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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Rudiger too, and Kepa the rest are filler indeed
  2. Paulo Dybala

    Firmino is MILES better defensively, arguable the best defensive CF and SS in world football
  3. Paulo Dybala

    one of my worst nightmares!!!!!! Poch would unleash the beast, please NOOOOOOOOOO
  4. The English Football Thread

    just saw this WELSH CUNTS I cannot believe them!!!! so so fucked they may not be relegated this makes me burn with anger Cardiff insist they will not pay a cent for Emiliano Sala in papers handed to FIFA https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/premier-league/teams/cardiff-city/cardiff-insist-they-will-not-pay-a-cent-for-emiliano-sala-in-papers-handed-to-fifa/news-story/9ee348511df5342d744eb7c656e5fa43 absolute FUCKERS!! the FA should give them a points reduction and knock down to 3rd division I said this was going to happen the day or two after he died DISGRACE to the UK SHAME!!!!!!
  5. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Emerson may not be IT, but Alonso is SHIT. hard pass sell the wanker, bans or not Dasilva can backup or even eventually start Alonso is a FAIL
  6. Christian Pulisic

  7. Christian Pulisic

    great post
  8. The English Football Thread

    Not to be a debbie downer, but with Eden leaving, the bans, CHO wrecked for months and our team as is we have almost zero chance at top 4 next season all the other top 6 cubs are going to massive reload, especially Manure and Spuds, Arse too, and we are not remotely close to the dipper or shitty atm if Pulisic is a bust our starting wingers are Pedro and Willian most every game due to CHO blowing up his Achilles tonight, with RLC played out of position as only other backup besides CP till CHO recovers we have zero backup DMF to Jorginho unless Ampadu comes good (or we recall, lolol Bakayoko OR play DRINKWATER, lol) we must recall Zouma and pray Rudiger stays healthy as Luiz (thank dog) walks on a free (grrrrrrrr, we should have sold him to PSG last summer) as we will NEVER (IF WE DO I AM DONE) give him a 3 year extension he is demanding we may have to renew Higs after all, as I see no pathways for Bats or Morata to come good for us and that is £80m or so we need to cash in on for 2020, so that leaves him, Tammy and Giroud as our CF's, eeeeeek and we are fucked at LB unless the midget Jay Dasilva explodes out of the aether
  9. Christian Pulisic

    I cannot think of a player in world football coming into more pressure than Pulisic is walking into given all the insane circumstances maybe if RM or Barca signs either Neymar or Mbappe (especially RM, as Barca will probably be looking at a possible 2nd Sextuple (no other club in football world history has done it except the 2008-9 Barca and almost the 2010-11 Barca) (this year's Barca won the Espana super Cup, are in the final of the Copa del Rey, will win La Liga, should win the CL, and the UEFA Super Cup, and will be massive favourites for the FIFA World Club Championship)
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    yes, bt he was a good squad option, ironically in case of injuries and yes, both of those too are STREETS beyond CHO atm too bad we couldn't convince Son to switch citizenship when he was staring down barrel of 2 or 3 years mandatory SoKo military duty 2 years back (they won Asian Cup so he was exempted)
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    sit, now with CHO out for months and Eden leaving we are down to only 3 wingers on whole squad and no true winger in loan army to call up LW Willian RW Pulisic backup either side Pedro RLC as emergency winger I guess or do we cast the iron dice and recall Kenedy for LW backup? surely we dont recall Moses or Musonda, ffs
  12. 9. Gonzalo Higuain

    Higuain resting his head on twin oranges while celebrating his goal
  13. Chelsea - Burnley

    Sarri called “shit Italian” by Burnley bench according to ESPN reports https://www.chelsea-news.co/2019/04/sarri-called-sht-italian-burnley-bench-according-espn-reports/
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    big blow for England too, in the semi final of the Nations League
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    well hell we are so fucked he walks on a free now surely in summer 2020 (or for piss-pot change January 2020) Bayern will not buy an injured player till recovered and he will not renew FFS
  16. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    OH FUCK just saw this!! Callum Hudson-Odoi: Ruptured Achilles sidelines Chelsea winger https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48018078
  17. Chelsea - Burnley

    I know everyone hates Dyche, but I swear to god, put him as our manager from summer 2018, back him with steel-hard defensive players, not pussy cunts like Jorginho, give him a true target man like Cavani or Lewandowski (yes I know their ages) and we would be in 3rd by a mile I like rock-ribbed ultra defensive with a viscous counter-attacking attacking heart. 2004-2006 Chels proper style This sorryball shit has to go Roman will NEVER dump the 500 to 600m gross spend (the board will not sell to help fund, they would rather rake in plazzy rent money from loan-abouts) to give us Barca/Shitty tika-taka demons I am SO sick of being WEAK it is embarrassing to our tradition (even before we went platinum level)
  18. Reece James

    Darmian is going to Inter for £10m or so just rejected a 4 year extension at Manure heard on a podcast last week he does not like OGS its the EPL it is crazy hard league for really good players of a certain type of very tactical player to succeed in especially Manure look at Daley Blind has been a monster now for Ajax (and it isnt just against weaker Dutch sides, he has been very very good in the CL) EPL is like ice hockey versus other leagues' lacrosse
  19. Chelsea - Burnley

    Sorryball plus CHO getting hurt and Pedro being shit even bigger was Kante leaving game at HT with injury and Kovacic offering as much as Pedro, ie. fuckall also I thought it was STUPID to pull Higs, he was NOT that tired at all and looked dangerous all night Sarri is a fucking bellend all-round clueless ashtray
  20. Chelsea - Burnley

    oh, oki I just want CL for 2 reasons the extra cash v EL and even bigger to fuck over Arse and Manure in transfer market (or spuds)
  21. General Transfer Talk

