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  1. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I would call it a holistic and comprehensive systemic failure. It is clear that Marina is at the forefront, at least since Michael Emenalo left, and he certainly shares a lot of the blame too. Its run far too crony crony. I went to uni with many many people, and made friends from all over the globe. Most I would never let near the firm I work for (and I deal with money far in excess of what the transfer budget at Chelsea is). Chelsea FC PLC Board members: Chairman: Bruce Buck Marina Granovskaia Director She moved from the Russian capital to London shortly after the acquisition of Chelsea Football Club in 2003 and since 2010 has acted as a representative of the owner at the club and in support of the board of directors. She joined the board of Chelsea FC plc and the Football Club Board in June 2013 and is mainly responsible for player transactions. Guy Laurence Chief Executive Guy Laurence commenced as chief executive of Chelsea Football Club in February 2018. He has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the club, including the continuing development of our commercial activities in the UK and around the world, focusing on increasing club revenues. Eugene Tenenbaum Director Eugene Tenenbaum was born in Ukraine in the former Soviet Union but moved to Canada at a young age. He is one of Roman Abramovich's closest associates and was formerly head of corporate finance at Sibneft, the oil company sold by Mr Abramovich in 2006. He is the managing director of MHC-Services Ltd and sits on the board at EVRAZ plc. Often portrayed as Abramovich’s most trusted advisor. Tenenbaum was the head of corporate finance at Sibneft and he probably concentrates on similar things at Chelsea — as has been pointed out in the comments, “corporate finance” (mergers & acquisitions, capital investments, debt management) does not necessarily translate directly to football operations at a football club. Tenenbaum is more likely to be involved in the overall financial health of the club (as a business entity) than player transfers themselves, but that could still include a role as an ultimate arbiter in holding the purse strings and watching the bottom line. David Barnard Director of Football Operations David joined Chelsea in July 2002. He has overall responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the Football Department, including transfer agreements and player contracts, ensuring compliance with the relevant football authorities. In addition, he is responsible for ensuring regulatory arrangements and administrative requirements for all club fixtures, including our pre and post-season tours. The club secretary, Barnard basically runs the day-to-day administrative (including transfer agreement and player contracts) and functional operations at the club. VICE-PRESIDENTS Sir Peter Harrison Joe Hemani Anthony Reeves Alan Spence SCOTT McLACHLAN Head scout. Chelsea have trimmed the scouting department down to a dozen or so scouts who cover specific regions from over 50 during the days of technical director Frank Arnesen. McLachlan takes their reports and compiles them into the club’s scouting database for others to use in their decision-making and discussions. Transfer spending under Abramovich (net) 2003-04: £151.4m 2004-05: £146.8m NO MORE BIG SPENDING 2005-06: £51.7m 2006-07: £32.2m 2007-08: £13.8m 2008-09: £12.7m PROFIT 2009-10: £23.6m 2010-11: £94.5m 2011-12: £57.7m 2012-13: £75.8m 2013-14 £47.6m 2014-15 £6.4m PROFIT 2015-16 £2.7m 2016-17 £21.9m 2017-18 £54.1m 2018-19 £75.3m (will be less as other players are sold) total £830m (will be around £800m or lower when all loans,sales are done this window) over 16 year time frame works out to £50m NET per year 36% of ALL money net spent was in the first 2 years take away those 2 years the average net spend over last 14 seasons (per year) is £35.8m to put into perspective, Jeff Bezos, over last rolling 12 months or so has made £215m in profit PER DAY
  2. 3. Marcos Alonso

