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  1. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    If we want the PL trophy we must beat Liverpool,is a must win match . Also we need the win to gain confidence. My starting 11: Werner mount. Havertz. Odoi Kovacic kante Alonso. Christensen. Zouma. James Kepa
  2. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We need cb and dm ,Thiago Silva is 36 years old he can’t play all the games . If we buy Rice we will have 1 player for two positions!! So if we can’t sign Rice we must sign another two players :one CB and one Dm
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Sarr will go for loan , Rudiger will start games only for fa cup ,league cup . Glimour isn’t good enough,the same with Jorginho ,so the the path is clear for Rice (or someone like him ). Ampadu can play as cb and as Dm the same with Rice .. so ?
  4. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We can’t spend another 100m for a gk after 5 signings and after 200++ m transfer spend . Also Rice would cost 60m-70m€ so 25m€ for mendy +60m€ for rice =100m€ perfect for me
  5. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Everyone is better than kepa and caballero. Also we will buy for sure Rice ( or someone else) because we loaned out Ampadu and we haven’t rotation for kante and cb.
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Believe me if we bid 60m£ he is ours . Matter of time easily
  7. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Mendy and Rice :10/10 our transfer business
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We are acting very fast in the transfer period
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Werner Pulisic. Havertz. Ziyech Kante. Kovasic chilwell. Silva. Zouma. Reece Mendy probably our best XI for the season .
  10. 7. N'Golo Kante

    If he stays without injuries we are ok for this season, we can rest him with ampadu . Rice would be ideal signing and plays two positions,but we have to sell before we buy . Sell: batsuayi,Barkley or Christensen/Rudiger and buy Rice .
  11. 29. Kai Havertz

    Official :havertz is our record signing!
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Anyone is better than kepa so he will be an upgrade for sure . We keep mendy for one year and next summer sell kepa , sign a worldclass gk and keep mendy for back-up gk .
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We don’t need Thiago we signed havertz . in other news mendy will be our next signing
  14. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Let’s get this done ✅ first choice mendy second choice: kepa
  15. 29. Kai Havertz

    Yes but falk says what bayer Leverkusen said via announcement that the transfer fee is 100m € . Probably we payed 70m€ upfront and another 30m€ during the 5 years .
  16. Kai Havertz

  17. Kai Havertz

    Practically they announced the departure already 🤣
  18. Kai Havertz

    Goaal so tomorrow logically the official confirmation!
  19. Kai Havertz

  20. Kai Havertz

    The goal is : keep havertz for 6-7 years and then let him go like hazard (29 years old )
  21. Kai Havertz

  22. Kai Havertz

    At least sky Germany confirmed that the deal is done , never said this before !
  23. Kai Havertz

    I don’t care when he will be ready to start games with us . I only want to sign him now .
  24. Kai Havertz