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  1. New to Talk Chelsea - a bit about me

    Hi everyone! My name's Metin and I'm a big Chelsea fan! I'm 23 and I regularly follow Chelsea and I get to Stamford Bridge as much as I can! I went to a lot of premier league games last season as we romped to the title, so I really hope we improve after yesterday's performance... lets not have a repeat of the 2015/6 season please! I live in London so would love to meet and chat to more Chelsea fans on here and in person, maybe even go to games in the future if we hit it off! Most of my close friends are Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United fans so it's time to find like minded people who support the best team in London and the country haha! I'm also a musician: I play the Oboe and sing whenever I can, I completed a music degree at Goldsmiths in 2015, just in case anyone else is music orientated at all! I'm really looking forward to the start of the new season and especially our return to the Champions League! COYB!