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  1. Super Frank Thread

    Thats true but we haven't tasted the cake yet so we dunno
  2. 3. Marcos Alonso

    100% agreed but I guarantee you in any other league he thrives, just not here he needs to go
  3. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Hes not bad he's just not good enough lol
  4. 7. N'Golo Kante

    My problem with Kante is, take first half he was constantly on the ball with space problem is he can't do fuck all with it other than run on a short pass, jorgi is same short pass player. We need like a quarter back style player who can ping that ball around. At this moment in time I'd give leeds 50m for there English lad, names slipped my mind sure vesper will help me out here lol
  5. Super Frank Thread

    I feel abit sorry for Frank for this reason, think off his transfers as ingredients for a cake, he has the eggs and flour atm but he's missing the milk and sugar, I HOPE he knows exactly what he's going to play like and his starting 11 purely from who he's brought in. So atm he's trying to get by because the players that are available just do not fit how he wants to play, and u can't just make a cake with flour and eggs, he needs his milk sugar (not sure if these ingredients are right but u get my point). Until and I mean UNTIL I see his full project (cake) on that pitch playing together, I will sit bite my tongue and continue to sit in hope. But atm he's dealt a shitty hand LB he's bought chillwell, CD silva (needs to get fit n sharp) werner, kai just getting used to this league and u can see the potential is there. Think we just need to calm down and wait to see the cake before we can truly judge Frank. I see ppl say same defence issues as last year... Well yeah we are still playing the same shit defenders that's why. We have a new GK LB CD (silva like I say needs to get fit) RW and LW to come into this team thats 5 players just under half the team come on guys keep faith and wait for the end product.
  6. 19. Mason Mount

    Take a bow son take a bow!
  7. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    The second half was a complete turn around, dunno how u didn't see any improvement when we let 3 in the first half n scored 3 in the second. Secondly VAR saw the hand ball the new rules this year mean it didn't matter, VAR didn't miss anything
  8. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    I no I honestly cannot believe the stick he gets on here. First name on team sheet for me atm
  9. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Can I just say AC played well xD sorry had to say it haha
  10. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Oh ok but u never mentioned wolves u just said play like this lol
  11. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    By this do u mean first or second half?
  12. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    This is my take on this result. Feel free to disagree. The first half performance was Sunday league level at best! But the second half showed me so much more than the first, frank changed it up and the lads stepped up and showed true character and fight, I love the passion and I cannot be mad now!
  13. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    No idea mate that's a question for Frank lol am just glad Frank saw the problem n fixed it straight away at half time
  14. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    My personal thing with that was for me it ruins the game I love. With the penalty after the game finishes
  15. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Or mount both played well..... yes I said mount lol
  16. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Waste of a sub thats what dave was there for imo. Maybe wrong
  17. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    The issues was fixed second half with alonso gone we was so good defensively had no problems at all with second half performance
  18. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    On the other hand if he's not 100% fit n gets another injury we are no better off.
  19. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    3-0 down 11 men behind the ball we got a draw, has to be some positives there.
  20. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Tbh mate think he's just rusty, was just a simple bad touch.
  21. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Also credit to Lampard got some stick first half n rightly so. Changed it around subs and got us the point.
  22. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Can we please stop this endless fuck8bg mount trolling now what more does this lad have to do!!!
  23. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Although frank is the blame here come on this team should beat west brom without a manager, its insane
  24. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Speechless first half, the quality of player we have on the pitch and what I just witnessed was just.. I have no words I really don't
  25. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Its the same, just have more time to drink more lol