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Lorenzo Schettino

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  1. The English Football Thread

    I think the Burnley surprised everyone, but we can't compare tham to the "big". But yes, I agree with the media, there isn't a chance for teams like Arsenal (maybe only this year) because the city is running us hell ...
  2. The International Football Thread

    We have this situation man napoli: insigne - jorginho (he didn't join the brasilian team) inter: candreva (puke) - d'ambrosio (puke) - EDER (CMON WHY EDER?!?!) juve: buffon (great GK but now he's gone) - Barzagli (same) - Chiellini (other 2-3 years) - rugani (quite good player) - bernardeschi (overrated) - milan: bonucci (he's playing like a pussy in his team) than they have a good youg players, but not us good us the other nation roma: el shaarawy and florenzi both too discontinuous Lazio: parolo (puke) - immobile (maybe the only one good) Those are the players right now in our nation ... i can say: THIS IS A TOTAL DISASTER.
  3. The International Football Thread

    This was a complete disaster for my nation, Italy. It will be sad won't join the next world cup, but I don't see a better future right now :/ We don't have a youngs talent, and we remember too much the "good old days"....