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Everything posted by BluesMadLad

  1. Alex Sandro

    Is he really that good? Will spending 60m on a LWB really take us to that next level? I have no idea just curious to see what u guys think.
  2. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    So either some one has done well on a scratch card or lukaku might of been sold?
  3. Alex Sandro

    Do u think lukaku is a done deal? Everton seem to be spending a lot atm
  4. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Won't keane take them to 85m spent?
  5. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Any 1 eles noticed Everton seen to be spending money like its going out of fashion?
  6. Alex Sandro

    U say followers I say sheep if they can follow this shit they will follow anything
  7. Alex Sandro

  8. Alex Sandro

    Aye transfer Windows seems to be live breath and become one with the bullshit
  9. John Terry

    Villas new chant? Lol
  10. Alex Sandro

    I love how twitter is a platform for proper tools to just spout bullshit across the land making absolute tosh up from thin air then posting pretending to be a credible source Fucking moronic lol
  11. Alex Sandro

    Am insane anyways so may help me lol
  12. Alex Sandro

    Surely he should of asked already tho
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    Starting to doubt lukaku signing for the first time.
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Lawman said: ↑ Chelsea came in 1st when Utd, City and Liverpool were all about to fire their shit managers. This season all managers are settled and chomping at the bit. No more free runs like Chelsea and Leicester got just been reading this on man utds forum made me lol so thought I'd share this with u basically we had a easy season last year because every one sacked there manger what the dumb dick has forgotten us so did we not like contes been here years... I hate man utd fans so much
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Maybe another reason they don't want to let sandro go
  16. Alex Sandro

    Not once there did u mention a city defender not all about attack defensive is a huge part of the game hence why they did so badly last year
  17. Alex Sandro

    Any 1 taken the time to think this might even be a done deal and the only reason everything is so quite to give juve time to find a new lb. If it's official other clubs will know juve have just been given 65 mill and prices will increase, that's my theory Any ways lol
  18. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Think spurs was waiting for new kit deal as well pmsl
  19. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Not quite lol the express
  20. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Chelsea to splash £176m on Tottenham’s Dele Alli and Everton’s Romelu Lukaku - reports Gets better and better more and more BS lol
  21. Romelu Lukaku

    That'd if he even comes here.
  22. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Am worried because bakayoko seemed to be in the bag and today nothing. Just seems a little funny to me
  23. Alex Telles

  24. Alex Telles

    What's he like compared to sandro?-
  25. Alex Sandro

    How reliable is this?