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  1. Christian Pulisic

    If we lose CHO I am going batshit cray! I am at wits end with our ownership and board. I also want to know why he are chasing after a right-footed player (Puisic) for RW. Have not we learned out lessons on this with bloody Willian!!!! We are fools to not go after Nicolas Pepe. Tracking to 26 league goals and 17 league assists as a RW. Willian is tracking to 4 or 5 league goals and 9 assists
  2. 5. Jorginho

    6.75 for me, started at 8.25 needs to figure out how to be more creative within the thuggish EPL game
  3. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I think he will be benched before the end of the season, I really do. As for tactical differences, a formational change to a back 3 is well beyond covering him up in a 4 3 3. In our 4 3 3 he cannot hide.
  4. Mauro Icardi

    His wife is well and true manipulative bish, plus she is his agent. She doesn't want to leave Milan or so she says. She is a serial, mercenarial footie gold digger and now looks like she is going to keep him at Inter. I would rather he stayed there IF he won't come here. Inter is by far my favourite foreign team. Also, 'amiamo Milano' (the city itself) so it is easy for me to see why they want to stay. We both want to move there someday down the road. Overall, so depressing that we will probably never see Mauro in Chels Blue. I've wanted him since 2012/13 at Sampdoria.
  5. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Completely disagree. You once again are logically incoherent. You are conflating tactical setups with raw athletic performance. I don't care if Alonso attacks or not. He isnt even that good at that. What he also is though is too fucking slow (far slower than Roberto Carlos was or Marcelo is) and shit on defence to warrant starting for our team, no matter what tactical set up is played, unless we went to a back 3 with an additional two wingbacks, ie. Conteball. That isn't happening and every single one of my LB options would be an upgrade over Alonso. I am so sick of the twisted up versions of 'horses for courses' arguments about how bloody special the EPL is and that it is impossible to compare players in other leagues. It is simply not true. What is true is that Alonso is shit and needs to go go go. He will end up an anchor round Sarri's neck that helps get him the sacking, mark my words. I am not changing my mind on this anytime soon. I predicted this before we even we even hired Sarri, as the odds of the next manager sticking with a wingback system were slim to none. We will see who is right by the end of the season. He damn near cost us 3 points today against a shit team. It will happen again. His passing has been atrocious as well the last several games, so do not try and say I am framing this as an exclusively defensive ineptitude-centred argument. Bottom line, once again Roman and the board massively fucked up by giving a lazy, slow sod of a player a massive new contract. He is stealing a living. Blunders like this are now unfortunately par for the course. What well and truly pisses me off is Sarri trying to play us all for mugs by claiming that Alonso is almost (and may well soon be) the best left back in the world. No one who knows a goddamn thing about footie thinks that. It is ludicrous on its face. Cheers
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I agree, so we need to buy an upgrade.
  7. 3. Marcos Alonso

    those are two different things Azpi being poor on offence at many times is on us, there is little another team will do (except ignore him more) becuase he is bad going forward Alonso being poor on defence is something the other team will attack, it is a huge problem he has to go, even before Willian now in my mind if we use a false nine, then CF doesn't matter so much, BUT we still need a CF, even before booting La Tortuga Alonso is the biggest defensive structural weak point on the field, he is just horrid he should have been red carded today, and had other major lapses, plus passed for shit again but he hit the post and thus almost scored and now all the fanboys/girls are out coo-cooing over that shit If Emerson isnt good enough, then we REALLY need to buy an upgrade and quick, before Alonso destroys our season via a series of disasters in games (he came damn close today) I am so at wits end I would even accept (along with my nine internationals I have posted elsewhere, ALL of whom are loads better than Alonso) Ben Chilwell Kieran Tierney as legit buys to give it a go if either gets to just 80-90% of Roberston's level for Victimpool, they are miles beyond Alonso
  8. General Transfer Talk

    off that list these are only ones who interest me (I removed our own as well) GK Angus Gunn LB Ryan Sessegnon (he would certainly be an upgrade, but will cost a bloody fortune) LB Ben Chilwell (insane valuation, £50m! and Shitty might pay that! In his defence, he is better IMHO than Luke Shaw and looked great for England) RB Aaron Wan-Bissaka (super pacey, an interesting player, shame he is not a LB) CMF Morgan Gibbs-White (looked the dogs bollocks versus us, I am game for a grab!) LW Jadon Sancho (Shitty has right of first refusal, so zero chance, he would be a terror in Sarriball) LW Ollie Watkins (22yo, tracking to 17 or so goals, 7 or 8 assists for Brentford, Arse, Spuds, LoserPool sniffing him up) RW Wilfried Zaha RW Reiss Nelson (would love to grab him from Arse, but zero chance)
  9. General Transfer Talk

    had posted it earlier plus made a list of every possible HG worth a shit who is remotely available
  10. The English Football Thread

    1 CF 2 LB 3 RW Alonso is a nightmare. We are going to get torn apart more and more. I also expect nothing of import to happen in January for any positions. It is sink or swim with what we have. I do not trust Roman and the board to make smart moves at this point.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Eden is going to leave, I am 90% sure We also are going to be lucky to get half what he is worth, or even nothing, if he leaves on a free in 17 months. Nothing good is going to happen in terms of becoming a perennial CL again until the club is sold. Abramovich is a targeted man. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/07/romanabramovich-list-six-russian-oligarchs-targeted-uk-intelligence/ We may likely get seized if he doesn't sell. Not having a laugh in the slightest. The US/UK/NATO alliance is going to way asymmetrically with Putin and his cronies, and Roman is a huge target. Wait till the Trump shit really starts to blow up and we undergo a hard Brexit (which is going to make the US a huge key to trade, etc). I expect nothing truly good to happen in January and we will eventually get well and truly fucked over Eden. I am just going to hope we can finish 3rd or 4th in EPL and have a true go at winning the EL.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    They will get their typical German discount, and/or toss makeweight in
  13. The English Football Thread

    If we had gotten my number one want from 3,4 years ago, we would already have one Radja Nainggolan too late now Julian Draxler can defend
  14. The English Football Thread

    He wants to go back to Juve.
  15. The English Football Thread

    Victimpool will choke at the end they always do they dont have the depth to try and win both EPL and CL they barely qualified for knock-out stages injuries will screw them