    THREAD WINNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I do not doubt that in a few years he might be first team quality, and i would NOT sell him of course. My main point was that with a ruthless board like Bayern have, or Juve have, or AM have or LPool now have, (and I will not add in RM, Barca, PSG, or Shitty as they just spend spend spend with basically no cap) we would not be in this position. Marina is SHIT, and for last 4 or 5 years, the board overall has been shit. They have spent tonnes of quid and made HORRIFIC decisions on both buys and sales. They have gotten punked like bishes by a handful of Serie A teams (Juve, Napoli, Inter, Roma, AC Milan). Zero chance I would go chasing my own goddamn tail with those cunts year after year right down to the wire of the window close. If they dont want to seriously talk business, FUCK EM. I never see Bayern or AM, etc get treated like this.
  4. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Do you really think that we would roll with a 19yo absolutely untested (other than a few shit preseason games of nothingness) GK for a club carrying CL and top 4 ambitions?. Bulka was oki for a couple games against not exactly in form, top notch opponents, but it is (IMHO) madness to think he is capable at this point to make the jump from the reserves team to our number one keeper. As for Icardi, we should have at least met his RL at the beginning of his 2 week window and saw what he said. Our board is really shit, as we have bungled 3 straight summer windows, and then, before that, made the horrid decisions to sell Salah and KDB with no buyback clauses (Lukaku I will not lose sleep over) There were multiple top notch keepers (listed above) for insanely low prices. Not saying they are are as good as Kepa, but maybe some will be, and would have been cheaper.The board is to blame for ALL of this, BUT no way we would have rolled with Bulka as number one, zero chance. We certainly could have had Meret for around £25m or Strakosha for £40m or so, early in the window. Those 2 are the closest to Kepa in talent and potential. I wish I ran the transfers for us, but I don't have a spare £2 billion sitting around atm to buy out Roman. If I did run it (and no, I am not going to go back in time and reclaim de Bruyne and/or Salah I would have sure as fuck went ALL out (months of pre planning before window opened up) and hopefully ended up with GK Alex Meret (or Strakosha) GK Angus Gunn CB Rudiger CB AC CB Thilo Kehrer CB Benjamin Pavard (and he would be backup RB) CB Ampadu LB Alex Sandro (failing that, Alex Telles) LB Emerson RB Sergi Roberto (you will see why below in the sales) RB b/u/ rotation Pavard DMF Kante DMF/deep holding playmaker Jorginho CMF Mateo Kovacic CMF Manu Trigueros (or Roberto Gagliardini) CMF/AMF Amadou Haidara CMF/AMF Ruben Loftus-Cheek AMF Barkley AMF Talisca (January buy, as that is when his loan is up, AND, if he has NOT stepped up, I would sell RLC, with a buyback clause to finance this) LW Hazard LW CHO RW Leon Bailey or Malcom (see below) RW Pedro Striker Martial Striker Giroud Striker Davie Selke Sell (and ALL these could have been sold with just basic pre-planning) Luiz to PSG, as they made offer and only then, when we refused, did they buy Thilo (above I BUY HIM) Cahill (like 5 EPL teams made offers, he would have been GONE) Alonso (to Barca, they want him for last 2 years) Azpi (Barca, and now you see why Sergi Roberto is my new starting RB) Bakayoko (done basically now) Drinkwater ( Would have made something happen, and/or used him as makeweight) Cesc Fàbregas so many La Liga teams would buy him in a flash, and I replaced him with a mini version in Manu above Moses, (so many teams enquired) Álvaro Morata OUT finally, from the beginning of the window, priority number one Swap Willian for Martial, OR sell Willian to Barca and buy Malcom or Bailey and then BUY Martial I have ran all the numbers, the shit all adds up to a net less outflow than we have spent as of NOW roughly £300m in sales roughly £380m or so in spend net spend,£80m and I toss £20m more for variances against us £100m final net spend, for a great team, with depth and talent and youth at all positions, AND I kept Kante AND HAZARD Its fucking nonsense that a billionaire cannot assemble a team to future-forward plan and execute all these transactions, the busier clubs this window have done close to this, and with FAR less resources Bottom line My team would beat the shit out of the current team
  5. General Transfer Talk

