central midfielders to pick up the ball in space. The other central midfielder makes a forward run to find a more advanced area of the pitch where he can receive the next pass. The pass to the central midfielders triggers movement from the full-backs to make forward runs to occupy a higher position.

    a tonne more at the link above
  20. Atomiswave liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Next Manager?   
    Chelsea fans are excited that Frank Lampard may be named our new manager but there are a few naysayers.
    Here are a few reasons Frank Lampard should not be Chelsea manager debunked.
    Reason #1 He’s Not Ready
    He may have only managed Derby County for one season but he has exceeded expectations and almost got an unfancied side promoted.
    There is actually some pedigree down the years for inexperienced managers coming good. At Chelsea Glenn Hoddle, Ruud Guillit and Gianluca Vialli kickstarted the revolution that led us where we are today.
    Lampard has footballing pedigree that goes beyond a CV, there is no guarantee he will succeed but he has a good a chance as anyone.
    He has also played under Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Guus Hiddink, Sven Goran Erikson and many more in between.
    The man knows football.
    Reason #2 There Are Better Candidates
  21. 1905didierblue liked a post in a topic by Vesper in 3. Marcos Alonso   
    SB after the opening day Manure game's line-ups are announced and Alonso starts

  22. 1905didierblue liked a post in a topic by Vesper in 3. Marcos Alonso   

  23. Johnnyeye liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Next Manager?   
    we do nothing if not arise from the dead

    shattered as usual

    died taking a shit

    no Iron Throne aka League title for you

  24. Vesper liked a post in a topic by the wes in Tanguy Ndombele   
    Tanguy Ndombele has hailed Tottenham as a “a big club” and admitted he is interested in signing for Mauricio Pochettino.
    Spurs have been in talks with Lyon over a deal for the France midfielder, Sky Sports News understands, but he is of interest to other clubs including Juventus.
    We understand Ndombele will take time to think about his future while on holiday for the rest of June and is expected to make a decision when he returns next month.
    Speaking to French publication Telefoot, he said: “It's true that Tottenham are a great team - a big club. They finished fourth in their league, they were finalists in the Champions League.
    “They are a big club like many others. Which player would not be interested in a big club?”
  25. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Alan Partridge in Next Manager?   
    True and they still manage to attract some of the worlds best players which is annoying