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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    With all the Sancho hype, I don't see any rumors of him with us. The only articles that connect us to him are the ones saying that he is on our wishlist. I can see him going to Manchester (blue or red). Both can pay as much if not more in terms of transfer fee and definitely far more in wages. I mean pulisic earns 120kpw, Kante 150k. Sancho is already earning 120kpw. I hope we have plan a to z for RW.
  2. 10. Willian

    We have 11 games from 23rd Nov to 1 Jan (11 games in 40 days). It would be juvenile to think that willian will start all. A lot of rotation will be and should be done. Hence we will get a fair idea of how lamps will rotate the next year too when we get a big name RW signing as being rumored (Sancho).
  3. 10. Willian

    I think we will get a clearer idea in the coming months. 3 wingers (Cho, pulisic, willian) will be rotated. Will be interesting to see lamps' plans.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    And we should be simply paying it up. 70mil for a kepa type 6 year contract.
  5. 10. Willian

    This. Pulisic is brilliant in the final 3rd. Defensively he does put in a shift, but the only gripe I would have with him is that he is not much of a ball carrier or a ball recoverer. Willian is most dangerous when running with the ball in mid rather than the final 3rd. So if we can get someone like willian but with a better output in the final 3rd.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Don't know why but I feel positive. I feel cech was brought in for this particular reason. To recognise the targets early. Once that is done, then I hope marina does not screw up. Let's hope.
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Exactly what I have been saying mate. Even expecting 400 or 500 mil is impossible for the club to spend. Irrespective of the amount of massive inflation, I think (not sure) but don't think any club has even broken the 300m barrier in a single window yet.
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    True about debt and FFP. But we clearly seem to care a lot about it. Again. True. I am saying we will spend somewhere around a 200m. It's the 500/600/700mil figure which I have a problem with. Specially when you are blaming the board for incompetence because the expectation itself is massively exaggerated. Our board might not be perfect, but they have done a wonderful job of turning the club into a self sufficient unit which just some years ago was all about Roman's wallet, meanwhile winning 2 PLs, 1 El, 1 fa cup in the last 5 years (in which we have a net of 6mil profit overall). Not a bad thing at all.
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Just in the post below I do talk about the rolling window, so ssshhh. Or wait, you just love babbling about things you seriously have no idea about. Again, read the above post genius.
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    We are in debt to roman. 1.1billiom to be precise. It's an interest free debt, but a debt nonetheless. As for your case, yes the club has money is the coffers , it can incur some losses. But we also need to be clear of how FFP works. Which allows a loss of just 35mil€ over a 3 year window. So over buying will still need to be done within limits and depending on how much we have actually proffited. For eg, in 15/16 we had a net spend of just 3mil € (https://www.transfermarkt.co.in/premier-league/fuenfjahresvergleich/wettbewerb/GB1) And yet we incurred a massive loss of 85mil (https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2017/jun/01/premier-league-finances-club-by-club) So it depends on the club's finances as a whole and not just of "net spend" as some would have it believe
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/the-set-pieces-blog/2016/aug/24/transfer-window-market-myths Read the last part. "Net spend" is a simplistic thing for us fans. It literally means nothing, it's just easier to understand and explain. Read about amortization (which is apparently shit 😂)
  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    A. We have not slagged off for 2 years. Infact in 18/19 we had a net spend of 120+ mil. Which is offset by this summer which has a net of +100mil. So the board already prepared for this window by over spending on the likes of pulisic. B. We are not even a profitable organization. If we made "profits" it would normally go towards the settling of our 1B debt, but not sure how they do it at the club (not that we have many profits to show). In the last 5 years till 17/18 we have a cumulative 6mil£ of net profit despite curbing on our spending and selling really well. Which shows that our wages and amortized values (basically our expenses) are still too high.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Hhahahaha. Come on man, let's have a bet. You who have so much financial knowledge vs me who has none. Let's go. A 1000£ wager right here. Time to see who is the one shitting.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