    So what is going to happen with these who have not yet been loaned out? The first 3 especially. I assume the rest will stay on reserves team. Other players under contract As of 10 August 2018. Belgium MF Charly Musonda Jr. Brazil MF Lucas Piazon Czech Republic DF Tomáš Kalas England DF Fankaty Dabo England FW Ike Ugbo Jamaica DF Michael Hector Scotland FW Islam Feruz England GK Bradley Collins England GK Jared Thompson Netherlands MF Marco van Ginkel <<< badly injured, so cannot go anywhere England FW Izzy Brown <<< badly injured, so cannot go anywhere
  6. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    If not Kepa, it would have been another GK for £40m or more and the list is TINY of those who we could have pulled. Lets say we got Stakosha or worse, Areola for £45m (as it was so late in the window). Do you really think we could get a top notch fullback for £25m??? Let alone a centre back or a striker. We could have pulled Alex Telles, but he would have been around £35 to £40m. Alejandro Grimaldo the same. Jose Gaya £40m to 45m. All other available LBs are not good enough to surpass what we already have. For a centre back who would fit into Sarriball, we could have gotten Thilo Kehrer from Schalke for around £33m, what PSG just paid for him, but after that the few truly top notch ones are all £40m plus, some over £50m and even up to £70m plus. They also were (mostly) not for sale. Benjamin Pavard will be at least £40m, and more likely far more if he progresses at Stuttgart year over year at the same level as rhe last 12 months. Marquinhos will be £70m, maybe more. Matthijs de Ligt will take £50m or more to prise him from Ajax. Dayot Upamecano probably £40m or so. Jonathan Tah is built like an American football linebacker, but not sure if he possesses the attributes Sarri is looking for. Savic of AM and Manolas of Roma do not. Manuel Akanji might, but again, £40m or so. Malang Sarr is only, 19 and would come in at around £30m or so, but I want to see one more good season out of him. Thats about it out there, the rest are not available plus would be insanely expensive if we tried to force buy. As for strikers, Icardi was £98m for two weeks. Now will be at least £115m next July 1st to 15th. We should have swapped Willian for Martial. That wont happen now. Martial will be at least £70 to 80m. Unless Timo Werner takes it to another level or Belotti rebounds in a big way (and then both will be £70m plus) , that's literally it out there who is available of any sort of WC quality who is under 30. We fucked up by not immediately going for Alex Meret, who Napoli got for only £20m in beginning of the window. Or Strakosha, early, who we might have only paid £35m, £40m for at that point. The £25m or so that we would have (and this is not for sure we would have been able to buy them that low as both clubs knew we were desperate) saved by buying Strakosha or Areola late would not buy ANY of the players above. None. In almost all cases not even close.
  7. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    You want WC, you have to pay WC money. This is every (or almost every) remotely very wery good GK out there under 30 Jan Oblak We offered £90m, he said no, now his release clause is 250m euros David de Gea zero chance we would be less that £90m to more likely £100m plus to prise him out Thibaut Courtois same valuation as De Gea, we fucked up by not selling him last year for top dollar to RM Alisson £67m is what was paid, we turned us down for LPool as they have CL and a far more settled situ atm. If he plays to level, put him down at £90m to £100m valuation Marc-André ter Stegen zero chance Barca sells him for less than £90m to £100m as well Ederson Not available, same price now as the other above Kepa Did we overpay purely on the NOW? yes, we were over a barrel, but only by £10m or 20m MAX, closer to £10m or so, and he is only 23, I rate him very very highly Alex Meret only 21, Napoli got him early in window for only £20m, he was my pre-window number one choice, then Strakosha, huge upside, probably will eventually be the Italian number one (or at least battle Donnarumma very very hard) Gianluigi Donnarumma £60-70m or so (maybe even more now) to actually pull him, now that the horrid American hedge fund has taken over AC Milan they are ruthless, AND he has regressed the last 6 months. This board would howling for his scalp if he made the errors for us he has made for AC Milan in last 6 months. Thomas Strakosha My target all along, once Meret was snapped up, 6 months younger than Kepa, £40m to £50m would have surely prised him away, maybe less, but I apparently am the only one who pushed him hard, and that was as I mistakenly thought Kepa's release class was well over 100m Jasper Cillessen soon 30, no way is he at £40m to £50m a better deal than Kepa Bernd Leno meh, who the fuck cares, he cant even unseat Cech atm Alban Lafont 19yo potential superstar, went for ridiculously low £8m to Fiorentina (worth 3 to 4 TIMES that easily) Mattia Perin another miss by the board, is very very good, and went for only £11m to Juve! Same as Lafont, some really dodgy Serie A business sure seems to me, do NOT see how the same clubs buy and sell (officially) for insanely low valuations, it sure smells like dirty dealing under the table André Onana £30m to £40m is what Ajax want. I would pass, as he is a cunt in the dressing room and has slammed the team and manager in public Alphonse Areola another one we could have gotten for around £40m (£50m I am sure at the window end as PSG knew we were desperate) or so, but not the upside Kepa has Anthony Lopes same valuation roughly as Areola, and will be 30 in early part of 2020-21 season I absolutely do not rate Butland or Pickford, sorry, no thanks
  8. Leon Bailey

