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Hazardinho Gaucho

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  1. Kenedy

    Watching him against United and he is black belt in shitness. Probably the dumbest winger in the last 800 years. Sell him for $1mi if we have the chance.
  2. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    About the imbecile doing those videos; of course life is not perfect, you cant get everything you want, but i would be really happy if a had a chance to double leg and ground n pound that clown.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    He should never play central again. Build the team around him, give him a free role like Messi in Barcelona.
  4. Arthur Melo

    Mundo Deportivo is not reliable imo. Too much propaganda of Barca board and politicians. I trust Sport.es much more. Everybody who watch Arthur can see that he is not a normal South American signing, he is one of those special South American talents that we have from time to time. Barcelona is trying to seduce the player for months. In my opinion they are just avoiding him to sign with another club while they dont have non-european places. We should sign him. Arthur-Kante would be just incredible to watch. If we play 4-2-3-1 with Kante-Arthur as double-DM we would never lose the ball.
  5. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Played well. Good to see many can regonize when he did well. I'm against making videos against our own players. I cant stand people who have accounts in other clubs sites and are there helping them to trash Chelsea players. Also, its good if this place dont look like the RedCafe where everyone seems to have an agenda in favor/against some player.
  6. Emerson Palmieri

    Wow, how is Emerson costing the double of what Sevilla payed for Guilherme Arana??? I could be wrong and Arana be a flop in europe but he looks better than all Brazilian LBs but Marcelo.
  7. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Think he played well.
  8. 22. Willian

    All those with this anxiety to get rid of the "middle class" of the team should remember our transfer policy: - when we sell Matic we dont bring Tony Kroos, we sign Bakayoko; when we sell Costa we dont bring Suarez, we sign Morata, if we sell Willian i bet it will be Carrillo from Watford.
  9. Peter Crouch

    Well, ok.
  10. Kenedy

    He is a winger. Was excellent in the nt U-20. Started slow in the professional, played only in the state league, Fluminense is a weak team, nothing that could justify Chelsea to sign him. In the past a player like this would stay in Brazil until the middle of his 20, would play the Brazilian league, the Libertadores, change, evolve. Now the european clubs tend to get them when they are too young and there's no time to evolve in a big club. He is not a wb or a full back. Is a wide striker or winger.
  11. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    This obsession with big guys in the midfield is so outdated. Yes you need some tall players in the team or you have problems in crosses, corners, etc; but the priority in the midfield shoud be players with great first touch, able to dribble and with great passing. Even if you sign some giants, need to pick those with good technique. I'm pretty sure a midfield with three short guys like Kante would run the show in the EPL.
  12. Alexis Sanchez

    Players who actually try make things happen tend to be dispossessed more times, if they arent named Messi.
  13. Andy Carroll

    Great. Only need our own AFTV now. Btw, Arsenal is trying to sign Cristian Pavon(21)from Boca Juniors who would be better.
  14. Richarlison

    The season in Brazil is different from Europe, its the solar year from january to december. So in the moment Richarlison played 30/+ games more than the other EPL players, including Brazilian league, state league, South American cup and nt U-20. It makes him looks inferior to his real level imo. That said is not a wc player. But in fact there are maybe 5 wc players in the entire league. I would rather playing him as wb that what we have now.
  15. Alex Sandro

    Everytime i watched him this season he looked bureaucratic and disinterested. You can see in his thread in the site JUVENTUZ how he is infuriating their supporters. I think he was trying hard to come to Chelsea last window but Juventus was too greedy and wanted more money. He is doing a VVD there in my opinion.
  16. Justin Kluivert

    Saw some rags in the RedCafe making lazy comparassions with Depay but that is absurd. He is much more fast and skilfull. That Ajax side have some brilliant young players. Also, could you make a thread about David Neres? He was named the MVP of the Dutch league so far. He is Ajax right winger and one to follow now. Tnx.
  17. Arthur Melo

    He will probably go to the Premiere League for two reasons: 1 - Barcelona signed Coutinho, and since Umititi is injured they had to sign Mina. So they dont have non-europeans places in the moment. 2 - Barcelona's representatives get Arthur posing in a Barca shirt and Gremio president is pissed. Now he will only sell to the catalans for the release clause £44 mi and i dont think they will expend so much in South America. Only if it was a striker.
  18. Arthur Melo

    I would bench anybody in Brazil midfield, including Coutinho to play him. One of the most important things for a team in the modern football is players like Kante and Arthur that can pass the lines fast without losing the ball in dangerous areas. You see teams like Barca, Madrid, City, PSG, Bayern, they all have many of those players. We could play 4-3-3 with Kante-DM-Arthur.
  19. Alex Sandro

    They have a thread about him in the RedCafe and are posting some twits from journalists i dont know linking Alex Sandro to United. Is that legit or just muppet talk?
  20. Arthur Melo

    No. Barcelona do that with many players. They did the same with Gotetzka apparently. If you read the catalan papers you realize that what they are doing here is to seduce the player to prevent him do sign with another club in january.
  21. Arthur Melo

    This is something i never could understand about Chelsea scouting in Brazil. Example: Kennedy played few games in the professional and was not impressive. Nobody was talking about him. Why to sign him? Richarlison was playing well in the brazilian league and south american cup. Is not some world beater but would be useful for sure. Another situation: Guilherme Arana(20) is one of the best young LBs in Brazil in the last decade, better than Sandro or Filipe Luis(when they were 20 years old). Why we not tried to sign him? I think Sevilla payed $14 millions for the player.
  22. Arthur Melo

    He's absolutely fantastic. Will be a massive success everywhere. Best Brazilian midfielder i saw since the 80s - except attacking midfielders like Rivaldo, of course. But i dont think he would be a replacement for Fabregas. Fabregas is more offensive. Arthur is a deep 5/playmaker who will pick the ball in the defense and build the game from there. Maybe he can play more high in the pitch, i dont know. Anyway, is great to watch him. Is like a Marcelo who can defend playing as double 5.
  23. Bernard

    I'm Brazilian, i support Chelsea, i can work FOR FREE to help our board on the subject Brazilian players. Wtf???????? Bernard?????? He was linked with the Brazilian club Palmeiras and the vast majority of the supporters said they do not want him! He is not a player to this level ffs.
  24. Richarlison

    Late off topic: I think Gabriel Jesus has been misunderstood by those absurd "new Neymar" headlines in european media. He was never a trick winger. He's a player with impact in the games, like Thomas Muller. This season his stats are 08 goals/01 assist in just 635 minutes. Had some fantastic games in the nt too, like against Argentina.
  25. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    This window weakened the attack and the middle and strengthened the defense.