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  1. Callum Wilson

    Thoughts on this? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelsea-ready-up-interest-callum-13560363.amp
  2. Next Manager?

    Some other media outlets seem to think Enrique is on the brink of being confirmed https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.sport-english.com/en/amp/news/barca/rewind-luis-enrique-close-to-chelsea-move-again-6850188
  3. Next Manager?

    Going by statistics, the only available manager who’s had some degree of success at every club he’s managed is Ancelotti. Could be an attractive option for potential transfer target, if we combined him with somehow getting top 4 next season. What would you think of him coming, compared to someone like Allegri or Tuchel?
  4. Next Manager?

    Sounds like Enrique according to the papers. Don’t really know what to think about the managerial situation in general. Just wish that both Conte and the board would change. Similar to the strong feelings of support in there for Tuchel, many Chelsea fans on social media are really against the idea of Luis Enrique being our next manager. It certainly appears that he was lucky to have such a good team lined up for him, but he did come in at a time similar to Pep, in the sense that they had lost their identity, and were going through a bit of a transition. He still had to re-shape Barca’s style of play, and manage the dressing room. But I am concerned over his Roma spell, which was fairly average. My first choice is Allegri, but Enrique hopefully might not be as bad an appointment as many think
  5. Edin Dzeko

    Thoughts if true? https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/936663/Chelsea-Edin-Dzeko-Agreement-Real-Madrid-Transfer-Plans-News-Rumours-Gossip
  6. Next Manager?

    Many fans on social media are very excited about the prospect of Tuchel coming. What would you all make of it if he was appointed?
  7. Mauro Icardi

    Haven't seen much of him, but his goalscoring record looks insane. For those who have seen him, is he similar to Diego Costa, or does he also have the skill, and pace, similar an Aguero/Suarez?
  8. Raphael Guerreiro

    Seems like a very promising LWB, if we wanted to strengthen that area further in the summer. Should we go for him over Sandro, and would he be an upgrade on Alonso?
  9. Gianluigi Donnarumma

    https://talksport.com/football/chelsea-fc-transfer-news-ac-milan-shot-stopper-gianluigi-donnarumma-lined-replacement If Courtois leaves, am torn between him and Oblak. Donnarumma could be an incredible, long-term addition, but is Oblak much better in terms of ability now?
  10. Kalidou Koulibaly

  11. Tactics/Formations thread

    Whoever the manager is, would members of this forum like us to play 3-4-3, or move to a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 next season? I ruled out 352 because it's so defensive, and I'm torn as to whether to stick with a back three, or change it up. On one hand, a back four would give us more a balance in midfield and on the flanks. On the other, if there is any chance of us keeping Eden Hazard next season (I think he'll go regardless, but just for arguments sake), it might be better to play him in a role where he has more freedom to express himself, without having to worry about tracking back.
  12. The Conte Thread

    We all know he’s going at the end of the season, but do you think Abramovich and the Board might get rid of him before Palace next Saturday? Nothing would surprise me, but who would come in? Ancelotti until the end of the season? Bidding for a 3rd caretaker spell?!
  13. Robert Lewandowski

    What a signing he would be. Can’t see it happening, but we’re allowed to dream! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/923979/Robert-Lewandowski-Chelsea-transfer-gossip-Man-Utd-Liverpool-rumours-Bayern-Munich/amp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/26/football-transfer-rumours-robert-lewandowski-to-chelsea
  14. Next Manager?

    I think Allegri would be the best choice. Tactically brilliant, and could develop us in the same way that he’s developed Juve post-Conte. Hopefully would also play slightly better football, though surely he could do no worse than subbing off your best player on 73 minutes with the game at 1-1 away to a big rival.
  15. The Conte Thread

    For me, the performance last night shows, in a way, how frustrating the season has been. On our day, we can beat anyone, like last night, Tottenham, and Atletico showed. However, throughout the season we have been so inconsistent, taking one step forward, two steps back. Anyway, I hope Conte with the system, and doesn’t go 3-5-2 at the Nou Camp. As a whole, it worked last night, so why change a (nearly!) winning combination, and we need to score a goal to stay in the Champions League! However, I think a few tweaks could do our chances in the 2nd leg the world of good. On the basis of that, I would go with this for the Nou Camp: Courtois Azpilicueta - Christensen - Rudgier Moses - Fabregas - Kante - Emerson Willian - Giroud - Hazard Despite Christensen’s mistake, and Rudgier’s slight uncertainty, I still think that’s the best back three. Christensen is still brilliant, and Rudgier edges out Cahill, even though I thought he was shakier than most last night. In midfield, had we kept the 1-0 lead, I would have probably either not played Fabregas, or played him in a three. However, with it being 1-1, I would keep him in alongside Kante. We need a bit of magic to unlock them, and he’s the only one to do it. It is a risk setting up like that at the Nou Camp, but it was alright last night, and we need to have something to work with in the rare moments we do have the ball. I would also play Emerson over Alonso. He offered nothing going forward last ought, compared to Moses on the other side, who I was pleasantly surprised had a fantastic game. Defensively very solid, and at least when he had the call in the attacking third, and ran at them, it caused them problems. Alonso did none of that, and we could really do with two Wing-backs who have the ability to run at their full-backs with pace on the counter. Up front, I think we only just about got away with the false 9 system because the defensive was organised so well. However, we still missed a focal point who could relive some of the pressure. Because of that, the ball was a bit like a yo-yo, constantly bouncing back towards our own half even when they cleared it. At the Nou Camp, since we’ll be under even more pressure, and will need to concentrate 10X as hard, we need someone who can do that. Giroud would do that much better than Morata, so for me, has to play in the second leg. Willian and Hazard on the flanks is a no brainier. Our right side of Azpi, Moses and Willian was fantastic. However, our left hand side was much weaker. Pedro and Alonso were anonymous, and Rudgier had one or two dodgy moments. Overall, 1-1 is probably a decent result for us. I did though feel gutted last night just because we hit the post twice, and the goal was such a stupid one to give away. However, last night proved that, even though we are up against it, we can score and defend against them. Also, it’s not a 2-2 or a 3-3, so we only need to score once to give ourselves a really good chance of going through. And I genuinely believe that we are capable of scoring a goal, and getting some kind of a result out there. I just wanna play that 2nd leg now! Up the Chels!