    We should do a pre-contract for him to join next summer, like Liverpool did with Naby Keita and RB Leipzig. Not sure if we can do this now, but surely in January, or even flat out buy him then. I am so so so glad Roma didn't get him (Serie A window is shut now), or we are well and truly fucked, as Serie A is the place our transfer dreams go to die window-destroying deaths the last 3 or 4 windows: Nainggolan Alex Sandro Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio turns down a roughly 130m euro total value offer from us, cash plus Musonda, as they wanted 150m euro. We SHOULD have tossed in Drinkwater and not Musonda, or Bakayoko, then it would have been worth around 145m euros to the full 150m (we could have reduced the cash a wee bit (£102 was the cash part for Musonda offer) if Bakayoko so it did equal out) and surely they would have taken that) Icardi (we truly fucked up there as we could have triggered his release clause for only (I say only because he is worth far more in today's market) £98m in the first 2 weeks of July this year) Pjanic Koulibaly Bonucci Alessio Romagnoli Rugani Marcelo Brozovic Caldara Vecino (who cares) Higuain (not that upset at all) Federico Bernardeschi (we offered 45m euros and fucking Fiorentina sells him for 40m to Juventus) plus the Napoli De Laurentiis transfer bans to us now, post Sarri, etc etc
  9. Newcastle v Chelsea

