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  1. 3. Marcos Alonso

    No speed at all. We called this before a game was kicked off, as soon as Sarri was announced. The teams weaknesses were hardly state secrets. Strikers were shit, I mean SHIT are shit, will be shit RW is shit, as Pedro is not an everyday player at this point in his career (he never really was, as he is very slight of build and takes a beating) and Willian is a joke, a £65m loss of a great sale joke LB is shit, Alonso clearly is not a back 4 acceptable level fullback Luiz is shit, for all his passing, he makes mental errors at far too great a rate, he always has All of that remains Luiz just looks a little better because AC has fallen down a large notch, Cahill is a fossil, and Ampadu is hurt. Add to that Azpi's downturn in play and now Kante's struggles to adapt Hazard, Rudiger, Kepa, Jorginho, Kovavcic, and occasionally Barkley (lately has come on really well) and Pedro (earlier, now is hurt) are carrying the team 4 outfield regulars a GK and 2 part-timers Azpi and Kante have been oki, nothing more usually, other than the occasional really good game, NOTHING like they have been for last 3,4 years the rest have been poor or basically non existent in any meaningful impact OR (big issue here) not played (RLC, Amps and especially CHO) Its amazing we do not have a loss yet, and all credit to Sarri on that, BUT the long term cost of shit rotation, probable lack of upgrades in January (its HARD to do business then and our board is SHIT usually even in the summer windows) and then no youngsters getting more than a whiff will burn us bad, especially if injuries occur
  2. The English Football Thread

    4th place is going to be a massive slog if Arse and spuds keep playing like they are Aubameyang is on fire 12 goals in last 13 league home games
  3. The English Football Thread

    Leicester totally got fucked on that Holding handball. Should have been a pen and his 2nd yellow red card.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Fucking Özil, grrrr
  5. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Morata did score 20 goals once. The year before we bought him, he bagged 20 for RM.. But that was in all comps and most were against utterly shit teams in garbage time. His CL goals (and that Juve year) are what inflated his price to an insane £70m quid. Even his little purple patch with us in fall 2017 was a mirage, as so many of them were headers from superb crosses with him not being marked well. Teams quickly learned to defend that by muscling up on the weak cunt. He is not even an accurate shooter. Compare his efficiency to a truly gifted sniper like Icardi. Galaxies apart. Higuain (who I do not even like) is also a deadly shooter, or was when he set the alltime single season goal scoring record in Serie A under Sarri. Morata is worse than Torres. That is saying something, something truly bad. Almost zero chance we finish top 4 with Morata leading the line. Almost zero with Giroud if we don't add a WC RW in January. Hazard cannot carry the team on his shoulders. Pedro is very slight of build and ageing, which leads to many injuries. Willian is not the answer, never was. He is a squad player level. Sarri will probably give CHO 3, 4, 5 partial games max, and he will chose to not renew and leave in the summer, or on a free the next. Wouldn't shock me to see him go to another team and become a truly flat-out WC winger, another mini version of the De Bruyne debacle, made even worse because he is so young (almost 10 years younger than KDB).
  6. Mauro Icardi

