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  1. Paulo Dybala

    You assume that Spuds keeps that whole attacking group together and also that Poch couldn't find a way to work Dybala in.
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    my sweet fa is that fooking UGLY as fuckall just hideous what the hell were they thinking??????? it looks like cheap after swim type shirts sold by higglers at a dodgy Jamaican beach
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    that looks much better but all these 'previews' look super fake especially that HORRID home kit
  4. Paulo Dybala

    The transfer window opens in 65 days FIFA still has not ruled on the appeal of the bans but have said no to a deferral assuming they are not going to overturn the bans (and remember, even more illegal shite we did is now coming out) we then have to go again to CAS it is very problematic that they will overturn the no deferral, let alone the bans themselves (and also remember, CAS can actually increase the punishments, as they have in the past) the entire argument behind the no deferral ruling (for us) is that when the several clubs were given a deferral whilst the ban appeals were being heard, is that the rules were brand new, and now, in our case, they have been around for years and are not at all new our best chance is that CAS say yes to a deferral but here is something to think about IF we do get a deferral and then STILL do NOT do an insane amount of buying and selling this summer we are then looking at not being able to fix a tonne of shit until SUMMER 2021 (as winter windows, in this case January 2012) are notoriously hard to do a lot of business in) and of course, CAS could (again due to even more crazy shit we did on top of this other crap) INCREASE the length to an extra window or even two imagine if we get a deferral, only sort a few things, and then CAS lowers the boom hard on us and gives us 2 years of bans (THAT was what we were originally looking at anyway, not even counting the new allegations) IF that went down no January 2020 window no Summer 2020 window (that is almost guaranteed anyway if we get a deferral as I do not see FIFA or CAS reducing the initial 2 window ban) no January 2021 window no summer 2021 window meaning, unless we do crazy hard business in January 2022 the next real window we would have is over THREE years from now (summer 2022 window, which is also a WC year, with a crazy November 21, 2022 to December 18. 2022 time-span) talk about madness, there it is potentially IF we do get a deferral, tell me how much you trust the board to sort the club out for the next 2 plus seasons (2019-20, and then 2020-21 when we will have no summer window in the best scenario given the deferral) in FIVE WEEKS????
  5. Paulo Dybala

    No he is not an AMF Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. He has played 2 Serie A games all year as an AMF, one of them for SEVEN minutes (both against Sassuolo) That 7 minute sub appearance is even misleading, as he came in at RW for Bernardeschi, I do not know why it was labelled as AMF that first Sassuolo game is the only domestic game all season he actually did play at AMF then the Italian Cups, zero AMF In the CL he played for EIGHTEEN minutes as a sub at AMF in ONE game and again I have no idea why he was listed there, as he came in for a RB (Mattia De Sciglio, who started at LB, but flipped to RB when Alex Sandro came in for an injured Cuadrado) all season, all comps 1 true full game as an AMF, 2 very short subs in also total of 115 minutes played (and I would argue only 90 in reality) The year before (2017-18) ,He had ONE game in the CL as an AMF and and ONE 45 minute stretch in Serie A as an AMF, and he was yanked at H/T and the formation scrubbed, as Napoli beat them that was ALL for the entire year, all comps bottom line he is NOT an AMF He is a classic SS, who can also play RW or CF as well
  6. I think the Barca v Bindippers tie are going to be the true CL title games, so yes, should be some smashing footie. A Spuds v Victimpool CL final is my worst nightmare. The 2 teams I hate the most on the planet Only Manure not being in the EL final (as Arse probably will be) makes it true final 4 nightmare (and if Arse beats us, I guess that is even worse, although Manure beating us in the EL final would have topped that) The ultimate doom scenario is still theoretically on too (albeit VERY unlikely), especially if we lose to Manure on Sunday It would take an EPL collapse by both Arse and Spuds, yet both win the EL and CL (almost impossible, but stranger things have happened) and the final table would have to be 1 Shitty or Victimpool (Victimpool winning the EPL would make it the ultimate nightmare) 2 Shitty or Victimpool 3 Manure (they would have to win out) 4 Chels (we would have to lose to Manure and then win 1 and draw 1 (thus have 71 points to their 73), as if we lose to manure but win the last 2, we would still top them on GD) 5 Spuds or Arse (they would both have to lose basically every EPL game left (in Spud's case for sure, as even 2 loses and a draw leaves them on the same 71 points we would have in this scenario and they top us on GD) Arse can win actually win one, draw one and lose one and still finish under us, but a win and 2 draws also puts them at 71 points and they probably (not completely for sure as if we only lose by 1 v Manure and win the last 2 games by a total of plus 4 or 5 we may beat their GD, but those odds are LOW) top us on GD) 6 Spuds or Arse IF all that happened (and Manure winning out (they play absolute shit Cardiff and Huddersfield in their other 2 games) and us winning 1 (probably at home v Watford), losing to Manure and drawing one (away to Leicester)actually is quite likely) and both spuds and arse win the cups (quite possible, but NOT easy for Spuds) is somewhat , albeit not very, likely we are dumped out of the CL despite finishing 4th I would say the odds are 10,000 to one or higher of all that happening, especially spuds losing all three remaining EPL games, Tuesday 88th minute winner basically saved them and almost surely guaranteed them 3rd or 4th in terms of non bizarre doom if Arse lose away to Leicester (or win and lose either of the last 2) and we win 2 of 3, we are almost 100% going to the CL, regardless of what happens in the EL as they (Arse) cannot catch us on points) The Manure game for us is just fucking massive, as if we win, I cannot see us missing out on the CL unless we just completely completely collapse in the last 2 games AND Arse wins out (or wins 2 draws one) AND we fail in the EL Us winning 2 of 3, but outright losing the third and Arse winning 2 and drawing 1 is a bit dicey, as then they would probably clip us on GD (what a fucking gut punch that would be) Manure cannot catch us at that point, if we beat them on Sunday, even if we drop the last 2 games and they win the last 2, GD difference is too high in our favour, we would be a minimum of plus 10 or 11 over them after Sunday, we would have to lose each of the last 2 games by 3 or more goals and Manure would have to win by 3 or more goals basically in both games)
  7. Paulo Dybala

