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Hazardinho Gaucho

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  1. Bernard

    I'm Brazilian, i support Chelsea, i can work FOR FREE to help our board on the subject Brazilian players. Wtf???????? Bernard?????? He was linked with the Brazilian club Palmeiras and the vast majority of the supporters said they do not want him! He is not a player to this level ffs.
  2. Richarlison

    Late off topic: I think Gabriel Jesus has been misunderstood by those absurd "new Neymar" headlines in european media. He was never a trick winger. He's a player with impact in the games, like Thomas Muller. This season his stats are 08 goals/01 assist in just 635 minutes. Had some fantastic games in the nt too, like against Argentina.
  3. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    This window weakened the attack and the middle and strengthened the defense.
  4. 22. Willian

    Its because he signed with Shaktar when he was a 19 years old. A player with these characteristics: good workrate, good pass, confortable with the ball, fast, but lacking end product, would probably become a RB if he had stayed in Brazil more time.
  5. Spurs 1-2 Chelsea

    David Luiz cant play in the middle. Would need a high football IQ. If i lose 10 kilos i can do a better job than Willian. Morata just sux. At least Bakayoko is better than i thought.
  6. Spurs 1-2 Chelsea

    And because of that he missed that easy head or fecked the link plays?
  7. Spurs 1-2 Chelsea

    Morata sux.
  8. Alex Sandro

    My last one: Guilherme Arana >>>>> Alex Sandro. Saying this for months in international forums so never mind. Terrible scout.
  9. Fabinho

    He was not called to the nt again. The coach Tite is talking about three U-20 of the local league ahead of Fabinho. I was watching the last Monaco game and he looks great in possession and passing, but i think he's slow in the defense. is not so hard to dribble him Doesn't looks a DM to me, maybe if the system was 4-2-3-1.
  10. Alex Sandro

    Should lock this thread. They are moking us in that Juventuz site. The entire thing is pathetic.
  11. Diego Costa

    If i were a coach my line up would be 100% guys like Costa, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Dele Ali, Dani Alves, etc.
  12. Kenedy

    What he said is not offensive and the chinese know it. Blocking free speech or eating dogs is worse.
  13. Fabinho

    Off topic Matic was brilliant against Madrid and this is the dumbest window ever; Morata + Bakayoko are inferior to Costa/Matic.
  14. Danny Drinkwater

    The objective of this window is to undermine the team at every new sign/replacement.
  15. 9. Álvaro Morata

    He's not looking average, he really is. From all those getable strikers in this window the only i rate is Belotti.
  16. 9. Álvaro Morata

  17. 22. Willian

    Pedro-Morata-Hazard is a weak attack, and its not Hazard's fault..
  18. Alex Sandro

    We shoud sign this player Guilherme Arana(20) and save £50mi. I remember when Alex Sandro was 20 years old playing for Santos and Arana is better. Funny thing is: we could translate his name to English and call him "Willian Spider". Cool name too.
  19. Neymar

    I remember at some point in the end of the last season Neymar had more chances created than Messi and Suarez in all competitions and was doing the work of the entire midfield in terms of attack. If you watch Neymar in the NT, when he can play with freedom, you can see how good he is. Watch Brazil x Argentina in the South American qualify and take your conclusions. Neymar in 4 games in the World Cup scored 1 goals less than Messsi in 12 games. Messi can decide any game against any team, but only if the situation do not become a war. He doesnt have nerves for a war. In his NT he only play well against small sides. He's a club-level-player. Even Coutinho is better than Messi at NT-level. A player who is only good on an environment where everything exist to support him should not be hailed so high. The day when Messi starts deciding games against top NTs, like Neymar always does, i'll agree with your post.
  20. Renato Sanches

    In that game against Liverpool he started with low confidence missing some easy passes, but after some minutes he was pretty good imo. Dont know why they're hating. He was one of their few decent players there, with Ribery. He's got huge potential.
  21. How much of your personal savings would you spend for a player

    I probably could give $1000 if Chelsea was about to sign Neymar or another top attacking player, but not a full back. Theres no excuse to not be able to develop a full back...every year there's another one in Brazilian clubs that dont have 10% of Chelsea money. The academy should be only to form full backs and CBs, then the club could save the money to buy top attacking players.
  22. Richarlison

    Yes Wendel is a superior player but is a box2box very skilfull and that scores some wordies, but i cant compare players from different positions. I think Richarlison can get a work permit because Fluminense is a traditional club, Brazilian League gives you a lot of points and he's playing in the South American Cup too. If you go to Netflu(fluminense fans site) and type Richarlison you will see that until two, three months ago the opinions there were divided on Richarlison because he tends to be headless chicken when the team is losing and he tries to do everything by himself. He's very selfish in the attack too. But the fact he can finish with both legs with the same level is impressive. And he's getting better month after month. I think he's a EPL player in terms of style and move to a club like Watford is the best for him now. Is not a player to be wasted in the loan-policy imo.
  23. Richarlison

    I think he will really succeed there. The guy saying he's not that good, need to see when he saw him playing and how many times; because Richarlison just turned 20 years old and last year he was backing from injuries all the time and the fans and the media in Rio thought he was average at best. Since i follow youth football i knew his potential and that he would become good at some point. In fact he is playing in high level only in the last 6 months. He's not a balon d'or material but i bet Watford will sell him for £80 mi.
  24. Richarlison

    Yes, he's very calm for a 20 years old guy and has excellent skills. I was reading that site of the Lille fans(using the google translate), apparently he made a very good cameo in his debut under Bielsa. In general Brazilian defenders/full backs and attacking players tend to have the same level or superior in Europe, but the midfielders flop on a colossal percentage; so we need to see if he will adapt.
  25. Richarlison

    Yep. Apparently Ajax offer was €12mi and Watfords €15mi. I dont think a move to a big EPL club would be the best option right now; this loan-system will not work with Brazilians. But i bet he will score much more playing in those impecable pitches and in less hostile environments.