    Unbelievably BAD business by Marina and the board. We could have had him for only £10m more (£80m release clause) in summer 2017 (and January 2018) than we splashed out for the inept, gutless plonker Morata. THEN, in 2018 the bollocksing continued as we could have sold Morata to Milan for £60-65m or so this past summer and purchased Icardi for £98m in July (between July 1st and July 15th, during his 2 week contractually-mandated window). Instead Marina tried to cash grab for £70 to £75m for the wanker Morata, thus Milan ended up making a deal with Juve for Higuain AND Caldara, with the ageing Bonucci going the other way. THAT not only fucked us on selling Morata but also fucked us on buying Rugani from Juve, as there was ZERO chance Juve would also sell their other young, Italian CB as well. We wasted our entire window chasing Italian chiaroscuro and phantoms. This was the 3rd summer in a row we got FUCKED by Italian clubs running out the window on us with multiple players. It is shamefully amateurish, and if she and the other bean counters worked at my hedge fund, they would have been sacked for the half decade or so record of failure. Inter will never sell Icardi in January unless we toss them Hazard PLUS cash, and Hazard doesnt want to go there anyway. Icardi's new contract (still unsigned) has a 150m (£133m) euro release clause. Given that we will more than likely take a monstrous bath on the Morata sale (at least a £35m or so loss when all fees are balanced, plus salary counted, and insurance factored in) there is almost no chance we end up dropping the combined £165m plus (counting the Morata loss) Icardi will cost this coming summer IF he renews. Even if he doesnt, his July 2019 window RC goes up to 125m euros (£110m or so). We will be lucky to recoup £50m now for Morata, so that is a new gap of £60m additional EVEN if Icardi doesn't renew. Combine that with the £40m plus we lost on Courtois deal, that's 100 MILLION QUID or so in losses/extra spend needed to keep the club at anything remotely acceptable level. That is just ONE position too. It gets even worse when you factor in the Willian fiasco (I estimate that instead of an on par £65m sale to Barca and a £65m buy of Bailey, we will NOW be staring down at least a £30m gap (£45-50m MAX for Willian, IF we even sell him, and £75-80m or so Bailey.) Romagnoli at CB (Sarri's new target) will be at lease £20m more than Rugani would have cost IF we had just sold fucking Morata for a more than fair £60-65m, and thus locked up Rugani before Milan did the Bonucci/Higs swap/buy. We are now at £150m WASTED. Count in the massive losses (either real and/or in terms of lost valuation) we will also take on Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Alonso (maybe, and surely IF we do not sell him this summer) Cahill, and Moses, you are talking WELL over £250m in fiduciary malpractice, counting salaries paid to the dead-weight and also increased transfer costs for their replacements. Cherry on the cake will be the bloodbath we will incur on Hazard if he doesn't renew. That will push the total to over 325 MILLION QUID or so in total losses and forced upgrades/redo's cost. That also assumes we even try and upgrade or replace. I honestly have to believe at this point that we are going to simply extend until 34yo or so dregs like Willian, Luiz, Alonso, etc. Would not even shock me if we renew Moses, Cahill, Fabregas. INEPT IS TOO NICE A WORD. The club is being run into the ground.
  7. Culture - Two Sevens Clash FULL ALBUM 1977 Label: Joe Gibbs Record Globe ‎– none Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: Jamaica Released: 1977 Genre: Reggae Style: Roots Reggae Alto Saxophone – Herman Marquis Arranged By – Errol T.*, Joe Gibbs Bass – Lloyd Parks Drums – Noel Dunbar (Sly)* Guitar – Eric Lamout*, Lennox Gordon, Robert Shakespear* Keyboards – Errol Nelson, Franklyn Waul*, Harold Butler Liner Notes – Joe Gibbs Mixed By – E.T.*, Joe Gibbs Percussion – Sticky* Producer – Errol T.*, Joe Gibbs Tenor Saxophone – Tommy McCook Trombone – Vin Gordon Trumpet – Bobby Ellis
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Blues could LOSE ‘unhappy’ N’Golo Kante due to Maurizio Sarri decision https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/737858/Chelsea-news-N-Golo-Kante-PSG-Maurizio-Sarri-decision-Blues-could-LOSE-unhappy That’s according to former Blues and Republic of Ireland striker Tony Cascarino. The pundit reckons Kante is displeased with the more advanced position he is playing under boss Maurizio Sarri. Kante shone at Leicester in a holding midfield role and has become one of the best in the world since joining Chelsea. The World Cup winner is now one of the most sought-after players in Europe. Ligue 1 champions Paris St-Germain are particular admirers and were on the verge of making a bid for the star last summer. Sarri has deployed Kante further forward to accommodate summer signing Jorginho who shields the defence. But Cascarino thinks Chelsea are playing with fire because Kante may decide the time is right for a new challenge. “N’Golo Kante is looking like he is unhappy with the position he is playing in,” he wrote in his column in The Times. “That is a worry for Chelsea because they could lose him if he is unsettled. “This is a player who will be wanted by every club in Europe. “He still looks a quality player, but I’m not convinced he’s suited to this more advanced role on the right of a midfield three with Jorginho in the central sitting role. “When he plays in that deeper role he glides across the pitch. “He’s everywhere in front of the back four, robbing the ball from the opposition and running at pace, passing people, feeding the more advanced players. “In that position, he’s the best in the world, but he’s not in his present one. “Maurizio Sarri said after Saturday’s draw with Chelsea that United are better in a physical game and I thought that was telling. “He doesn’t want his midfielders getting involved in battles, but that is what Kante is so good at.” snip see this repost for geat explanation Chelsea: Sarrismo has no place for a fully defensive N’Golo Kante https://theprideoflondon.com/2018/09/24/chelsea-sarrismo-ngolo-kante-midfield/ It's pretty simply (the options) 1 (best for all) Kante adapts 2 Kante doesn't adapt and the we HAVE to sell him whilst we still get huge money or 3 We sack Sarri and go back to trad DMF system (in this case it is INSANE to sell Kante) No, there is no option 4 that will work, we cannot just shove a non-adapting Kante out there for multiple years that is just both gutless AND stupid from every angle just because he is the best trad DMF doesn't mean he can fit into the system, and the system prevails every time, as long as Sarri is here we will know what to do by May at the latest
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    1000000000000% agree. I just wrote on this in my BATE lineup post I will start to turn on Sarri if he doesn't start to play CHO dead serious OUTRAGEOUS if Sarri runs him out the door we already are so fucked at multiple positions, plus the Hazard non renewal nightmare, so potentially losing the only true other LW (and a super young, super talented HOMEGROWN academy player at that!) is fucking beyond the fucking pale.
  10. Chelsea v BATE Borisov