    AC is now added to my clear-out list permanently ALL THESE MUST GO GO GO (some need to stay till after bans then sell!) 3 Spain DF Marcos Alonso OFF MY TEAM YOU CUNNY BELLEND, Jay Dasilva can spell Emerson 5 Italy MF Jorginho 6 England MF Danny Drinkwater 8 England MF Ross Barkley 9 Argentina FW Gonzalo Higuaín 11 Spain FW Pedro 17 Croatia MF Mateo Kovačić (goes back anyway) 18 France FW Olivier Giroud 21 Italy DF Davide Zappacosta 22 Brazil FW Willian 24 England DF Gary Cahill (captain) 27 Denmark DF Andreas Christensen 28 Spain DF César Azpilicueta (vice-captain) 30 Brazil DF David Luiz NO FUCKING WAY DO WE GIVE HIM A MULTIYEAR!! 31 England GK Robert Green — Netherlands MF Marco van Ginkel Loan Army needs to be liquidated to comply with upcoming new rules (8 max is probably where it ends up) so bye bye to Nigeria DF Ola Aina (to Torino until 30 June 2019) <<<< he is gone, as Torino are buying him, which was yet another board cockup Spain FW Álvaro Morata (to Atlético Madrid until 30 June 2020) France MF Tiémoué Bakayoko (to Milan until 30 June 2019) Belgium FW Michy Batshuayi (to Crystal Palace until 30 June 2019) Ghana DF Baba Rahman (to Reims until 30 June 2019) Nigeria MF Victor Moses (to Fenerbahçe until 30 June 2020) Brazil MF Kenedy (to Newcastle United until 30 June 2019) Belgium MF Charly Musonda (to Vitesse until 30 June 2019) Czech Republic DF Tomáš Kalas (to Bristol City until 30 June 2019) United States DF Matt Miazga (to Reading until 30 June 2019) Nigeria DF Kenneth Omeruo (to Leganés until 30 June 2019) Serbia MF Danilo Pantić (to Partizan until 30 June 2019) Croatia MF Mario Pašalić (to Atalanta until 30 June 2019) Brazil MF Lucas Piazon (to Chievo until 30 June 2019) and the true scrubs who also need to be liquidated England GK Nathan Baxter (to Yeovil Town until 30 June 2019) England GK Bradley Collins (to Burton Albion until 30 June 2019) Portugal GK Eduardo (to Vitesse until 30 June 2019) Northern Ireland GK Jared Thompson (to Warrenpoint Town until 30 June 2019) United States GK Ethan Wady (to Tooting & Mitcham United until 30 June 2019) Croatia GK Karlo Žiger (to Sutton United until 30 June 2019) England DF Josh Grant (to Yeovil Town until 30 June 2019) Jamaica DF Michael Hector (to Sheffield Wednesday until 30 June 2019) England DF Todd Kane (to Hull City until 30 June 2019) England DF Jack Wakely (to Basingstoke Town until 30 June 2019)Ivory Coast MF Victorien Angban (to Metz until 30 June 2019) England MF Jacob Maddox (to Cheltenham Town until 30 June 2019) Brazil MF Nathan (to Atlético Mineiro until 30 June 2019) England DF Fankaty Dabo (to Sparta Rotterdam until 30 June 2019) Ecuador MF Josimar Quintero (to Lleida Esportiu until 30 June 2019) promote to first team United States MF Christian Pulisic (to Borussia Dortmund until 30 June 2019) England FW Tammy Abraham (to Aston Villa until 30 June 2019) England DF Fikayo Tomori (to Derby County until 30 June 2019) England DF Reece James (to Wigan Athletic until 30 June 2019) England MF Mason Mount (to Derby County until 30 June 2019) England DF Jay Dasilva (to Bristol City until 30 June 2019) reduced loan army of 8 England DF Trevoh Chalobah Scotland MF Billy Gilmour Netherlands FW Daishawn Redan England DF Dujon Sterling Belgium MF Kylian Hazard England MF Kasey Palmer England MF Lewis Baker England FW Izzy Brown one year promotion due to bans then maybe sell France DF Kurt Zouma (to Everton until 30 June 2019) all this yields a 2019-20 25 man roster of GK Kepa GK Wille GK Bulka CB Rudiger CB Zouma (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS UNLESS HE PLAYS WELL) CB AC (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) CB Fikayo Tomori CB Jake Clarke-Salter LB Emerson LB Jay Dasilva RB Reece James can play CB too RB Azpi (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) can play CB too DH DMF Jorginho (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) DH DMF Ampadu CMF Kante CMF Mason Mount AMF RLC AMF Barkley (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) LW Willian (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) LW CHO RW Pulisic RW Pedro (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) CF Higs (have to renew him, Bats and Morata need to be sold, they will never be perma starters here) (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) CF Giroud (SELL HIM AFTER THE BANS) CF Tammy FFS GET RID OF ALONSO AND LUIZ NOW!!!!!!! SACK SARRI bottom line, we are so fucked next year 6th or worse for sure
  22. Chelsea - Burnley

    that is not what you said on the original post of yours that kicked this all off you said we are not even making to to the Europa League that is what I originally replied to
  23. Chelsea - Burnley

    explain how we are not in the EL we are in the semis this year and we have clinched at least 6th place and thus EL for next year, with CL still a possibility the most any other non top 6 team can have is Watford at 61 points if they win out in last 4, we have 67 now
  24. Chelsea - Burnley

    his back, and we do not know how bad
  25. Chelsea - Burnley

    we are in the EL already, lolol probably next year too, although I still think, as long as we beat Manure, we have a great shot at 4th, over Arse and perhaps can even beat Frankfurt and then Arse (or Valencia) in the final Frankfurt are not that strong on defence, but Jovic and Haller, and Rebic terrify me