    Complete squad rundown YTD (short as it is) 1 Spain GK Kepa Arrizabalaga no major issues, so glad to have him as our number 1, he will work on the spilling (and it was only 2, not fucking 10 like some are making it out to be) times in crucial situations, and he showed how quick he was in recovery) 2 Germany DF Antonio Rüdiger (I think he has played well, I have full confidence in him, far more than others here, I think he is a special talent) 3 Spain DF Marcos Alonso (he is WC offensively, and 2nd half today did much better defensively, plus overall was MOTM for me, I am going to dial back my whinging and just hope Sarri can make the system better so he wont be exposed) 4 Spain MF Cesc Fàbregas (at thsi point, he is only going to be an impact sub, and in this role, he is a great change of pace, but defensively he is a horrorshow at his age 5 Italy MF Jorginho One of our best players so far, Kante needs to be allowed to give him more support 6 England MF Danny Drinkwater SELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM PLEASE!!! 7 France MF N'Golo Kanté I think he is needed more as the DMF /midfield destroyer that he is, not sold on his further forward role, this seems to be a key inflection point for the entire system 8 England MF Ross Barkley has played well enough, but Kovavcic is clearly better, as I said before, I wish he could play RW 10 Belgium MF Eden Hazard Hurry up and get in shape mate!!!! 11 Spain MF Pedro has look both great and at time a shambles, but overall he is doing well, just not sure if he can do it for 45 games or so 12 England MF Ruben Loftus-Cheek enigma, no clue what is going on with him, he has the size and skill to be a world-beater, but just doesnt seem to fit into any one position, Sarri needs to sort him 13 Argentina GK Willy Caballero eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk 15 Nigeria MF Victor Moses I see zero reason for him being on the team, he should be sold, another window fail 17 Croatia MF Mateo Kovačić (on loan from Real Madrid) I think he will soon be the starting AMF, he oozes talent 18 France FW Olivier Giroud great impact sub, I do not think he is good enough to be our starter 19 England FW Tammy Abraham <<< needs to be loaned out or sold, he is NOT EPL starting material 20 England MF Callum Hudson-Odoi <<< he needs to play MORE, I would play him over Willian at this point, Sarri disagrees, I think he is a difference maker and needs game time NOW 21 Italy DF Davide Zappacosta good back up RB, no major issues with him 22 Brazil MF Willian FFS, what a disaster that we didn't sell him to Barca for £65m or do the swap for Martial. Biggest disappointment of the window. He is NOT a Sarriball winger, I just do no not see it. 24 England DF Gary Cahill (captain) should have been sold, he will not have to play much, hopefully 27 Denmark DF Andreas Christensen another key inflection point. I think he should start over Luiz. Many say he needs to bulk up. Well, FFS, we have a top 10 in world overall player training/pyisio department, so bulk him up a wee bit and get him in 28 Spain DF César Azpilicueta steady enough, I think will come good in Sarriball, and he is a pitbull on defence 29 Spain FW Álvaro Morata hopefully today was the start of his comeback to form, we just need to keep getting him to be more physical, and work on his holdup play 30 Brazil DF David Luiz I simply dont rate him, he is our Otamendi (who I detest) I think his defensive lapses will cost us more than what he brings to run-up play 31 England GK Robert Green that preseason pen save will be the highlight of his Chelsea career 33 Italy DF Emerson <<< another enigma, still have no clue if he is carrying a knock from his horrid knee injury at Roma,or if he is just rusty. Alonso will be hard for him to dispace. He confuses me more than any other player we have. 44 Wales DF Ethan Ampadu I would love to see him as the number 3 CB option, over Luiz (as stated above, I want AC to start) 59 Poland GK Marcin Bułka I feel better with him in cup ties than Willy (maybe I am delusional on this) so the players I do not want on the team are pretty much the same as usual, plus who I would replace them with Danny Drinkwater Diadie Samassékou please Willy Caballero Angus Gunn would be great and is HG Cesc Fàbregas Amadou Haidara please!! Victor Moses Talisca in January Tammy Abraham (I STILL want to see what Bats can do in Sarriball, but probably never will) Davie Selke from Hertha would be an interesting buy to replace Abraham, 23, 1.92m, loads of potential Willian Leon Bailey please! Gary Cahill meh, just sell him David Luiz Marquinhos is by far best option, Benjamin Pavard 2nd or Matthijs de Ligt or Dayot Upamecano (Koulibaly is never coming here, grrrrr) we so fucked up (and Juve as per normal assfucked us) chasing Rugani, when we should have just grabbed Thilo Kehrer, who is now snapped up by PSG, grrrr http://www.goal.com/en/news/kehrer-completes-37m-psg-move-on-five-year-contract/dfipkoxfzfk119nv9xcfrgxww and ffs, can we finally next summer or even this January get Martial (even if Morata does oki)!!!!!!!
  10. Chelsea - Arsenal

    It was very entertaining footie!! Far moreso than a Jose 1 nil park the bus, 17th minute OG snoozer of a win.
  11. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I am satisfied completely, he will so grow into the position and the EPL itself, we have a gem on our hands, naysayers aside. WE are set at GK for years to come. Huge plus is we saw the backside of that twat (as a person and a, cough,cough ....professional), Courtois. We fucked up parking his on loan at AM, where he put roots down. Rule number one on loans, NEVER send a player back over and over to a good team in a superb city, if WILL bite you in the arse.
  12. Chelsea - Arsenal

    A shame he didn't score on that shot! I thought he played very well, with a few hiccups defensively, but that error sequence seemed more structural/holistic team positioning thing. I wish to hell he could play RW!!! sigh
  13. Chelsea - Arsenal