  15. Álvaro Morata

    Lol. Piece of shit.
  16. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Lol. You have no understanding of how finances work and you just keep blabbing on and on and on with the same shit. Understand how amortization works. How once sold a player's profit will not and can not be carried to the next year, meaning you will need to incur losses the next fiscal year if we over buy, which is exactly what you are doing and which to be very fair is childish to say the least. You want to bet 1000£ on what the value of our totals ins is going to be this summer. Is it going to be a healthy 200m or whatever weird and otT figure you can conjure up? What is your issue with proper facts, by the way. Youwant to know the club's bloody market value? Here https://www.statista.com/statistics/267294/fc-chelsea-london-brand-team-value/ https://www.transfermarkt.co.in/fc-chelsea/startseite/verein/631 https://www.google.com/amp/s/the18.com/soccer-entertainment/premier-league-club-market-value%3famp Want more sources? Hell man. The only person coming out looking foolish is you. Again, you wanna put your money where your mouth is regarding how much the club will spend. Again, I am not removing any thing. I am not removing the sale of hazard from Chelsea. But that sale happened in 19/20. Our books for 19/20 will reflect that sale. Hazard will have NOTHING to do with 20/21. Meaning if we buy a player worth 120mil on 200kpw contract, we would incur an amortized value of 34mil (120mil over 5 years + 200kpw wages for an year) for 20/21 without having any player sales to show as profit. Which would mean massive losses. Something that any well run club/financial company won't do. The problem is not "summation", any nincompoop can add, it's what is realistically and fiscally probable given the constraints. And you need to understand that. Unless roman does a massive u turn and opens up his cheque book, the club says "fuck ffp" and disregards the finances like in 05-08, it's not going to happen. If you are still unconvinced, please read up on what amortization is and how is works and impacts a club's financial statement.
  17. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    The club has a total market value of less than 900mil, but according to some we will have a budget of 600/700mil £. 😂😂 Not sure, but are we selling the bridge of something. 600mil£. 😂. And then people will blame the board for not doing their job simply because they have no idea about what the reality is. Anyways, totally agree with your post.
  18. 15. Kurt Zouma

    So we should buy a 1st choice CB despite one of our CBs performing brilliantly and we should buy a 1st choice ST despite our 22 year old striker scoring 10 in 12 games. 😂😂😂 Some "fans" seriously crack me up.
  19. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Did i miss something!?
  20. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I was born in Punjab, but brought up in Mumbai and have been living there since. Small world 😍
  21. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Yup bro. The exams are a killer here. Literally in a lot of cases 😂. Good to hear about the government initiative. I hope they do something similar here. I too have noticed how often we are on the same wavelength 😂. Which part of India?
  22. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Thanks mate. Hope you make it too. Just need to keep plugging, because there will be times when you will feel, "fuck it, I am done" 😂
  23. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    😂😂😂 I am a chartered accountant, genius. But keep going. 😂😂
  24. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Lol. Get a sense of understand of how things work first. Or wait, keep making OTt statement like you keep making.
  25. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Oh my God. What objections have you addressed. You are going on and on about how money can be carried over when none of this is true. I am sure all the CAs and accounting people are idiots. Who do everything in their power to balance books. Understsnd those basic concepts before blaming the board and the people who are running the club and making wild and OTT claims about what the club should do when it is not even possible. Get real for a moment. "it is madness to say that monies gained from sales cannot be included because they were not spent" No. That is not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that financial books of different years are completely different. Because of over spending in 18/19, we can't again over spend in 20/21 too given how FfP works which is on a 3 year rolling window. And we do take FfP seriously "are you going to argue that we then have no money for summer 2021 (as all the sales, or the vast majority of them) happened before summer 2021?" No. And don't be stupid about this. This is why clubs have a transfer budget. Player sales are not the only way to generate money for transfers. Clubs like United have a much higher revenues compared to ours while having similar expenditures in terms of player amortized values and wages, which leads to us having less spare budget compared to them because of which we have to rely on player selling. Please don't forget that balancing books and the end of year financial statement is massively important to the club trying to become self sustainable.