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  1. Next Manager?

    Why do people still believe every thing that is written in the media. I am sure the club has the replacement down who would join us at the apt time so that he does not need to miss any pre-season days with the players.
  2. The Basketball Thread

    Gotta feel for gsw. Not just that they wont challenge next season, IF they actually keep both KD and Klay, with the wage cap eating them alive, I dont think they will get into play offs. Hard to see Rockets, Nuggets, OKC, PTB, Lakers, Clippers not make it into play offs with the quality and the depth that they will have in their rosters. Spurs and Jazz are almost always there. It would literally be down to curry and green to stay fit and win GSW around 50 games, then klay and kd can join in some time in the play off season and make a push. But man, I seriously feel they might not even get to play offs.
  3. The Basketball Thread

    Kemba walker. They are going all out for the ring.
  4. The Basketball Thread

    I am a clippers fan so fuck lakers. But ya, will be interesting. They have a lot of firepower. Kuzma, james, rondo, davis. Clippers have space for 2 maxed out contracts. I just hope that they somehow land kwahi (doc has publicly said it). Irrespective, its a good, young roster, a couple of good additions can do wonders.
  5. The Basketball Thread

    Except for Game 4, a really well fought series. Murphy's law was applicable to GSW. Nightmare after nightmare scenarios for them. KD gets re-injured after 10-12 mins of play, a red hot Klay (30 points in 2.5 quarters) gets injured with gsw really fighting it out and on ascendancy. I mean, i dont think things could have gone any worse for them. Really happy with Iggy though. My guy always fighting it out. Kudos to raptors and Kwahi. Deserved it. Had a hard play-off series against philly, then bucks. Just kept on going and going. This off-season will be super-interesting though. Some of the names on the free agencies are just mouth watering. Durant, kwahi, irving, walker, klay (though i feel he will sign), porzingis, cousins, butler, tobias harris, khris middleton, randle, lopez. Will be interesting to see who goes where. Specially KD's decision will be a decider in every way.
  6. Lineup for 2019/20 with the ban?

    Gk - Kepa, willy Rb - azpi, James Lb - Emerson, Jay da silva CB - Luiz, rudiger, zouma, Andreas Cm - Kante, jorginho, RLC, Barkley, baka, mount Rw - Pedro, pulisic Lw - willian, CHo St - Tammy, michy, giroud Sell - Alonso, zappacosta, DD Last chance for michy and baka to prove their worth
  7. General Transfer Talk

    I am sorry but I can't agree with this. Net spend is a much better barometer of judging someone's spend than just actual spend. It shows that a club is losing someone of x asset and buying someone of y asset. It's not just a business perspective but also makes sense from a logical perspective. A squad contains 25 players, that's it. You keep on adding players of higher value to the ones you keep on selling, your net spend will increase and so will the quality of your squad (in most cases, not when you buy DD, baka, Zappa for 100mil). A balanced net spend means you are able to sell a player of the same quality (in general) to the player you are buying, but maybe the player you are buying is better for your squad Dynamics. Take the pool example you gave. Why should not I look at vvd and Allison as a 10mil net buy rather than a 140 spent. Coutinho was once the heart and soul of that pool team. Everything good that pool did used to come through him. Losing someone of that quality has to be taken into account rather than just looking at who pool bought in a vacuum. It's a matter of perspective. I would always look at net spend rather than just spend. But each to his own.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    I have to go 09/10 to get an RM figure of net spend in triple digits (millions): 13-14: 60mil 12-13: 5mil 11:12: 47mil 10/11: 80mil Its literally been a decade of spending quite optimally. I can understand your frustration mate. RM, Barca and to an extent Bayern are like superpowers. They do what they please, how they please and when they please. I agree with almost everything you have. My only point of contention is that RM were due a rebuild. A decade is a lifetime in footballing and thats how long they have been quite for in the market. Their spends are lower than arsenal in the same time period.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    I dont get this hate on madrid. This is their net spend for the last 5 seasons: 2018-19: -30mil euros 2017-18: +88mil euros 2016-17: -7.5mil euros 2015-16: -70mil euros 2014-15: -13mil euros Total: -32.5 mil euros. They have spent a total of 32.5 mil euros in 5 years. let that sink in. Winning 3 CLs. in the same time period, we have spent 200mil pounds on crass like DD, morata, baka, alonso, zappa and we are the ones to cry and moan about them spending. LOL
  10. Mario Pašalić

    Damn. I was hoping he got a shot.
  11. Next Manager?

