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  1. Hulk

    It was the Oscar deal, I was watching skysports news earlier and they were saying about it and using "biggest transfer" and all words like that. Myth dispelled.
  2. Oriol Romeu

    He wants to play for Barcelona so he can fuck off and play for them. I don't want players here just using us as a stepping stone. Zero respect for that. See ya Romeu, I haven't liked him since he said ages ago that he wants to play for Barcelona.
  3. Hulk

    I really think this deal might be off, since the last official news we've bid for Moses & Schurrle and then we apparently have bid for Oscar too? Are they really going to come to be bench warmers?
  4. Stamford Bridge

    It doesn't look as special as I imagined it would..
  5. Hulk

    If this little snipey comment was aimed in part at me then the quote I gave was from, what I believe to be, a respectable source; note: "Brazilian + Latin American soccer news/transfers. Sky Sports correspondent. Brazil's Head Researcher for Football Manager,writer at TheElastico + Just Football." I would argue that is a pretty reputable source and not a "random person". So maybe check it yourself before you piss your pants. Also, back on topic: http://www1.skysport...helsea-transfer Hope skysports isn't too random a person for you Henrique you clown.
  6. Hulk

    Paulo Freitas ‏@Cynegeticus Hulk's transfer to #CFC is being delayed by disagreements over the agent fee and the fact 'Rentistas' own 10% of Hulk's rights, says 'DN'
  7. Hulk

    You really think we would spend the money without thinking about FFP? I don't know why everyone is always like "oh fuck we're going to fail the FFP regulations" -- the club is full of business men & lawyers and is a multi-million pound company as well as a football club, you really think they'd be stupid enough to have forgotten about FFP? I think they know what they're doing.
  8. Hulk

    There's no pleasing some people! If we spent 8 million on Demba Ba you'd all be up in arms that we should've spent more and gone for someone like Hulk! All season everyone has wanted new wingers, now we have got Hazard and getting Hulk.. perfect.. if Roman wants to splash the cash then why moan about it? The more the merrier, we want the best and to get the best you have to pay premium. C'est la vie! I think 38 mil for a 25 year old who is the finished article and we'll get 5/6 years out of is a good deal, especially as he can be used a back up striker too. We could pay 15 mil for a shitter winger and 15 mil for a backup striker but I for one would rather have Hulk.
  9. The FIFA Thread

    Y E S
  10. Gaël Kakuta

    Both great goals haha!
  11. Gaël Kakuta

    I want to see a replay! Will find one tomorrow.
  12. The Primera Liga Thread

    Barcelona are absolutely battering Osasuna.
  13. 30. David Luiz

    He is fantastic and exciting to watch. Simple as that.
  14. The Primera Liga Thread

    Soldado is going to be a big problem for us.
  15. The FIFA Thread

    Anyone playing career mode -- FOOTBALL MANAGER. I play fifa with mates and then football manager by self.