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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    People really do believe whatever crap is written on the internet. 😂😂
  2. 7. N'Golo Kante

    This is such a weird place. People actually want us to buy kovacic and people actually want us to sell Kante 😂😂 Unbelievable
  3. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    If you actually think this, its fine. It's your opinion. For me, dribbling is a useless attribute if there is 0 end product. I don't remember lamps ever dribbling. Or essien. I would not buy kovacic if he was given for free. Nothing more than a passenger/baggage. And hope that we stay as far away as possible from such a player
  4. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Real bought him for a reason like they bought James for a reason, or we bought Oscar for a reason. So let me get this straight, we are blaming kovacic's averageness or RM changing managers and players. By that logic he should be a massive success here because we never change managers and players, right? I mean I am actually astounded by people who are vouching for him. It's out of this world. The guy has had a pathetic season, shown absolutely NO reason that we should splash a massive amount of cash on him, and yet here we are. Also, what style of play are you referring to? The style of play of a manager who might not be at the helm by Christmas next year, or maybe even next season itself according to rumors. So no thanks, I would take someone who has shown to have a better ceiling in the last 3 years.
  5. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    No. Because he was shit in his time at RM too. When was his last decent season? Inter Milan? About 4 years ago? Like I said, you can cherry pick him best performances in the last 4 years and those would still not be good enough. Similar to James/Oscar, he might have had a lot of potential which was/will never be realised. He is a bang average footballer in every aspect who probably would do well to go to china/Russia
  6. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Monaco played some of the best attacking football I have seen, well atleast until ajax blew them out of water. Yes baka struggled massively, but a lot of players do in their 1st season in PL. Moreover, what is kovacic offering us? A better position in PL table? Definitely not. Just another filler player. Don't we have enough of those already? I would rather try and get the best out of what we have than buying players like kova
  7. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Baka of monaco and ac milan has shown himself to be 100 times more worthy than if we cherry pick any of kovacic's performances in the last 3 seasons.
  8. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Sorry mate, just calling it as I see it. We lot complain about dead woods like Willian and then want to buy the likes of kovacic who offers absolutely nothing. Sorry, but not having it. If he is supposed to be a back up, then we have pasalic and bakayoko. Much better back ups than spending another 25 mil on a bang average player. Even if we need to take 5 steps back, we should, rather than buying dead wood.
  9. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Are we still on this piece of shit? Fucking hell, just let him go and give mount a shot.
  10. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    The club literally confirmed that they will appeal to CAS on their official website. People seriously like to jump the gun through the bullshit on media. I thought people would have grown accustomed to it. Apparently not though.
  11. Chelsea v Arsenal

    I know as a fan we should never give up hope. I mean I still hoped and cheered and prayed when we were 2-0 down to Barca at camp nou with a man down. But right now, just can't seem to hope/have expectations.
  12. Luka Jović

    So I am guessing hazard would be a RM player days/hours after EL final
  13. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Atletico owe us this much good will. Please let this happen
  14. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    What? He is 23. Will most probably be back in action by the end of this year (6-9 months). Which would make him 24 (23rd Jan bday). So he will take 3 years to get back to his level? I honestly doubt it I expect him to play a decent part in the 2nd half of the next season. And be a major part for us for the coming future.
  15. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Mount and Barkley till the start of the year should be capable.