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  1. Alvaro Morata

    I think Lukaku would be warming the bench for Real Madrid as well. There is also a big chance Morata would have better assist/goals numbers, if you gave him the same amount of minutes as Lukaku, because he has better numbers per minutes these last three seasons in the league. I also like the fact that Morata is more technical and a better linkup striker compared to Lukaku/Costa. Ideally we could buy Morata + Sanchez this summer and not be far off an overpriced Lukaku.
  2. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    He is slow like Matic, takes to many touches before he finds a teammate. Fabinho is the one we should be after, he is quick in all aspects of his game and have the physical attributes as well.
  3. Fabinho

    I see from the opening post that he was wanted as a right back option for Ivanovic, but since then he has become a really superb central midfielder. It's very rare you have such a big and athletic midfielder be quick with both his mind and feet. You could compare him to other big midfield enforcers like Matic, Bakayoko and Dembele, but Fabinho don't waste much time on the ball like the others and he is much faster at closing players down. His long range passing and crossing is also great, he was the one that made that longe range cross for Falcaos first goal against Man City (first leg). He also assisted Mbappe from a freekick, a long ball pass from central midfield. In the second leg against Man City he got his goal as well, with an excellent late arrival into the box. He has been very good this entire season for Monaco, whocored has him as their highest ranked player for a reason. The fact that he can also play as a right wing back, when Moses is injured, just highlights him even more on my must buy players list.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    What we need is Sanchez, Ghoulam and Fabinho. They wouldn't cost a fortune either, because both Sanchez and Ghoulam only have 1 year left on their contract this summer. Fabinho is a quicker version of Matic and have been Monacos best player this season. Ghoulam is quicker then Alonso and is alot better at passing/crossing the ball. Sanchez, Hazard and Costa would be the best attacking trio in the league by far. Sanchez would also be a good backup for Costa as our main striker. 352 is a very good plan B. We have used it several times this season, last time was against West Ham in the second half. It gives us better control in midfield and provides more cover when we play Fabregas.