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Everything posted by BluesMadLad

  1. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Did they tho?
  2. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Players like stuff like that on Instagram all the time, don't read to much into it, also we have no idea if he would love to be here or not tbh we chelsea fans just assume every one wants to be here lol
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I liked a picture of a volcano erupting.. doesn't mean I wanna be there mate!?!
  4. West Brom v Chelsea

    Where are all your new members coming from? I personally think your all trolling
  5. West Brom v Chelsea

  6. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Sorry but this game against, a shite team as u said in different words, CHO was awful, mount was in my opinion fking brilliant. For me this CHO over mount crap should end here.
  7. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    He played better than CHO imo
  8. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Actually played well on the right wing
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Absolutely let himself down today, this is exactly why mount is picked ahead of him.
  10. 6. Thiago Silva

    Played well today 36 first game back looked solid n fit
  11. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Ones before? You mean brighton?
  12. Chelsea - Barnsley

    2 prem games in Frank's not had a chance to use the squad he has built, and still getting slaughtered its fking ridiculous lol
  13. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Take these matches very serious. There is a reason the term giant killer gets used alot every season
  14. Chelsea - Barnsley

    New job new girlfriend new car new house the weeks going well he's the guy to knock on your door n say ya dogs dead unlucky pal.
  15. Chelsea - Barnsley

    I dont believe he's a fan surely not. He's trolling
  16. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Why waste your time watching it then?
  17. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Silly thing is with kepa in goal that could easy be 5-5
  18. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Mounts had a really good game, I love watching him tbh he has the passion and the drive
  19. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Get the feeling u blame FK for corona and 9/11?
  20. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Perfect game this to showcase what he can do
  21. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Have u seen his arms? Would be like looking for a pot hole on the m1
  22. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Hazard was smart he didn't always look interested and track back, but he was hardly ever injured and he took some stick. Think the key for hazard was he didn't burn him self out in training and was brilliant and conserving energy
  23. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Reckon they will be any of these free streams showing this game talksportak comes to mind
  24. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    In all honesty what has CHO done to show u personally hes a better player than mount?
  25. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Might be because we already signed him n he's played 2 games already lol