    Raneiri had DD behind Kante, Conte had matic. Moreover both of those managers played a double pivot. Playing in a 3 with only one proper DM is a completely different ball game. Essien was a not a DM too, but given the personnel, he was the best choice and one of the best that played.
  12. Next Manager?

    I don't see any manager in the world except for sarri who will choose jorginho over Kante as the dm
  13. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    In that case how are ben arfa and adel taraabt doing these days? They had "talent" too. Come on man, its been 4 years since he had a "decent" season. Not exceptional, just a decent season and people want us to spend 50mil euros on him? Seriously? Have we actually learned nothing from the baka, DD, morata fiascos. I cant wait for this month to end so that we can officially not buy this guy. Cant go through another couple of seasons of "he has talent", "he can dribble" etc etc that people go on and on here.
  14. The Board

    Good. Otherwise we would have spent it on morata and drinkwater.
  15. Ola Aina

    Did not we buy Zappa from them? I would not be so sure about that then
  16. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Exactly. So we are ridiculing baka for him a good season in serie a but willing to buy a bang average midfielder for 50mil€ whose last good season was in that same league and who for 4 years has looked totally out of his depth. Fans are just strange here. 😂
  17. The Board

    Each to his own bro. While we are at it, willian in 15/16 was anything but average. Willian in 17/18 had an absolutely great spell. I remember those Barca games.
  18. The Board

    15-16 - Poor 16-17 - Good 17-18 - Pathetic 18-19 - Average/Poor. Well....
  19. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    when was kova's last half decent season?
  20. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    No freaking way that we spend 50mil euros on this guy. We can go into the next season with Kante, baka, RLC, Barkley, mount and pasalic as our options. Far better players than this guy
  21. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    I dont mind the ban. Can be the perfect time to totally change the dynamic of the club. Buying shit/average players while selling the talented rough diamonds has been our MO, its time to change that. This is the season when we integrate jay da silva (alonso), pasalic (DD), mount (kovacic), CHO, RLC, andreas, james, tammy into the first team squad as well as give michy a real shot. We have the player to build a strong future or we can buy average players like pedro, willian, DD, baka and continue suffering.
  22. Ola Aina

    This here is the reason why these kids are leaving. We have spent 20mil euros more, got a worse player while losing the talented young player.
  23. The Board

    If you were in their position, would you take a chance with your career? How many of ajax's current team were beaten by our u-19 team in the uefa youth league? Why is it that those kids are playing semi-finals of a CL while our youth players are no where to be seen. Its definitely NOT due to lack of talent but simply due to a lack of a system in place. I cant help laughing when people say, "How many of our youth players have gone on to make it big", its indicative of how ignorant they are of what it takes to make a youth product shine. It takes a system, patience and most importantly TRUST. All of these 3 things wont be found in this club. instead we have created a bloody human trafficking system. Look at pedro, he looked like a world beater in Barca's "SYSTEM" and yet looks like a bang average player for us. WHY? cause since he was a kid, he had played a certain way, he was thought a certain style and he can implement it perfectly. Here, we send our youth players from one club to another without actual regards to the style of play, to what chemistry and that untold link between players can do for the team (xavi and iniesta) If the youth players are leaving now, we need to correct that by showing the coming talented bunch that there is a definitive way to success while playing for this club. We need to correct the feeling that the players may have among themselves that they are just a way for the club to get around FFP, that their talent actually matters and that they would be judged on merit rather than transfer fee or age. Unless all of this happens, youth players will continue to leave and I for one wont hold it against them.
  24. The Board

    Well its a 2 way street. We literally human trafficked some of these kids for almost a decade. Its almost poetic justice that they and (FIFA) get their revenge.
  25. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    People surely did not watch milan this season.