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Hazardinho Gaucho

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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Dont know if is the right place but there's this new Brazilian winger/CF named Richarlison(20) who's a great finisher with both legs, good in the air, very strong and fast, can defend better than a full back..apparently moving to Ajax for €15 mi. Dont know if he will become wc, still very young; but i was reading in the Dutch media an interview with Piet de Visser - top Chelsea scout, and he said that he "dont know Richarlison very well". is very strange because he knows all the other youngster in Brazil. Chelsea need to improve the scout system in Brazil..stop signing players that were good only in the U-20 like Kennedy, and start to sign the kids that are doing great in the professional. EXAMPLE: There's a left back named Guilherme Arana(20), he's already better than the majority of Brazilian LBs in europe. He probably can get a work permit. He's linked with half europe. Watch some random club from France or Italy to sign him for €18 mi and Chelsea trying to buy him for £70 mi two years later.
  2. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    I'm gonna say some ban-worthy thing here then run away: i dont think is hard a coach like Pep to "fix" Danilo, and in normal conditions he's far, far better than Walker. This is like Paulinho/Totteham flop. A top coach as Tite could easily to fix him and now Barcelona is trying to sign the player.. When you saw a player showing high level many times and someday he becomes average, is not hard to realize what happened.
  3. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    He is great finisher with both legs. He was better as "interior"/midfielder imo. Played part of his first season at Madrid with a injury in the ankle, because Carvajal was also injuried. Made some dumb mistakes, lost the confidence; needs to move on. If Conte can fix his confidence again he will be the one of the best RB out there.
  4. Thiago Maia

    The best of the new generation of midfielders in Brazil are: 1 - Wendell(19) Fluminense 2 - Arthur(20) Gremio 3 - Douglas Luiz(19) just signed withMan City 4 - Matheus Fernandes(19) Botafogo(apparently going to Barca). 5 - Matheus Jesus(20) Santos - in fact i think he's the best prospect in the world in his position/age, but was not playing due to bad behaviour. Will replace Maia now.Tall, left footed, highly skilled DM. 6 - Thiago Maia
  5. Thiago Maia

    Is not really a low amount in this kind of transfer. Its more or less the price tag of a wc prospect midfielder if you sign right from Brazil. Attacking players are more expensive. We should sign the LB Guilherme Arana from Corinthians.
  6. Thiago Maia

    Loco Bielsa is buying him. Will go to Lille in few days. $18millions.
  7. Alex Sandro

    Off topic(more or less): - Guilherme Arana is far better than Telles, is 20 years old, is the best player of the Brazilian league right now, probably would cust $15 millions(dollares), and will be superior to Alex Sandro soon. He's the best LB in that age since Roberto Carlos imo.
  8. Hello everyone

    Hi folks. Chelsea fan from Brazil. There's another member "Hazardinho" here but my nick is slightly different because i'm mixing Hazard + Ronaldinho Gaucho = Hazardinho Gaucho. Vai Chelsea!!!