    the lineup I would like to see GK Caballero (he needs to stay a wee bit sharp, due to nightmare possibility Kepa goes down) CB Andreas Christensen (please, please, I so so hope he doesn't have any more major cock-ups) CB Gary Cahill (Ampadu is injured) RB Victor Moses (he is shit as a winger and Zappacosta is shit as a RB, so lets give him a go at old position, then we can switch at H/T if Moses is also shit as a trad RB now too, which he probably is) LB Emerson (simply becuase there is no other option really, Alonso already looks like a spent force, so give him rest, I am more convinced every day Emerson is perma wrecked from the Roma injury, almost to same level of certainty that I am convinced that Zouma is DONE in terms of any chance he will be a s good as he was before his injury) DH DMF Cesc Fàbregas (he actually has surprised me when he has filed in at this exact position) CMF Drinkwater (make the fucker work a bit for his free ride £6.2m a year!) AMF RLC (time for him to step the fuck up!!!) RW Barkley (let's see what he can do here, I think he can bench Willian as a RWer, especially when Pedro is injured) LW CHO (I swear to fucking god if Sarri doesnt play him in this game I am going to start to turn on him, I really mean it, as CHO may bolt on a free in 2020 if we fuck him over) CF my gran, as she is better at hold-up play than Morata and falls over less (oki joking, sort of, so let's go with Morata over Giroud, just so Morata, on outside shot, has a shot at a huge game and gains some level of confidence back)
  11. The Conte Thread

    Real Madrid reportedly ready to sack coach Julen Lopetegui as Antonio Conte is favourite to take over https://www.independent.ie/sport/real-madrid-reportedly-ready-to-sack-coach-julen-lopetegui-as-antonio-conte-is-favourite-to-take-over-37443727.html Real Madrid chiefs are ready to relieve head coach Julen Lopetegui of his duties after a disastrous start to their season, with former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte being tipped to take over. Lopetegui was sacked as Spain coach days before last summer's World Cup finals after it emerged he had agreed to take over at Real Madrid after the tournament, but he has endured a torrid few months at the Bernabeu. Real Madrid are currently on a five-game winless run in all competitions and their 2-1 home defeat against Levante on Saturday appears to have been the final straw. Reports in Spain suggest Lopetegui's exit will be confirmed imminently, with some familiar names being linked with one of the most prestigious managerial posts in the world game. Former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is listed as the bookies favourite to replace Lopetegui, with ex-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger also listed among the favourites. Wenger has confirmed that he turned down the chance to manage Real Madrid on a couple of occasions during his lengthy spell in charge of Arsenal and it may be that he is tempted by an offer to return once again now. Real’s B team manager Santiago Solari is being touted as a possible replacement, if the club's hierarchy decide to install what may be viewed as a caretaker manager before targeting their chief target next summer, with that man believed to be Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino.
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    BORUSSIA DORTMUND JOIN RACE TO SIGN HUDSON-ODOI https://readchelsea.com/2018/10/21/borussia-dortmund-join-race-to-sign-hudson-odoi/ Chelsea youngster Callum Hudson-Odoi is believed to have emerged as a surprise target for Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund, according to the Mirror. The promising winger was linked with a move away from Stamford Bridge earlier in the month, with AS Monaco and RB Leipzig reported to be keen, and now Dortmund are the latest side to be touted as a potential destination. Hudson-Odoi has made only one competitive appearance under Maurizio Sarri this term, with this start coming in the Community Shield defeat to Manchester City in August. snip
  13. Krzysztof Piatek

    Immobile couldn't cut it at Dortmund and Kane is off to Madrid at some point. I agree that Kane will end up at either RM or Barca, but I REALLY think Immobile would tear it up in Sarriball. He just will never come here, and is already too old to sign on a 5 year deal if we did buy him next summer. He turns 29 in a few months, so no thanks, not into buying players we only get half a season under 30yo out of. What about Antoine Griezmann? NEVER hear him mentioned at all. He certainly could play the Merten role (better than Mertens, lol). He would be as pricey as Dybala (or close) though. More than Icardi probably. He also turns 28 in March, so if bought in summer, you only get a little over a year and a half of sub 30yo play out of him.
  14. Krzysztof Piatek

    Kane at Spuds. I rate Inter as a better team than the spurs cunts. Also, Ciro Immobile at Lazio.
  15. Krzysztof Piatek

    He will be 31 next summer, zero shot the board drops the £80m plus Bayern will still demand. I figure he goes to PSG as he is around 2 years younger than Cavani.