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  1. James Rodríguez

    Any player in the world can be on the bench of any team. Messi could end up on Barcelona's Bench. Bale or Ronaldo on Madrid's. That can happen to anybody. What defines whether a player is World Class or not is not defined by whether or not they play for a team or not. Anything can happen to anyone at any time; certain players do not simply cease to be good because they aren't being played. Especially on teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona which are infamous for buying players with no plans to play them. Nevermind the fact that when James has seen any regularity he plays quite well. He's only player 859 minutes for Real Madrid this season; 19 players have played more than him. Yet he has more assists than any other player on the team. That says something. If you ever watch Real play with James he's usually 1-2 touches away from any goal scored. That says something too. More often than not he regains balls that turn into goals. That certainly was the case in their last game against Deportivo, where two of the goals scored came from balls that James had recovered from challenges. I think it's funny that people here are whipping around Primadona and claiming James has a low work rate. Anyone who is a Madrid fan or who actually follows James will tell you he has a very good work rate. In fact he's probably one of the attacking midfielders who defends the most; out of any attacking midfielder I've ever seen play the game. If you look at kilometers run during a game, when it comes to kilometers run usually only Modric or Kroos score higher, in terms of balls repossessed his numbers are quite high. And Mind you 7 out of 10 games that James plays he's played as a central or left or right midfielder. Out of position. As for primadona. This is England. Where any player of his caliber or price tag, or who had showed what he has when he gets any regular playing time for anyteam, would have been bitching to the media for the past 2 years. James hasn't bitched to anyone. Not even once. He's one of the most famous, well known, and popular players in the world and he has not once complained about playing time publically. If it were any other player they would have talked. James is a hard worker. The people who are talking about him seem to really not know anything about fucking James. His mother was a single mother and his father abandoned him. He was playing professional televised football at the age of 13. He moved to Argentina all by himself at the age of 16 and to Portugal, again completely by himself by the age of 17. He's the farthest thing from a Primadona. He's a humble kid from the projects who succeeded despite all odds. There are few if any other players on earth who have backgrounds like his. Not with his level of skill and ability. The reality is James is probably too big of a personality to join Chelsea. He's the kind of player who belongs at a big, big team. Like Manchester United, Real, Bayern, or 10 years ago AC Milan. His t-shirt sales and media rights alone dwarf all the other players at Chelsea. When Messi and Ronaldo retire he'll be probably one of the few players on earth that still has the kind of worldwide recognition they do.