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  1. James Rodríguez

    From a quote in reddit: No one, MARCA and AS are Real Madrid press. Mundo Deportivo and Sport are Barcelona press. This 4 newspapers are shit when you are looking for a "reliable newspaper". There's some good journalist like Julio Maldonado but that's all.
  2. Diego Costa

    Hello juan, yes, i saw what happened in the lukaku topic and was actively trying to avoid that scenario. Sorry for thr inconvience but I can't delete my post myself, could you be so kind to tell me how to put some nicks in blacklist so I can end it once and for all?
  3. Kalidou Koulibaly

    We did try hard for kouli last year, coughJohnStonescough but napoli was already swimming in cash from higuain deal. De laurentis instead of giving a firm reject, figure it would be more fun to watch us putting in bid after bid.
  4. Diego Costa

    Hello, ghana guy, thanks for your "pretty nice" comment. But your guess is wrong, "this person" (assuming is me) can assure you that they have passed their rebellious teen ages and have no idea how you get this impression. While "this person" is not interested in finding out your reason or discussing anything related to their personal infos such as age, gender or country. "This person" is purely seeking fun in sharing their thoughts and knowledges to fellow chelsea fan. That's why "this person" strongly recommend you to put them in your ignore list if you are offended.
  5. Diego Costa

    Aflter taking a cup of coffee and reviewing your link, I agreed I was quick to jump to a misunderstanding. So I'm thinking a restart and this time, be complely serious, the sarcasm will be left out. For starter I have deleted the previous unnecessary post. For you, please try not to twist my words and words like "educated" is not highly regarded, english is not my primary language, or either secondary's in my country either. I'm aware that my english skill is not perfect but I'm trying. Do point out if some of my sentences do not make any sense, but irrelevant comment will duly ignored. The trolling is fully reserved for man united fans but this is first, i will presume we all know the costa to china rumour is dead, gone and buried six feet under. second, costa is deemed fit by physio julius tous, so if you have a link that confirmed he trains alone to keep his fitness after his suspicious injury do post here. Contrary to your belief, I don't have any penny for badmouthing costa. Do i dislike him and think the cunt should just get lost? Yes, unfortunately. I'm in no way want to cause troule for the mods or start a war. I always back off when I feel like I've lost my cool and do not like the direction the discussion is heading.
  6. Diego Costa

  7. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Fa requires a club has at least one english player in the team
  8. Kalidou Koulibaly

    We were chasing vvd first, from all the rumour i've gathered after they humiliated us last summer, we stopped trying altogether. All these noise only come from Adl and kouli agent, napoli probaly needs money to comply with FFP christensen confirmed he will return
  9. Diego Costa

    Nah, my sarcasm is my way to deal with bs, the other way is trolling "you are such an idiot that doesn't worth my time blah blah" but we are all fellow chelsea fan here so I'm not going with latter. If you don't like it? Back off or I will quit after I'm tired with your personal attack. I will be serious here for once. Costa was going to be sold to the highest bidder this summer, china acmilan or atm, whatever. Of course we all love money, mendes too but tianjin has released their official statements twice that there were no approach to costa since jan episode, because of the new tax regulation. the was definitely something happened in jan with conte, costa was isolated from the rest of the squad as a punishment, trainning alone, not even on the bench. And he just once every three month answer in a interview that he would like to play in france someday or go back to atm. Hazard, while obviously idolizes his zidane, doesn't do this shit and always evade the question, say he' happy wih chelsea. in summary, was chelsea going to off load costa? Yes. To china? Ac milan, atm whoever will take him. So please stop with your china theory bs, we are only just tired of dealing with damaged package. I'd advised you to stop with your personal attack if you want to continue with this disscusion. I reckon the mods doesn't want it to turn into a heated name-shouting match, oh no, that would be childish. That's why I won't release my inner trolling persona but i have a low tolerance for bs so this maybe my last comment to you if you continue to try to get a reaction out of me. remember: no personal feelings, I couldn't careless www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/premier-league/france-is-a-country-where-i-have-never-played-so-why-not-diego-costa-open-to-ligue-1-switch-35566621.html www.express.co.uk/sport/football/808230/Diego-Costa-Chelsea-Tianjin-Quanjian-Transfer-News-Gossip www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chelsea-owner-roman-abramovich-adamant-9622707
  10. Diego Costa

    Oh yes because roman suddenly decided that he loves 90m euros than the trophies he chases since his 1st day, because owner want our club to be seen as an inferior selling club while we put up a fight for every main player in the past. Because we did not already has oscar silly money so we don't have enough money to buy lukaku. Hey, it's totally make sense now! Thanks for informing me! Sometimes since jan, conte has made up his mind that he would be better off with costa being anywhere but here, china money is only a plus. Of course it has nothing to do with his oh so wonderfully behavior through the whole season, after all since when he has ever been anything but disrepectfull to his coach and the club? It's not like he change his mind once every three months and he would never say the total opposites things when atm ban lift, right? He already proclaimed his love for chelsea, never mind that he cause a fight, want to break up with us to return to his former lover multiple times, is hot then cold half season, and then trying to fuck us all over for the last time? Maybe constanly abusing is his way of expressing love? Sure, i find his way weird and annoying, but who knows? What a poor, poor misunderstanding child, why has no one ever understand him, huh? oh i can see now, you are right, indeed.
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Thank you for repeating what I said in a longer paragraph? I almost forget about the new sb, that's explain wish we get a better DoF, someone likes monchi, sabatini
  12. Dominic Solanke

    I wonder whose fault it is
  13. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    What i mean is he will leave if we fucks up another season again if he's ok with what we get in the end then why not continue to support our club? is there anything that can sastify you, donald
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I would like to clarify that mancity signings is a potential young star and a goalkeeper who's good with his legs. Man u is another young defender and morata deal is not definite yet. so far l'equipe has reported that baka deal will be wrapped up after he finishes his international duty and lukaku deal hopefully will follow around 70m pounds. so unless you are into gk has nice legs or young dc while we get christensen. I see no point in panicking while the man in charge is still pretty cool. If he conte does leave, please remember to invite me to "emennono out" campaign but of course, please ignore all the positive thing i've said above so that we can have a legit excuse to blame how incompetent the board is! It's more fun this way!
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    ...Conte is on a vacation and would surely evaluate the work after he gets back, so calm down and stop breathing over the board neck