    At this point, it is almost not even worth worrying about any transfers for us, as we have no idea who is going to switch clubs in summer 2019 and January 2020, and we are foooooked until summer 2020 due to the bans. I will be closely watching who goes where and hope that a fair amount of top class players do not move this summer (winter window is always slow) Unfortunately, I do think that this summer 2019 window is going to be one of the most busy in the last 10 years, as every single top 15 club has big holes to fill, even Shitty, Barca, and the Bindippers Juve, Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG (who may loose either Mbappe or Neymar plus for sure Rabiot and maybe some others, like Cavani, Draxler, and maybe one of their top 3 CB's, perhaps Marquinhos), Atletico Madrid (who may lose some core players as well that need to be replaced), Inter, Manure, Arse, Spuds, AC Milan, Roma, and Napoli, are all going to e spending big (some obviously more than others) The 15 clubs that are going to get torn apart by the big boys probably are Lyon, Ajax, Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia, Porto, Benfica, Leicester, Villarreal, Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Lazio, Eintracht Frankfurt, and maybe Sevilla (to point). Also, you might add in Everton, West Ham, Wolves (although I think they hold onto most and will also surely spend some cash too) Fulham (liquidation time as they are relegated), and PSV Eindhoven, Obviously we probably get smashed too, with Eden.
  8. what a SHIT game that was!!! one of the worst I have seen all year ZZ sure doesnt have Real clicking atm bonus the after game crew is saying Cuntois is almost surely going to sold in the summer, that ZZ hates him they surely will make a move for De Gea, although, (and I do NOT like this unless it ultimately yields Oblak to us in summer 2020), they are saying they may want Kepa over De Gea, grrrr I cannot see that, and I so can see De Gea going to RM, especially as Manure are OUT of the CL for sure (or almost for sure) if we beat them on Sunday
  9. strange years for all but 3 teams in the big 5 leagues, (Barca, Victimpool, and Shitty) I am going with Barca to pull off the 2nd straight linear Sextuple in world football history (August 2018 Supercopa de España, 2018-19 Copa del Rey, 2018-19 La Liga, 2018-19 CL, August 2019 UEFA Super Cup, and the December 2019 FIFA World Club Cup. The 2008-9 Barca team did not play in the August 2008 Supercopa de España, although they did win the August 2009 one, so they won all 6 in a row too They also did not play in the december 2008 FIFA World Club Cup (but won it in December 2009) In theory, if Barca win the August 2019 Supercopa de España as well, they will top the trophies in a calendar year of that 2008-9 team (as they would have two Supercopas). They also can keep on going and win all the 2019-20 trophies too that would mean a true ONE SEASON team would win all 6 trophies (as the the Supercopa de España and the FIFA World Club depend on the season before.) It is funny because this isnt even the strongest Barce team (this year's squad) but may well be next year (if they add the right transfers) If they pull off all 6 then all 6 again, the only way a team could top that is if an EPL team won seven in a row and then 7 in a row again (as we have that extra Cup, the EPL Cup, no other major league has that 2nd cup) I would have to rate Barca as the favourites for all again next year. So we may see history made again, if they can pull off the trophies still up in the air for them thsi year (La Liga, but they basically have that clinched, CL (the one most at risk, I hope they CRUSH the bindippers and either the yids or Ajax, and I will be for them v Ajax as well, just as I want to see history made and them to steal back spotlight from those RM cunts) and the Copa del Rey final exactly one month from now, (May 25th v Valencia) They will crush whoever wins the EL this year in August, in the UEFA Super Cup (dog help us if we play them as no Eden, etc) and will surely be massive favourites in the December 2019 FIFA World Club Cup.
  10. amazing that Getafe could (I do not think they will unless they win this game) make the bloody CL next year AND Villarreal could be RELEGATED
  11. wow, what a shit game, RM look horrid, and Getafe are solid defensively, but not much for scoring threats
  12. there is an 18 year age difference between Getafe's two strikers Jorge Molina is 37 Hugo Perales is 19 lolol
  13. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Pot meet kettle methinks
  14. still rolling on at 35yo (just turned a month and a half ago) lol 12 games 580 minutes this season, so deffo not a regular
  15. Getafe v Real MadridHD Streams https://www.vipleague.bz/getafe-vs-real-madrid-streaming-link-1 http://www.sportnews.to/events/2019/primera-division-getafe-vs-real-madrid-s1/ https://www.ronaldo7.net/video/real-madrid-live/real-madrid-live-stream.html