    What is your solution, as this seems UTTERLY key to the entire scheme? Could not we drop Kante back further to give support to Jorginho (who gets no slag off from me, as you are 100% correct on the alone-on-an-island analysis) It just seems an utter waste of Kante to not use him as the destroyer of midfields that he is, surely Kovacic is more than capable of going further forward (instead of Kante, or am I wrong,and BOTH need to go forward in Sarri's scheme?), as he is a a near WC (in potential) all-rounder in talent and skill.
  14. Chelsea - Arsenal

  15. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Chelsea needs to give him a £10K gift cert to https://www.gymnordic.com/category/weight-mass-gainer.html
  16. Chelsea - Arsenal

    I am more convinced than ever that we were fools to not sell Willian to Barca for £65m or even better do the swap deal with Manure for Martial. Also, I REALLY want AC to start over Luiz. Barkley looked decent but Kovacic is at another level. Alonso is going to be the starter, we just have to accept his defensive shortcomings. Kante needs to be used as a DMF, he is the best in the world at that postion. Making him go forward is a waste and exposes Jorginho. I so hope Hazard starts the next game. Kepa was oki, I expect him to settle in more each game. He is very calm with ball at hus feet, which is so important. All in all, a learning experience AND we got the 3 points against a top 6 team.
  17. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Sarri's tactical switches at HT were spot on. And I give Alonso credit where credit is due. MOTM for me.
  18. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Oh, yes, for sure. They were bloody shambles at one point.
  19. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Liverpool has sorted their defensive issues now for the most part, unfortunately.
  20. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Willian and Pedro have completely forgotten all defensive responsibility. It should be 5 -2 goonas if they hadn't left their shooting boots in the dressing room. Shockingly poor from Alonso and Luiz too.
  21. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    That cunt De Laurentiis is trying to insert a permanent Chelsea transfer ban into Napoli contracts. Elseid Hysaj agent keeping Chelsea option open for next summer Wants a new contract and a release clause that doesn’t ban Chelsea https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2018/8/17/17724446/elseid-hysaj-agent-keeping-chelsea-option-open-for-next-summer
  22. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Emerson, AC, and Kovacic, are really key players who need to step up and take the starting places from 3 inferior players, Alonso, Luiz, and Barkley (Barkley is only one who could come good). As for CHO, he is just going to have to scrap for playing time, as Sarri clearly thinks Willian and Pedro can still perform at an extremely high level. I do not know why Sarri hasnt played Emerson more, as when he is fit and playing to potential I only rate Alaba, Alex Sandro, Marcelo, Mendy, Alba, and Lucas Hernandez as being clearly above him, with Telles on same level as he is. Alonso and Luiz are massive defensive weaknesses.
  23. John Terry

    The stadium is empty because there is a ban (just lifted) across Egypt for no audience, due to violence. Egypt to lift ban on attending football matches, six years after Port Said stadium disaster https://www.thenational.ae/world/mena/egypt-to-lift-ban-on-attending-football-matches-six-years-after-port-said-stadium-disaster-1.760388
  24. Kalidou Koulibaly

    The reason Rugani and Caldara are/were so tough to get, is that there are only FOUR top class Italian CB's under 30 (and one isn't even under 30, lolol), they are under immense pressure to stay in Serie A OH! and add Romagnoli to my regrets list, another Italian assfuck job, like 3 years ago or so. The main Italian clubs has just pummelled us and cocked up our windows for last 4 years. I am sure if we go after Bernardeschi or Chiesa next summer or even in January for RW, we will get shivved again.
  25. Kalidou Koulibaly

    My biggest regrets of last 4 years 1 De Bruyne 2 Salah 3 not getting KK 4 not getting Alex Sandro 5 Costa shambolic mess 6 Not getting Nainggolan 3 or 4 (even 2) years ago 7 Not swapping Willian for Martial, then buying Bailey 8 not getting Rugani (BUT we were idiots for not then immediately jumping for Thilo Kehrer, who would have been perfect for Sari ball and is only 22 next month and PSG are getting for only £33m,not the almost £50m we went up to for Rugani Kehrer to PSG not complete, say Schalke http://www.goal.com/en/news/thilo-kehrer-paris-saint-germain-schalke/jix7r2h35o661wc6oupp6r2xy