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  1. Chelsea 4-2 Watford

    Think daves just saved contes job.
  2. Chelsea 4-2 Watford

    I can see conte not been here for much longer. This team and him are not even shadows from last.
  3. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

  4. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Think u missed spelt the word shit there mate.
  5. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    We do this every time we win the league. Just turn in to bambie on ice. We bought badly and didn't even buy enough shit to cope with any injures. Bats is a joke, he gets his chance with morata injured and what...... NOTHING. Sometimes I hate to love this club.
  6. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Probs be looking for a new manger before christmas. Absolute joke I feel for conte.
  7. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Going that well then lol
  8. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    How are we playing?
  9. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    I no but I think its true lmao
  10. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    When is he due back I think we really need him to replace cesc
  11. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    For all u english chelsea fans on here this game reminds me of england vs iceland. And chelsea are england. We offer nothing in midfield or going forward absolutely disgusting.
  12. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    This is embarrassing, there so much better than us its unreal.
  13. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Might not be the hamstring he didn't sub him for bats so maybe its tactical.
  14. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Chelsea games are the only games I struggle to get a live stream too. Luckily this is on bt sport.
  15. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Excited about this game feet up captain morgans in hand COME ON LADS!!!