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    Let me quickly clarify sOmething. "Antonio Conte Doesn't Know Better Than Me." Any blind man cOuld see that Matic or Oscar shOuldn't be starting games ahead of Cesc Fabregas. Am nOt complaining because of yesterday's game only but since he became Chelsea cOach. Look at Ozil, David Silva, Coutinho or Juan Mata even Eriksson of Tottenham (Some has played fewer games to Oscar) who plays the same positions with our belOved Oscar have all scOred and have assists. Someone will say but we're tOpping them... Yes, all thanks to Cesc Fabregas magic anytime he comes on in 80mins.

    We've been dwelling on luck and our next 3 games (Liverpool, Leicester City and Arsenal) will determine if we will even make top 4. He took us our first game last seasOn to knOw we wOn't make tOp 4 and is a very bitter truth.

    Conte only plays 3 defenders but so far he has been playing with 4 and 2 DM yet he can't play Fabregas. Just another reincarnated Jose Mourinho! We all laugh at Manchester United for losing to Manchester City but ours will be extremely wOrse if Conte dOesn't change. I knOw his rebuilding and trying to cOrrect last seasOn's errors that our previous cOach destrOyed from all departments.... but that dOesn't mean he shOuldn't be making the right chOices and decisions. Something 99.9% of us here can easily do! This is CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB.... we don't experiment. We fight to win. Last seasOn shOuldn't be an excuse anymore.

    To be hOnest.... Chelsea Football Club don't deserve to have a player like Eden Hazard. There's know way he will win World best playing with VIRUS Oscar or Matic behind him. He deserves better.... Both of Us.