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  1. Diego Costa

  2. Diego Costa

    People refuse to see that he has completely dropped Chelsea and Conte. Doesn't give a fuck anymore. If only he had the same mentality like for example Luiz. Cunt.
  3. Diego Costa

    People here come up with facts and there you have others with their "tinfoil hat" comments. It's like someone said before: you can't be in top form the first half of the season and suddenly lose your teeth the second season. And it all happened after Conte dropped him for the Leicester match. We all know what Costa is like, same goes for Hazard and Fabregas: if they get into a row with the manager they drop him like a brick and play like shit. The 15/16 season proved that with the whole them VS Mourinho fiasco. Diego has gone back to fighting with the opponents defenders, falling on his arse all the time and bottling massive chances. He needs to go in the summer.
  4. Diego Costa

    I think the same. Don't trust this fucker.
  5. Kylian Mbappe

    Hahahaha. Mourinho never plays Martial as striker, or even Rashford. They get wasted on the left wing like Cavani when Zlatan was at PSG.
  6. Nathan Aké

    This shit needs to end. And no, not because he's a Dutchie like I am but it's ridiculous business and career-destroying.
  7. Eden Hazard

    We all know it'll happen one day and that Hazard won't stay at Chelsea forever. He is bound to move to Real Madrid some day. Much like Ronaldo was.
  8. 4. Andreas Christensen

    Aké has no future at Chelsea whether it's as left back or center back or CDM.
  9. Chelsea Kits thread

    If true: boring and 0 effort by Nike. But didn't expect otherwise. Shocking.
  10. Diego Costa

    He should keep his mouth shut until the end of the season.
  11. Diego Costa

    Good. Give Michy a chance. Or Pedro as striker. At least someone who isn't making it clear that he wants to leave. Michy gets 0 minutes from Conte yet he doesn't make it clear in every interview that he wants to leave Chelsea. Done with this fucking Brazpaniard.
  12. Diego Costa

    Hope he fucks off in the summer.
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    Lol but a bit childish to be honest.
  14. Kalidou Koulibaly

    No need for this guy anymore. He had the chance to join us last summer, but instead fucked us over with his agent only to get a better deal at Napoli. And he has been very poor this season.
  15. Stamford Bridge thread

    First off all, assalamu alaykum my friend. Yes hahaha. I know ManCity do have a fast majority of supporters back from the time they didn't have the money they have nowadays. Much like us to be honest. The rest is all tourist fans, but even then the Emptihad is never sold out. Is seriously hope the new Stamford Bridge isn't going to become the Etihad 2.0 with empty seats/stands.