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  1. pro tip if you are going to claim London m8, it is spelt WHICH and that sentence itself utilises all sorts of dodgy grammatical syntax as well
  2. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Leipzig? Jovic was on Eintracht Frankfurt I would try Jovic on a loan with only an option, not an obligation especially if it means we sell pants Bats finally (no, Marina is not going to get her ludicrous £45m demand for him, I will do a happy dance if she gets 35m)
  3. General Transfer Talk

    ship him out!
  4. Jeremie Boga

    A Boga in hand beats a Zaha in the 80 million quid bush and a Willian on the pout for more cash
  5. 7. N'Golo Kante

  6. hard to call it a big gamble when Lampard refuses to play him
  7. Jeremie Boga

    we are mad as ass if we give that rotter 150 to 200K PW for 2 years would take Boga (only £12.7m) in a flash over Willian so little risk at that price Willian has went back to trash for weeks now downing tools cuz he is not getting his contract extension atm
  8. The English Football Thread

    Chilwell benched, not even in the squad will play later this week per Rodgers
  9. The English Football Thread

    Burnley v Leicester HD Streams http://www.sportnews.to/sports/2020/premier-league-burnley-vs-leicester-city-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/football/leicester-city-matches-stream/
  10. Augsburg vs Borussia Dortmund Highlights The Rise of Håland https://yfl.evideohat.com/player/html/tzMjUhiuss?popup=yes&autoplay=1
  11. deffo the funnest league to watch for me
  12. Rebic (brace off the bench) with the winner at the death 3 2 Milan FT
  13. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Werner is tracking to 70 goals produced in 4000 minutes 50 goals, 20 assists that is Messi numbers many against quality teams, teams that IF WE played like we did yesterday, would crush us
  14. 2 2 Lasagna with a great header great game