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  1. I mostly watched this game, it was Wolfsberger's first ever European group game in 90 years of football they CRUSHED Borussia Mönchengladbach, who were, along with Lille, of of the two best teams in Europe last year who did not play any Euro footie so many of the Mönchengladbach players I watched the game for were pure SHIT and this 19yo MF for Wolfsberger, Anderson Niangbo, was just a monster
  2. horrid goalkeeping smdh
  3. Fuck, Manure just scored 1 nil
  4. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    All this was not on her. 100% on CHO and his cunt brother.
  5. 2019-20 UEFA Europa League, Group Stage Manure v FC Astana HD Streams http://bfst.to/play/soccer-15.php http://www.sportnews.to/sports/2019/europa-league-manchester-united-vs-astana-s1/ https://www.ronaldo7.net/video/manchester-live/manchester-free-live-streaming.html https://www.totalsportek.com/new-england-patriots-live-stream/
  6. complete collapse at the end by EF nil 3 Arse Saka, then Auba
  7. Nil 1 Willock After Arse had blown 3 or 4 gteat chances EF has blown so many too Both defences are like a sieve
  8. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    About fucking time!!! FUCK BAYERN
  9. 2019-20 UEFA Europa League, Group Stage Eintracht Frankfurt v Arse HD Streams http://www.sportnews.to/sports/2019/europa-league-eintracht-frankfurt-vs-arsenal-s1/ http://bfst.to/play/soccer-14.php https://www.ronaldo7.net/video/sports-live/sport-live-stream.html https://www.totalsportek.com/arsenal-streams/
  10. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    This makes mad sense. Expect the board to therefore veto it. USE CECH
  11. for ONCE I picked the best game to watch, lolol (AM v Juve)
  12. and that twat snake Cuntois I hate him with a burning passion
  13. 2 2 lol another Sarri choke job
  14. Orsic with a hat trick 4 nil Dinamo
  15. Hazard yanked off, roflmaoooooooooooooooo
  16. Atletico defence has been shredded the old smoker obviously made adjustment at HT
  17. Atalanta are really solid except at CB they stupidly loaned out with an obligation to buy their best one, Gianluca Mancini, a great young Italian (big lad too) to Roma
  18. Dani Olmo if we want an great young AMF who wont cost £100m like Kai Havertz to toss into the mix for the turgid Barkley there is your lad
  19. Zidane is the most overrated manager in the world that team should be a monster and it is shit atm
  20. VAR chalked that Bale goal off it looks like 2 nil still