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  1. Davide Calabria

    Looks to be a right-back with huge potential. Touted as someone who could do pretty much everything in that position. Some articles and YouTube videos of him, incase some haven't seen or heard of him: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davide_Calabria http://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/news/newsid=2287120.html https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EECpRlwO64g What would you guys think of potentially going for him? Milan are in a bit of a mess at the moment, which in one aspect, should make it easier to assume the player would favour a move. But on the other, it might make them more determined to keep their young, high potential talents.
  2. Ben Gibson

    Looks like a top prospect. What would you make of his potential signing? Do you think he's good enough now to regularly be in the starting line-up in both the Premier League and Champions League?
  3. Leonardo Bonucci

    One of the best centre-backs out there, but will he be able to adapt to the Premier League at his age, and could we still get 2-3 years of world-class performances out of him? Is it worth the risk for what would likely be a transfer fee of around £60M?
  4. Benjamin Mendy

    Possible left wing-back option. Thoughts on potential signing? I know he's a brilliant attacking threat, but is he good enough defensively? Would he be an upgrade on Alonso, and how does he compare to the worlds best like Alaba and Sandro?
  5. New central midfielder in summer?

    I personally believe we need another central midfielder to provide a great partnership with Kante for next season. Feel free to put other names down if you want to, but my main two targets would be Nainggolan and Verratti. Which one would you prefer us to get, and why?
  6. If we get another left wing-back in the summer, Alaba and Sandro are two of the best, and should be on the list of targets. Both are long shots, but who would you prefer us to try and sign out of those two, and why?
  7. Hi everyone!

    Hi guys, just joined this forum I'm 17, from London, and a Chelsea fanatic!