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  1. Kai Havertz

    It’s a matter of time guys finally
  2. Kai Havertz

    He is very reliable I think he says the truth .60millions ? 😡
  3. Kai Havertz

    What a shame 60m€?🤣🤣 we are useless
  4. Kai Havertz

    Kai Havertz deal could be completed next week. Player has total agreement with the club, the clubs are negotiating for a fee and Havertz wants to leave this summer and is determined to join Chelsea. [@FabrizioRomano ]
  5. Kai Havertz

    Let’s get this done ✅
  6. Kai Havertz

    I hope it’s true 🙏🏻
  7. Kai Havertz

    Loading ✅
  8. Kai Havertz

    Pay 80m now and another 20m next year . Like man United who will pay 120m€ for sancho in instalments.
  9. Kai Havertz

    What are we waiting for? So difficult is to make a bid ? We must sign at least 3 more players after Havertz. I can’t understand the delay
  10. Kai Havertz

    Luckily shit source. This says that we have submitted our first bid at 50m€ . https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1317666/Chelsea-submit-offer-Bayer-Leverkusen-Kai-Havertz-transfer-news
  11. Super Frank Thread

    If you have Rudiger,Alonso azpi in your team what are you waiting for?We must sell and Jorginho unfortunately he isn’t for us . I would like partey instead of him. we can’t defend for two reasons: 1.we haven’t defense obviously 2 we haven’t a clear DM we need a player like Matic etc. we don’t have balance in our game .
  12. Kai Havertz

    What he actually said ?😯😯
  13. Kai Havertz

    The report is saying that Leverkusen coach Peter Bosz is aware about Kai Havertz decision, but he isn’t gonna tell. Expecting bid from Chelsea will be tomorrow, day after tomorrow, or next week.
  14. Kai Havertz

    Another positive news today . I believe after fa cup final we will have big updates for this deal . lets see 🙏🏻